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  1. Thanks. I guess whether it's anarchism depends on the answers.
  2. As opposed to looking like...?
  3. No, because the purpose of the State is to maintain minority rule.
  4. So that makes Proudhon, what - simply a communist or a statist? Both, perhaps?
  5. Luckynia

    The Internationale's Library

  6. Socialism without adjectives.
  7. Do all polls count multiple votes from the same member for the same option ("Other" has 4 votes, but only 3 are from distinct members)?
  8. Luckynia

    The Making of a Leftist Chart

    Insurrectionism vs. Gradualism; Individualism vs. Collectivism.
  9. I have a similar reaction to 'left' and 'right'. For some reason I'm the only one who got more on Social Libertarian than Economic Left. :^)
  10. Luckynia

    Anarchist criminology essay

    Thank you for writing and sharing this, comrade! Could you give an example of "communitarian forms of justice"?
  11. Luckynia

    I dunno, Something, Whatever