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  1. Just to confirm: The voicechat on Sunday is partially for the elections, right? So we can get better informed there, and then vote?
  2. Alfongia just checked. V.2.2 and V.2.5 prohibits embassies with opposed regions, and regions allied with opposed regions. Regions that are single-issue may be generally aligned with our cause (Or may have membership that is) without realising it, or may simply be potential friends on those single issues. I don't see the issue as long as V.2.2 and V.2.5 are there to weed out hostiles. For that reason, I vote for.
  3. Attempted Socialism


    Welcome comrade! No need to apologise for RL. Of course it takes primacy. If I may ask, what made you change your views? From the years there are a few obvious possibilities, but if you can, please explain it from your point of view.
  4. While I agree with most of the analysis, it does assume one of two things: Either that an impeachment happens so late that Pence will still be regarded as the non-Trump, rather than evaluated on his own terms, or that the ruling class, mass media and Democrats especially, will work with and normalise Pence even during and after the implementation of the elites wishlist that is Trumps policy agenda. Those are reasonable assumptions, but being clear about making them opens up for the question of how to avoid those being true. An early impeachment is entirely in the hands of the GOP and their owners, so nothing can really be done there. However, with how quickly things have moved, I wouldn't be surprised if Trump is impeached in 2017 (This would also give the GOP time to heal fractures for the 2018 midterms). So the crucial part is whether Pence can be normalised. Because of the US media, especially their reliance on partisan shills, this would require at least the large media institutions and the Democratic leadership to go along with it. Here, it's important to realise that the Democratic Party isn't Leviathan. The 'broad tent' is mostly a lie, but there are social-liberals, progressives and socialistdemocrats within it already, and more are mobilising to primary current corporate democrats. A strong internal opposition to the appeasers, as well as a mobilised progressive base, could halt the Democratic move to the right, or perhaps even shift it left towards a more European-style social-liberal or socialdemocratic party. While this is nowhere near enough to combat capitalism itself, as can be seen with the European socialdemocrats, it's still a possibility worthy of consideration. Is this a fight that can be won? Is it worth winning compared to the resources and the building-up of a socialdemocratic movement? Should leftists abandon any idea of reforming the Democratic party, and try to oust it instead? And, contrasting it with a determinist/defeatist view of revolutions, is it better to work for relief now, or should one let Pence run his course and wait for the uprising when the working class gets hungry enough? Of course, this would open up the risk for an even more open fascist movement taking the lead. All in all, a clear-eyed analysis of the US capitalist class and their political goons, but there are some questions about the potential for future actions that it leaves out.
  5. Attempted Socialism

    List of Memes and Inside Jokes

    I think I got it during one of the first "aid" package negotiations.
  6. Attempted Socialism

    List of Memes and Inside Jokes

    https://imgflip.com/i/1n954w "Political consumer". I'll take a look on my external hard drive later.
  7. Attempted Socialism

    Brothers and sisters, friends and comrades

    Very understandable. Some of my acquaintances who visited Denmark before Syriza got power also left in disgust, though many of them went with Popular Unity when that Hell broke loose. Staying as a vassal, then?
  8. Apart from the articles already posted: For a great (If somewhat naïve) biography on Mao and other early CCP revolutionaries, and the history of the early Chinese communist movement, read Edgar Snows 'Red Star Over China'. Despite criticism for being too trustful or positive about the stories told by Mao and others (In essence, because Snow trusted Mao and the other revolutionaries to tell him the truth, while what they told him was their truth), it's still the seminal history of the early CCP and its CCP leaders, outside of official CCP history books. If you get one of the post-war editions, Snow rewrote much of it to make it easier to read, added chapters and checked a lot of stuff from both his notes and other sources, so it's both generally more informative and easier to read. My book is a translation of the 1971-edition, which I would recommend.
  9. Attempted Socialism

