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  1. Thanks. I guess whether it's anarchism depends on the answers.
  2. As opposed to looking like...?
  3. No, because the purpose of the State is to maintain minority rule.
  4. So that makes Proudhon, what - simply a communist or a statist? Both, perhaps?
  5. Given that some self-proclaimed feminists explicitly deny the patriarchy exists, "never" seems surprisingly optimistic.
  6. Luckynia

    The Internationale's Library

  7. Socialism without adjectives.
  8. A non-Marxist region is not at all necessarily incompatible with what we stand for, even if I put the name "Liberal" ahead of it. Armed revolution can be a means of democracy.
  9. It looks like you would prioritize strategy over ideology.
  10. Do all polls count multiple votes from the same member for the same option ("Other" has 4 votes, but only 3 are from distinct members)?
  11. Luckynia

    The Making of a Leftist Chart

    Insurrectionism vs. Gradualism; Individualism vs. Collectivism.