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  1. Mansuetus

    Everything Old is New Again

    I don't know why I ever posted this, Jacobin is total horseshit.
  2. With every event the Mansuetian media outlets stress that the spectacle of the olympics are purely for international unity and the joy of the games. Though the general populace had a more aggressive competitive opinion on the games, waving banners and shouting for their favorite athletes. Luckily, with the Karl Radek memorial Cyclist team taking Silver, the masses have been satiated, The bicycle being a integral part of Mansuetian life as Municipalities are built around transport by Bicycle, and every housing unit being supplied with bicycles for daily use. The National Committee Activities Director Oscar Gonzalez came to the public with this statement: "These Olympics show the impressive development of the international working class in this show of solidarity and cooperation. And prove to the world the strength of the united working class, sectarian squabbles aside."
  3. Mansuetus

    2nd Edition of the Olympic Games of NSLeft

    Im in kiddos, Ill do whatever everyone else is.
  4. Mansuetus

    NSLeft Logo/Flag Contest Vote

    I'm unsure how well that flag is going to work in a small format on nation states. Its intricate and more of a seal or illustration than a flag or logo. That and its basically just an anarchist symbol. Also, is it an original piece or was it simply pulled from google?
  5. Mansuetus

    Cartography: The Revival

    The member making these has left the region.
  6. Mansuetus

    Everything Old is New Again

    I'm glad we're featuring Jacobin articles, they're fantastic.
  7. Mansuetus

    LeftExpo 2016 Announced!

    Its on our Discord, take a look at the widget to the right when looking at the home screen of the forums.
  8. Mansuetus

    Is China even communist?

    No, they have reformed their policies to take advantage of the working class, and become a commercially minded state. Their class division is horrendous, just as bad as in any capitalist country. You can thank Deng Xiaopeng for that. I actually consider them worse than most capitalist countries, they give true socialists a bad name.
  9. Mansuetus

    What are you listening to right now?

    I like this topic, thought I'd add some more. Adrian Young has a good Soul/Ennio Morricone vibe That and if you like Classical Bolero, Baby And some cute stuff from the Internet.
  10. Mansuetus

    Banned By Proletaire

    *Read Caelapes comments :I
  11. Mansuetus

    What are you listening to right now?

    https://www.dubtrack.fm/join/ns-left And right now I'm listening to Yura Yura Teikoku
  12. Mansuetus

    Does anyone want an Imzy invite? I've got five.

    I'll try it out.
  13. All that time making fascist puppets rather than doing his math homework, wasted. Well, I mean it was wasted to begin with, but now its EXTRA wasted.
  14. Mansuetus

    Internationale Shield April 2016

    The Mansuetian All Reds are ready to take to the field.