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  1. Hello comrades, I'm new to here but not with the long war we've been waging aginst Imperials. I've served in UCR (when it was full of true leftist, not Tsar traitors), Warzone Asia (defended it from raiders and was government official too), Lazarus (left when they turn to public opinion outside of the People's Republic and betrayed the revolution but going pro apitalist), and in various leftist regions. I'm a founder of two pretty successful RP regions that I made when taking a brake from political side of NS when UCR was nationalized by the founder and kicked everyone from Marxist to far left Anarchist from the region. Since I've been exploring the other parts of NS. Now I see Facism growing again and think its time I get back to serious business of kicking some Neo butts. I'm glad to do my part once again.