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  1. Socialism in One Bunker

    Socialism in One Bunker

    Greetings from the People's Republic of Socialism in One Bunker! We are a fledgling anarcho-hoxhaist nation, hence our name. The PRSOB was founded on the ideals of anarcho-communism, valuing mutual aid, horizontal associations, communal ownership over the means of production, and abolition of private property. To carry these noble aims into the future, a massive vanguard party run government with no limits to its power and a People's Army were founded. It is a source of great national pride that daily labor union strikes ravage our country! Our ultimate long-term goal is to establish fully automated luxury gay space communism. PRSOB was created when antifa forces overthrew the ruling ancap society. The ancaps started throwing people out of helicopters, which prompted several antifa groups to respond, coalescing into a greater resistance movement. We stole their private tanks, guns, ballistic missiles, organic McPoison gas, and recreational McNukes, violating the NAP. Our existence is a violation of the NAP and we like it that way. Our Revolutionary movement upholds one fundamental truth: Political power grows out of the dankness of a meme. We are advocates for the abolition of memes; we do not want memes but memes can only be abolished through memes, and in order to get rid of the dankness it is first necessary to take up the dankness. Thus it is our principle that the Party commands the memes, and the memes must never be allowed to command the Party. Our politics can be effectively summed up in this meme: