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  1. Rage fills the heart of every patriotic Libertasnian citizen: the prospect of not getting 1st place in the rapid-fire shooting had since now refused to enter their minds. Many voice their disgust with the Libertasnian shooting team, while others claim the game was rigged. The Libertasnian government, however, stays absolutely silent. Even the government had been swept up in the assertion that no one could shoot better than Libertasnia, and yet here 2 people were. One from South Miruva and one from Varsala. The Libertasnian Minister of Security drafts a plan to assassinate both competitors at the ending ceremony, though it is rejected harshly. All Libertasnians hold onto their seats anticipating the Fa-Skeet shooting event and especially the next baseball game, where they have the chance to redeem themselves.
  2. The streets of Libertasnia were filled with cheer on the night of December 15th. As many Libertasnians had hoped, Hailey Jin and the Libertasnian Baseball Team offered a defeat to the Aarnonian team (though it seems the thought of only winning by one slipped the minds of most, if not all, party-goers and cheerers that night.) The Volleyball team was also celebrated, but not anywhere close to the extent of the baseball team. The streets of Libertasnia on December 16th, however, were decidedly less chaotic and happy. The failure of the Libertasnian bikers to reach the top 3 was expected by most Libertasnians, and the day went on as usual. Now, they anxiously await the 17th for archery, the 19th for rapid fire shooting, and the 22nd for fa-skeet shooting.
  3. While many citizens of Libertasnia were disappointed to see that not every sport involved shooting, baseball, or combination of both (quite common in Libertasnia); they nevertheless turned out in droves to wish luck to the athletes of their home. Many expert shooters, although not professional, turned out in the thousands to enlist in the Libertasnian Shooting team. Many citizens also took interest in the Nuke Put sport, considering the extreme interest in the Argentinian Trotskyite J. Posadas in Libertasnia as of late. Perhaps the most loved of all the Libertasnian athletes sent off today was the Libertasnian Baseball team, led by nationwide baseball star Hailey Jin.
  4. Libertasnia

    2nd Edition of the Olympic Games of NSLeft

    1. You never know until you try. 2. Why did I not think of a Posadist sport?
  5. Libertasnia

    2nd Edition of the Olympic Games of NSLeft

    I would participate. I suggest baseball, bullseye shooting with rifles & and handguns, rapid-fire shooting with rifles, fast draw with handguns, archery, running target shooting, and clay pigeon shooting.
  6. Libertasnia

    School of the Left

    Well, uh, funny story? Um, when I first wrote this it WAS a pure meme, and for the most part, it still is. However, I have familiarized myself with Posadas' work (and dedicating an entire issue of TLA's newspaper to discussing and defending him) and whilst I still do think Posadism is more silly than other socialist currents, I do think some of Posadas' ideas about the future have some merit, and would certainly be a great source of any socialist transhumanist thinking.
  7. Libertasnia

    Kardaschev: The Lonely Oddessy

    Sounds like Posadism to me...
  8. Libertasnia

    School of the Left

    I am very interested, count me in.
  9. Libertasnia

    NSLeft Olympic Games (RP thread)

    The Libertasnian Times Libertasnia's president, Comrade Kalea Li, gave a short address today on Libertasnia's 3-0 loss in a football against the Freien team. "It is a well-known fact - and joke - that Libertasnian teams have never been fond of football or soccer or whatever it is called in the various nations of the Leftist Assembly. Our 3-0 has come as no surprise to most of our people, and those who accuse the referees of the Autonomous Masses as baised are probably just, to use a popular expression, 'mad 'cuz bad'. However, I know that we will great in tomorrow's shooting games, as recreational shooting and hunting, along with baseball, is known to be a trademark of Libertasnia's people. Thank you." Whilst we here at TLT lament Libertasnia's brutal loss at the hands of Freien's team, Comrade President is right that it should come as no surprise to those who actively follow the Libertasnian International Football team. We agree with the President that Libertasnia will surely come out on top during tomorrow's shooting games and later this week in baseball.
  10. Libertasnia

    NSLeft Olympic Games

    I'll participate. I suggest baseball.
  11. United States: National: Socialist Party of the United States of America Website: https://www.socialistpartyusa.net/ Ideology: Multi-Tendency Areas of Influence: Chicago
  12. Libertasnia

    The TLA Purge of 2017

    If you're from the Leftist Assembly, you're probably well aware of what just happened, since the RMB exploded. If you're not, then you probably have absolutely no idea because it was a very quick and silent event. In late April of 2017, Secretary Losinia of the Leftist Assembly was facing heavy criticism and a vote of no confidence. To postpone said vote, Losinia illegally started voting on another piece of legislation, without the legally mandated days for consideration. When it was pointed out his vote was illegal, he promptly declared a state of emergency, another act which is illegal, as an SOE is only be used in case of an invasion. The Ministry of Law and all three Justices quickly rendered both the State of Emergency and referendum illegal and Losinia went silent for several days. Then, without reason or announcement, Losinia left for the NSLeft region of North Korea. Because of NationStates' update system, this did not remove his secretary status, and he ejected and banned Tuva SSR, a former minister in his cabinet turned heavy critic, and Accia, one of the three people with access to the founder account. Losinia had before promised to perform no illegal banjections. Tuva and Accia were quickly unbanned by the founder account and Losinia's executive powers removed until Prime Minister Atealia could take power as acting secretary. The Vote of No Confidence was intiated against Losinia and is so far unanimous in favor of his removal. Our comrades in North Korea, being the true allies they are, ejected and banned Losinia, who left for USSD, and now resides in the Internationale. I wish to inform others of this event so they can prevent it from happening in their region and know to elect those they can trust (Believe me, I feel like a fool for voting for him). I'd also like to request no further action be take against Losinia by the leaders of the Internationale, though I would like to express my wish for him to return and admit wrongdoing (Though I myself cannot promise action will not be taken against him should he return). In any case, TLA is now being stabilized by Acting Secretary Atealia and inactive ministers removed. I would like to express my gratitude to our Comrades from North Korea for their support for our struggle. - Lib, TLA Minister of Foreign Affairs
  13. Libertasnia

    Info on Tito

    I'm looking for any general info on Tito and Yugoslavia under him. Got any links or book suggestions? Thanks in advance!