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  1. I've been doing great so far, leftist communities is really what this game, no, the whole world needs more off. I am from Norway, once a proud country of labour, now a country of spoiled politicians and whiny liberals. It makes me sad how the norwegian people has lost it's original self,before the 80s we were one of Europes poorest nations! Luckily this helped us stay humble and build a welfare state once we actually got money, but neoliberalism is starting to wear on our system and we're not far from a total collapse into something much closer to Germany than our own "Scandinvian welfare model". Norway needs communism more now than ever! Also, thanks!
  2. Hi, as we all know, finding information about historical socialist states is incredibly hard unless you want 5 "The Guardian" articles on how Mao/Stalin was literally worse than Hitler, so I hope you comrades can help me. I am looking for general information about the Chinese revolution, the great leap forward and life under Mao, to use in debates defending state socialism and the such. Can you help me? Thanks!
  3. I, the leader of the Citizen 7 Communist Party (That's C7CP for short) greet all comrades in The Internationale. May we unite in the workers struggle, and overthrow capitalism, one thread at a time! Personally, I am a Marxist-Leninist, and I formally seized the power from the previous capitalist government, with the people's wind in my back. We are bringing Citizen 7 back into a new golden age, an age of security, education and well being for all. We are still working on limiting the amount of fascists running around, our current project is a 100% reactionary free country. Lenin knows why they stick around. We're also running through some economic reforms, you know what civil war does to an already struggling economy. Together we will make Lenin proud, comrades. United together, against all unjust, against capitalism!