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  1. Yurjiit

    New Guy to this.

    Yep. Someone should send you a telegram (or email, I forget which) in a bit.
  2. Yurjiit

    New Guy to this.

    Glad you'll be joining us in the fleet, m8
  3. Yurjiit

    Cartography 2: Electric Boogaloo

    I'm a member of TRF. Will my main nation and puppet still be included?
  4. Yurjiit

    Any Economy Tips?

    Do not give private business any freedom. Nationalize all industries and then subsidize those industries as much as you can. This has worked for both of my nations. It takes some time but eventually you develop a "good" economy and it takes off from there.
  5. Yurjiit


    I've been in this region for about a month now. Could I have both my main nation and my puppet state on the map, or would that put too much work on you? I don't want to be a bother.