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  1. I got: Economic: -9.0 Social: -7.9 I was curious how answering "strongly" affects the results, so I did it again answering only agree/disagree and I got -6, -4.72; then I tried answering "strongly" every time and got -10, -10 I guess I'm not really sure what that demonstrates, or which is "more accurate" but I thought it interesting. Mood and survey-taking strategy influence your reported political position? I most consider myself a Democratic Socialist, and I value welfare and economic regulation as well as civil rights. The quiz is highly Ameri-centric - and also highlights that America has a language problem when it comes to politics. Even this two-axis graph condenses a lot of disparate positions into each axis, but most American political discourse imagines only one spectrum which it calls left/right and liberal/conservative interchangeably.
  2. I've been lurking awhile, and trying to get more active. I founded Adega in "antiquity" (2003?) but only recently revived the nation. Currently trying to get the economy out of the can while maintaining topnotch environmental standards.