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  1. should have been done a long time ago
  2. Soviet Potheads

    Nominations for General Council, Ending on October 26th

    I nominate all current ministers for a second term
  3. Soviet Potheads

    AT VOTE: Omnibus Charter Amendment III

    Excellent. There are no complaints from me!
  4. Soviet Potheads

    PROPOSAL- Omnibus Charter Amendment III

    I propose the following amendment to the V. 2.1 part of the Charter. From: "Embassy regions must have the Anarchist, Anti-Fascist, Communist, or Socialist tag." To: "Embassy regions must have the Anarchist, Anti-Fascist, Communist, Eco-friendly, Feminist, LGBT, or Socialist tag." This will help the region to open up and start discussions with potential leftists (and regions that have many leftists, but they aren't leftist by nature). Against as not all lgbt and eco regions are leftist friendly
  5. I am wholeheartedly on board!
  6. Elections end in 10 days (26th/27th) Please telegram Social Democrat Revisionist, or Caelapes if you have any questions.
  7. WAD: WAU - Equilaria CoA: Lichteburg - Varsala CoEA: Freien - Ayanka CoI: Burninati0n - Redcoatland
  8. WAD: WAU - Equilaria CoA: Lichteburg - Zenganopoli - Varsala CoEA: Freien - Ayanka - CoI: Burninati0n - Redcoatland
  9. As a new member of the Red Fleet are you sure you want to run? You can't be on duty and Delegate at the same time.
  10. The Socialist Union of New America has been invalidated for leaving the region.
  11. I will not be running due to my failure to uphold previous elections. Nominate a comrade in this thread and accept/decline nominations as well. Self nominations are allowed. I nominate World Anarchic Union for WA Delegate.
  12. the motion passes
  13. The Communist Bloc has offered us embassies. https://www.nationstates.net/region=the_communist_bloc