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  1. Balloch

    WA Block Voting Organization

    Questions: if different regions are authoring resolutions together, would they have to vote together on it or can some regions vote for it, against it, etc. (I know it was said there will be no whip enforced but I want a little more clarity on voting dynamics before I decide) More importantly, what is meant by a Left of centre organisation? Will we have to be dealing with a wide spectrum of both moderate and radical groups? If so, I was wondering if any other communist or anarchist regions were interested and could be invited to participate.
  2. Balloch

    (UK) Corbyn's Conference Speech

    Personally, I thought it was pretty good because the policies Labour are pursuing could aid in ameliorating the sufferings of the working class. It was good rhetoric and we'll see if it amounts to anything. That being said, I wouldn't trust Labour as they have long been a Blairite pseudo-conservative party, and to be honest most MPs are still moderate, not even social democrats. Still, They've moved from the 2015 Milliband policies to one of the most progressive manifestos in history that might actually benefit working people in Britain, although I won't guarantee anything. Btw, I voted for the SNP last election because Scottish Labour was hilariously weak. Their only policy was anti-independence.
  3. Balloch

    SoL1: Are we still relevant?

    Capitalism has become a little more complicated over this time period with the growth of a so-called "middle class" which does have more wealth than your traditional working class proletariat, although I think overall not much has changed because the wage labour relationships remain and exploitation remains albeit in the kinder form of social democracy in some cases. Though wealth has increased in Europe and America and some parts of Asia, still most of it goes to an elite bourgeoisie that not only still privately controls the means of production, but also the means of communication (the media) and still has oligarchic control of power over others. Therefore, it is my feeling that capitalism and its power structures are fundamentally very similar. I think the Left overall needs to wage a two-front battle: we cannot abandon class politics, although I think getting involved with social struggles is a way of giving a rebirth to the organised left because it is through social struggle that revolutionary thought is created and the current mentality is broken. I think a big challenge for us is tackling the immense influence of the media, who have unchecked power and basically indoctrinate whole generations. That being said , I think education is key. A lot of people are simply ignorant about collectivist ideals, and I found that talking to them in a legitimate, empathetic, and friendly manner can at least open some minds to different ideas. We need new blood in the movement, and I think by approaching young people in this way we can constructively build a viable movement and programme for future times
  4. Balloch

    School of the Left

    This sounds fun. I will join too .
  5. Balloch

    The Internationale's Library

    How about Bertrand Russell? I think his book Proposed Roads to Freedom is on Marxists.org and is about his worldview (being a preeminent philosopher) on socialism. It is only right to have one of the top thinkers and British Socialists on the list
  6. Balloch

    Leftist music discussion thread

    There are a lot of good folk songs that are leftist and pro-IRA. I think one of the best is the anti-imperialist 'Come Out Ye Black and Tans', though some are a bit too nationalistic for me. If any comrades want a good Irish leftist singer, Pol Mac Adaim is really wonderful. His rendition of the Internationale in Irish is great.
  7. Balloch

    Leftist music discussion thread

    Virtually all leftist music is pretty good, but I have to say my favourite is the Worker's Song sung by Dick Gaughan, one of Scotlands best current socialist folk artists. Or, Billy Bragg's version of the Internationale is very good too.