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  1. Comrade WA Delegate and General Council Elections

    Comrades, As Comrade Councillor for Activities I will promise at least two completely original roleplay events as part of my policy to increase activity on the offsite forums. To give you a snapshot of what's to come if I am elected; 1. NSLeft World Cup An interregional football championship which members of The Internationale as well as allied regions can enter. This will be similar to the NSLeft Olympics we've had previously, although I'm planning for this one to be much larger and to operate like an actual World Cup - with a group stage, knockout stage, quarter finals, semi finals etc. 2. Election campaign or political RP A lot of our previous roleplays have been sports focused, which I know does not appeal to everyone. Due to this, I'd like to try a new idea which will hopefully attract other members - a politically themed roleplay game - perhaps an election campaign with a simulated election at the end (there is also potential for debates this way). More details are to come on this one, but you can tune into RadioInternationale on our Discord channel on Sunday (8:00 PM London time) for more information. 3. Poster Competition (maybe) There's also the opportunity for another poster competition if we have enough interest. This could be done pretty easily as it doesn't require much time or effort to plan. If there's enough interest I'd be happy to do one of these again. As I've said, if I am elected I will run at least two of these options. However, all this can only be made possible with your vote comrade, get out there and vote for me!
  2. Comrade WA Delegate and General Council Elections

    As Comrade Councillor for Activities I promise to continue the weekly tradition of the Thursday radio events, as well as host vc events more regularly - perhaps once a week (day to be decided). Along with this I have two completely original ideas for new roleplay events which you can find out more about on Sunday if you tune into the radio channel on our discord, as well as a load of poll ideas. #MakeTheInternationaleGreatAgain #SLCforCOA
  3. I would, but I feel that someone could do a far better job at CoI than I did and would rather someone else takes over that post
  4. Looks like this is gonna be a pretty active election
  5. I will kindly accept comrade Zengan's nomination and run for Councillor of Activities as I believe someone else could do a better job at Councillor for Information.
  6. RP Pitch

    what sort of rp are you thinking of?
  7. Officially changing my vote to veto as NSLeft is a panleftist organisation, and SLU has recently shown that it both isn't panleftist and has also shown hostilities to fellow comrades for no real reason.
  8. AT VOTE: Embassy with the Soviet Union.

    This was also the same region that TRF saved from fascist raiders just last week. Personally I think that we should definitely open embassies with these comrades.
  9. If that happened, I'd be happy to fill CoA as all these people seem to be running unopposed. I don't want to complicate things though.
  10. Il run for CoI again, seeing as no one else is volunteering.
  11. 2nd Edition of the Olympic Games of NSLeft

    I'm in. Can we have fash bashing again please!
  12. SoL 1.1: Difference between Socialism and Communism

    I haven't read Proudhon, and I know very little about him if I'm honest. I was going with the official definitions, although in reality leftists and non leftists alike seem to use the terms "communism" and "socialism" interchangeably.
  13. SoL 1.1: Difference between Socialism and Communism

    To put it simply, communism is the stateless (and classless) form of socialism - socialism being one of several ways to, in theory, achieve communism. The mistake many people make however is believing that socialism and communism are about equality, when in reality they are actually about equity (I'm pretty sure this is the correct word, correct me if I'm wrong). Equity is summed up simply in the quote "from each according to their ability to each according to their need". Where as equality would be giving everyone the same, equity is dependant on needs. As mentioned in the text, if everyone was paid the same, but someone either worked less hours or had more children than the other, they would in reality be earning less - a problem which is not often considered in the Left.
  14. School of the Left

    Not gonna lie that just sounds like a pure meme.
  15. SoL1: Are we still relevant?

    Capitalism has simply worsened over the years, but it's basic form hasn't changed at all. As it was mentioned in the article, a lot of people seem to think that Marxism (and in fact Socialism) is no longer relevant since the conditions that Marx was writing about over 100 years ago no longer exist. This simply isn't true. While it is true that in Europe there is no mass poverty on the scale that there was during the Industrial Revolution, poverty and exploitation has instead been shipped across the world on a much larger scale to meet the growing demands of consumer capitalism. This is most noticeable in Asia, Africa and Latin America where millions are enslaved in sweatshops in return for barely enough to live. Sadly, the average person in the West is either unaware or wilfully ignorant of the fact that the vast majority of our clothes, gadgets and technology that we pay so much for is produced by workers (often children) working in slave-like conditions for well under £1 an hour. Another solid proof of the extent of modern capitalism is the fact that well under 1% of the world's population now controls over 90% of global wealth. Capitalism has also changed slightly and become more complicated with the rise of the "middle class". While it is true that the middle class typically has more wealth than the proletariat, in the grand scheme of things it is very little. In reality the "middle class" is more of an "upper working class" - all the real wealth is hoarded by the upper classes. The only difference between the middle class and the working class is that one thinks he is rich, the other knows he is not. If the left wants to survive it needs to keep up the two front battle: if we do abandon class politics then the left may as well be considered irrelevant. A good example of this would be the Democrats in the US. While most of us would agree that the Democrats were never true leftists, they still serve as an important reminder. One of the main reasons that Clinton lost the 2016 election was that the Democrats failed to engage with and represent the people they claimed to represent - the working class. This abandonment of class politics effectively allowed the Right to capitalise on the suffering of the working class and paved the way for Trump's rise to power. A very simillar situation occurred in Germany in the 1920s and 30s. Although as much as I'd like to, I won't discuss the rise of Fascism in the 21st century in any more detail since it's going off topic. Personally, I think that if the Left is to remain relevant, we firstly must not abandon the class struggle, but also we will have to up our game. Since the 1970s, Socialism has been brutally and viciously attacked by the media (and many over things) as the ruling classes attempt to crush any resistance to global capitalism. One of the main reasons that the far right has been able to rise without anyone turning an eye is its ability to rebrand itself as the "alt-right". This has allowed them to gain far more support and than they would have without rebranding. Whilst we all agree that the far right are scum, it may be worth playing them at their own game, rebranding the left to appear less extreme and more acceptable, if we want to remain relevant.