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  1. Socialist Communist Tawaik

    Arguments I have noticed against Communism as a Communist

    That's deep
  2. Socialist Communist Tawaik

    Arguments I have noticed against Communism as a Communist

    Yes but he was still the leader of the Socialist party and was listed under the 'Black Book of Communism'
  3. Socialist Communist Tawaik

    Arguments I have noticed against Communism as a Communist

    Totally agree about Pol Pot, don't think anyone would support him
  4. Before I begin, I must insist that I am a Communist-Socialist, agreeing with some, if not most Trotskyist ideals; I am not trying to tarnish Communism on this sight. I only want to see the opinions of fellow leftist's on this topic, when I have gotten into a debate with someone whom is against Communism, most of these people will refer me to the 'Black Book of Communism'. I have never read this but I do know that in it's introduction editor Stéphane Courtois states that Communist systems of government (which it calls 'regimes', already typical of Right wingers), but Courtois then goes on to say, and I quote the death toll under Communist governments amounts to 94 million. The then lists cases were he gets his 'facts' from: 65 million in the People's Republic of China 20 million in the Soviet Union 2 million in Cambodia 2 million in North Korea 1.7 million in Ethiopia 1.5 million in Afghanistan 1 million in the Eastern Bloc 1 million in Vietnam 150,000 in Latin America 10,000 deaths "resulting from actions of the international Communist movement and Communist parties not in power. I am not saying this is correct; but it is obviously a shocking statement.... I would like to know the opinions of fellow comrades; Is it false? Is it fact? If it is fact, what could have caused this? and is it a fair representation of Communism? My opinion: This may be controversial on this sight but I must say that I believe that some of this is fact, at least in terms of the Eastern bloc, the Soviet Union, North Korea Cambodia and China. I say this only because in my belief this is not true Communism, lets first get the least controversial statement out of the way; In Cambodia, Pol Pot, although he was a proclaimed Communist after being educated in France, in my opinion was not a true Communist, he had his own agenda (I will mention a lot of peoples own agendas later), he felt like the then current French colonialism was oppressive (which it was, don't get me wrong) but this is were his own agendas come in, he secretly wanted to restore the almost ancient ways that the Cambodians lived in, with one supreme king who the people praised as a god (guess who that would have been) and de-modernize the country, killing all intellectuals, banishing people from cities, betraying the Khmer Rouge and even not allowing people to eat; this is not Communism! Therefore, Courtois is also wrong in saying Cambodia is responsible for any killings in 'the name of Communism', but he is correct when considering the killings that took place. In the Soviet Union, Stalin became the second leader, STALIN IS NOT A TRUE COMMUNIST! He used Communism to gain power and benefit himself, just like what the evils of Capitalism brings, and although he wanted to ensure his nations survival by starting many great collectives and 5 year plans, his relentlessness killed his own people, but in my opinion, he truly wanted to ensure that his grip on power survives, he did not care for Communism or his people, he only wanted power. This is also shown when he used leaders of the Bolshevik party (such as Lenin) to get to the top and purged his own party of any opposition so no one could say over wise, having Lev Kamenev in 1936 after making him 'submit', exiling Leon Trotsky and eventually having Trotsky assassinated in 1940 (whom I believe was the rightful leader of the soviet). Stalin used Communism to gain power and to feed his own agenda, his agenda would only cause the '1 million' (not sure if I agree with the statistics given by Courtois) deaths in the Eastern bloc and also the deaths caused by the Kim dynasty in the DPRK (again, not sure if I agree with statistics), whom are not true Communists, Kim Il Sung was educated on Stalinism and Stalin showed him how he could abuse Communism, although I do think that Sung's reign until the 90's was a prosperous one and I do admire the hydro-electric power utilised by North Korea, he still was corrupt, the most cases sources being the purging of his own officials and people, labour camps and the fact that he made his countries rule into a dynasty, NOT COMMUNISM! My final point, in China, I do believe that Mao Zedong, at first was a true Communist, he had the interests of his people and Communism from 1921 until 1949 and he did improve the lives of the Chinese in power but I believe after that his influence by Stalin took over, Mao's great collective and 5 year plan, although noble, was a failure and when he was removed by power, the influence that Stalin left him with was that he could use Communism for his own agenda and when he was removed he couldn't cope with it, the wanted revenge, he wanted power, brainwashing the youth of China into the Cultural Revolution which then killed millions, although the victims were mainly the corrupt, they still did not deserve the humiliating and brutal deaths that they had gotten due Mao's agenda; even Mao's own people ridiculed him after his death and arrested 4 of his closest political allies (including his wife), who all, including Mao (in the end) used Communism to further their own agendas of power and wealth, as seen with the other leaders I have shown, NOT TRUE COMMUNISTS. I know this may have been controversial and I hope you can respect my beliefs, again I am a Communist-Socialist and am not here to ridicule anyone's beliefs, unless of course you support Imperialism, Nationalism, Fascism and Capitalism, then I disagree with what you have to say (ha, hope non have them have made their way into this group) And off course, what is your opinion on the 'Black book of Communism'?... Yours sincerely, Socialist-Communist Tawaik (And thanks if you made it to the end!)
  5. Socialist Communist Tawaik

    Galaxy Map

    Thank you Comrade!
  6. Socialist Communist Tawaik

    Galaxy Map

    Wow! Could I have 4 planets closest to the sun, west to your planet! A green colour would be nice comrade!
  7. Socialist Communist Tawaik

    Communist revolution

    In terms of so called '1st world countries' (which of whom have really gone backwards with capitalism) their government's are too stable (with a lack of a better word) to just go up against them, the only way I could see their being any chance of a communist revolution it would be in an economic crash, people are sick of their governments already, a crash would push them into action. For example in the past, the perfect time for the rise in communism in America would have been during the great depression, after the wall street crash when the so called 'American dream' was revealed to be a lie to it's people; the same goes for Britain under Margaret Thatcher when she abolished the mining trade, tensions were high and workers wanted revenge. Those were missed opportunities... In 3rd world countries (the true victims of other nation's capitalism) this would be more likely, in the Middle East and Africa, a communist uprising in the 21st century could well be possible, the only obstacles I would say would be the Islamic State, but if they where destroyed, many nations could possible take to communism as these 3rd world countries have some of the biggest divides between the rich and the poor; they would call for equality.
  8. Socialist Communist Tawaik

    Current Politics: Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)

    The TPP are against equality, their soul evil ideologies are to gain for themselves and take from others to extend to grasp of Capitalism; I say down with it!
  9. Socialist Communist Tawaik

    RIP Fidel Castro

    Oddly enough I had just made a presentation on Castro 2 days ago!... Revolutionary to the end RIP