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  1. Veto. 6 WA in 20 nations is a good ratio but in a month there's no guarantee that the region will grow. Not to mention how many are inactive puppets or will be.
  2. Left theory vocabulary

    I feel there should be a dictionary for leftist words. I have no idea what Dialectics, materialism, praxis, etc mean.
  3. Veto. Too many of their nations contain the title of Empire. Even their delegate holds the CUSTOM title of The Industrial Communist Empire. I want to hear their explanations before proceeding with the construction of an embassy.
  4. RP Nation Profile

  5. SoL 1.3: Surplus Value, Easily Explained

    Ice Pick for Bukharin. Also explain these boo and goo terms please.
  6. SoL1: Are we still relevant?

    "The irrelevancy of the left" is a side-effect of the prolonged global exposure to Eurocentric capitalism. The 1st world opposition to even basic leftism has put a deep-rooted hatred amongst the global population. Many of former leftist/revolutionary nations blame the problems of their country both today and decades ago on socialism and fail to consider that it was imperialism that set them up to fail in the first place. After the Cold War the ""2nd World"" (Soviet Aligned nations) should have become part of the 1st World (modern highly developed nations) but with the exception of Russia and the Warsaw pact all of these nations instead decayed further into the the 3rd world (poverty stricken nations that lag behind most of the world). This "failure of leftism" turned many discontent with liberal society to neo-fascism and hate. The "left" ruined their lives and Liberalism is a failure so they go to the darkside of the world to repression and bigotry. Problems of this irrelevancy is that because of the ease of communication it allowed the media to portray the violence of a revolutionary society and of brutal leaders who ideologically are often removed from Marxism and basic leftism, and condemn the whole of the left meaning that even Socdems like Sanders and Corbyn are seen as hard radicals. The corruption of the world by capitalism, imperialism and the status quo have made treating people well and economic equality into far-flung utopianism. Now we all cringe (including me) at the condemnation of Stalin and Mao but their methods made it all too easy for the west to condemn all of the left and allowed McCarthyism and Regan/Thatcherism to control the world until this past decade where radical opposition to the status quo has become the norm and the only safe-heaven for most is the unhealthy status quo.
  7. School of the Left

    I shall join.
  8. RP Nation Profile

    The Soviet People's Republic's location in Prussia led to a lot of influence in the predominate leftist theory in the Republic. Pride in socialism and pride in the revolution are used as a motivational tool and efficiency is a pillar of the society. However efficiency is a major political debate in regards to it's theoretical meanings and intentions. Sclesien has been almost completely converted into farmland, growing most of the nations wheat and corn, and along the Baltic coast demonstrations and discontent among fisheries are widespread due to the heavy restrictions on quotas and fishing gear as stocks of fish become depleted. As such large divisions in the Council of Soviets have been formed over the differences in regions.
  9. Freien has already stated that he refuses to run again.
  10. I offer congratulations to our new WAD!
  11. In light of the lack of enthusiasm for WAD nominations I am nominating myself for Comrade WA Delegate. I have some experience in Nationstates government and gameplay, being an infiltrator and leading a military coup against the GGR (as Edward Richtofen), and subsequently being the delegate for the Great Kingdom of Prussia before the region fell apart. At it's peak the region had slightly over 100 nations and a small military that participated in some raiding I think with the Silver Isles (or maybe 1000 Isles) and some defending. I hope my sudden self nomination will inspire others to run for the delegate position.
  12. Media Internationale

    I can submit a draft of my essay when i hit 1000 words.
  13. The Internationale's Library

    It's missing
  14. NSLeft Olympic Games (RP thread)

    After an excellent start to the Olympic Games The People's Soviet Republic performed horribly in the following four events failing to even come close to a medal. Tears could be seen in the eyes of Soviet citizens both at the Olympics and here at home in the Republic. Pictures of crying citizens circulated across the internet with some making very insulting remarks to both the people and their nation. Acting Chairman of The Council of Soviets Lev Mikhailov made no comment and actively ignored media questions about the poor performance of the nation in the Olympics. The Soviet Olympic team then made a strong comeback winning back to back bronze medals in Basketball and Spitting. Competition had been outstanding throughout the entire event but since winning twice after coming off a string of horrible defeats has brought cheer and enthusiasm to the populace. Mikhailov was quoted saying "Let's finish strong and, don't get cocky." Before making a hasty exit presumably to handle business in the Council of Soviets.
  15. RP Nation Profile

    Please ignore borders.