    Brothers and sisters, friends and comrades

    What's your favourite area in CK2? Playstyle? When I read End of History for the first time back in the early noughties, I was furious at how wrong he was, and decided to write a refutation when I got older. Years later, I realised that he had admitted he was wrong about much of that book, and had written several semi-refutations himself. Still, while he has learnt much from the utter failures of the neocons and the development of states and politics in Eastern Europe and Africa especially, he hasn't asked himself if it's the ideological underpinnings, rather than just any specific implementation, that are wrong with his liberal ideals. The other authors are very much for pol.sci. nerds. If you don't study corruption, there's simply no reason to have heard about Rasma Karklins, for example. If you're interested in the subject of corruption and a very critical view of where China is currently headed, I can recommend Minxin Pei's book 'Chinas Crony Capitalism', it was published last year. Laver and Ware are both known in their fields of parties, representation, government formation and the institutions around it all, but that's also pretty dry. True. I learnt a lot from Huntington and Fukuyama, especially when I disagreed with them: Why did I think differently? What flaws could I find in their reasoning? Did they make empirical errors? Sifting through their arguments with critical eyes gave me a lot. After this last fight to keep the Alternate that we had fought so hard for, first to get him high enough on the ballot to stand a reasonable chance of getting elected, then to keep him there, comrades who fought for him during the election (I was tending to my own campaign then), and then to have it all robbed of us when he was going to, finally, get in and speak truth to power as an Alternate because our own MPs stabbed him in the back without any democratic mandate or debate, has left me with a decidedly sour taste for politics. I don't know if I'm going back as-is, partly because I don't see a viable party I can get involved in with good conscience, and partly because I'm having too much fun in academia. And just to take myself down a peg: I didn't run with a realistic chance of getting elected either time, but the votes would contribute to someone else getting elected, and being campaign organiser and board member allowed me just as much say over the dealings as getting elected myself. After the 2015 Parliamentary election I did give it some thought to putting in the effort for a seat in 2019, but that obviously went out the window when I withdrew. As for getting involved: Syriza needs to be held accountable, and Popular Unity needs members. Give it a decade and see where you end up.
  10. Attempted Socialism

    Brothers and sisters, friends and comrades

    You must be dedicated to get hold of EU5 before they're done developing DLC for EU4, comrade. Maybe you mean EU3 and EU4? Political science is the right answer. Scholars is difficult to say, it depends on what kind of favourite. I like Huntington and Fukuyama because, while they may be wrong often, they very clearly define their terms, are explicit about hypotheses (Of which they offer numerous), and succintly sum up the classic Liberal theories of state development. Karklin, Sousa and Bågenholm are interesting because of their work on both the development of corruption and the combating thereof. Pei has done some incredible work on Chinese crony capitalism and elite collusion. In other fields of political science, Laver has (co-)authored three of my favourite books on government, government formation and representation, while Ware has written an excellent (If somewhat dry) book on parties and party systems. So between a lot of different choices, I'll pick my advisor (It's not like I have a choice - and besides, we agree on what topics are exciting). I was involved in the Red-Green Alliance (Danish name: Enhedslisten, lit. Unity List), the collective effort of all the left parties to get represented after 1989. I ran for city council (As the official mayoral candidate to make a point) and Parliament, and helped organise other campaigns (EU-parliament, city council, parliament, regional). After a decade of activism and political work I left last Autumn because I had been in stark disagreement with the new line of tight alliances with the socialdemocrats, and the straw that finally broke the camels back was when the parliamentary group pressured an Alternate to parliament to withdraw (When the regular member took maternity leave) without any democratic mandate or debate, and mostly because they wanted to get rid of him and his allies (Of which I'd count myself as one). At that point I was so fed up with it all, and had a lot of academic work (And Student Union) to do, so I said my farewells and quit my board memberships, candidacies and other positions of trust before I stopped paying membership dues. As for the most stylish beard, that's not a hard question, given who I have hanging on my wall... (Greatest would be a different beard)
  11. Salutations! After a long time in the region, I decided to register so I could get on Discord and participate in this weekend of armed struggle against the fascists and bourgeoisie. When I don't nuke neonazis, I play Paradox games, study corruption, populism and state development, serve my Dear Leader (/Professor) and try to improve the academic milieu and living conditions for students. I've been politically active for more than a decade, but quit party politics last autumn. AMA?