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  1. Remove embassies immediately.
  2. https://www.nationstates.net/region=social_liberal_union We currently have members who are or have been memers of the SLU and have previously had relations with them. They more than meet the criteria for embassies and as such it has been brought up to vote.
  3. Soviet Potheads

    Vote to Remove Libcom from Antifa

    Important information regarding this series of events.
  4. I accept the nomination for delegate.
  5. I nominate myself for Councilor of activities. I think I've been doing decently. I will retract my nomination should someone else run.
  6. I nominate myself to serve as Temporary Councilor of Activities.
  7. I nominate Freien for Councillor for Activities. Also it lets me see if he's online on discord without having to scroll
  8. Soviet Potheads

    RP Nation Profile

    This term is insufficient for the style of government. It resembles a Marxist-Leninist government but the type is referred to as "Democratic Soviet Republic". The Marxist-Leninist "Communist Party of The Soviet People's Republic" is not the main faction but they are the second largest behind the "Marxist Democratic Party" which is a mix of Marxist-Leninism, and other leftist ideologies. The Marxist Democratic Party is responsible for the idea of Prussian Communism. Prussian Communism idealizes the worker's culture and the glory of the people. Embracing a tremendous dedication to work, study, and duty for the revolution. These ideals of Prussian Communism have made the people of the Soviet People's Republic very resilient to hardship with a common gesture of tightening the belt. The revolution is fresh in their mind and the people have seen worse but there is worry that they will not always be so resilient to hardships.
  9. Soviet Potheads

    RP Pitch

    A more real environment. maybe like the 80s/90s or during this decade.
  10. Veto. 6 WA in 20 nations is a good ratio but in a month there's no guarantee that the region will grow. Not to mention how many are inactive puppets or will be.
  11. Soviet Potheads

    Left theory vocabulary

    I feel there should be a dictionary for leftist words. I have no idea what Dialectics, materialism, praxis, etc mean.
  12. Veto. Too many of their nations contain the title of Empire. Even their delegate holds the CUSTOM title of The Industrial Communist Empire. I want to hear their explanations before proceeding with the construction of an embassy.
  13. Soviet Potheads

    RP Nation Profile