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  1. [First of all, sorry i took so long to finally respond, my country has been in havoc these days and combining my terrible mood about it with the fact i had been busy with college affairs slowed me down these days, but here comes a fresh reply] A guard was overhearing the conversation between the two pirates -as there really was no way to not hear it on that cramped small wagon- and rolled his eyes at the questioning that the conscripts made to each other. "You go to the field, obviously. If you are so brave to go around raiding innocent villages, sure as hell you are brave enough to shoot some Yiimarans on the frontlines." the guard said in a tired, ill humored tone, doing so while cleaning his rifle and not even looking at the prisoners. "If the damned monarchists don't shoot you 'tween the eyes before you can even see 'em." he continued, saying that for he knew many Svaalians had somewhat of a grudge against Yiimara, as it was one of the only two naval powers in this world that can keep the pirates at bay. This way, the truck kept going on its bumpy ride towards Yiin'tar Not too far from there, the improvised cart pulled by horses was on its slow way towards the brigade that stood only a kilometer away from the "No Man's Land", a strip of burnt, abandoned soil that had the Yiimara and Yaroi armies each set their trenches at each side of the land strip, on a way that was nearly impossible for any living thing to cross it, for any movement there would cause both sides to open fire. The first destination of both the cart and the truck would end up being on that brigade at the face of hell. @World Anarchic Union@Zrhajan Hearing the words of that woman only made the little boy's will even stronger to follow the army. The officer who had spoken moments ago stared with concern, by orders she couldn't deny a voluntary conscription even of someone who showed no conditions to fight, but anyway, she calmed herself in her mind by assuring in her thoughts that the child would just be dropped at the brigade to be taken to dig holes or help build tracks, some work of that sort. The boy kept, even if somewhat weakly, running after the cart, his siblings and grandmother following along. Although, very soon the old lady clearly showed she had no strength to keep chasing a wagon. With that, she called back for the boy's name, Hou Tao, and he turned back as the elder opened her arms and waved for him to come close. He knew what it meant, his grandmother was calling him for a farewell. Hou Tao ran to her and hugged the grandma strongly, the old lady's eyes filling with tears, his sisters crowding up to hug him too as the elder said a few words, telling him to be strong, be smart, be fearless, and always remember the name of his family members and of his birthplace. Before letting him go, one of the sisters took off the long but simple scarf she wore as an apron, tying it as a belt on the boy's waist both as a reminder of them and telling him it would be of good use to have a belt to hold weapons to. The man guiding the horse even slowed the chariot down to wait for the boy, who soon after the goodbyes came running back to his tracks, his sisters standing behind him waving goodbye and shouting words of encouragement. "Go, Hou Tao! I hope you become a very brave soldier! i want to hear your stories of war when you come back!!" shouted the older sister, still holding grandma's hand as she waved with the other hand. And Hou Tao looked back for a last time, waving to his sisters. "Pray for the ghosts of mom and dad, pray for them to see me being brave!" he replied with his infantile enthusiasm before resuming to following the soldiers, the voices of his sisters each time more distant. Soon he was by the cart's side, showing a impressive resilience by running after it even if he was clearly malnourished and tired. He was, although, soon distracted from his tiredness by the soldier who came to tell him stories. The officer in charge of that small bundle of soldiers just turned her face away, having a concerned look in her eyes once she turned to just stare at the path in front of them, and only seemed to break from her concentration at her own thoughts when the peasant soldier talked to her, making she turn to face Heishan. Hearing that small speech from her recruit seemed to put a feint smirk on her lips that she put away as soon as it showed up. "You come to war with the right spirit, sister. We will take back from the Yiimarans what is ours, and hopefully liberate the lands beyond the borders." she said with a calm but firm tone. "The seasons will continue to pass upon our heads, no matter the will of men, Yiimara or Yaroi, and the lands doesn't need us to flourish as it always did. But im sure in my heart once this war is over the entire land will again be collective property of all the workers who seek refuge on it, coming back to claim it once the spoil of war no longer taints the land." She sighed deeply after saying that. The woman was clearly young, yet her eyes had dark circles and wrinkles around it from the toil of stress and sleepless nights since she was given this job. Those eyes looked then to Engke, who was at the little boy's side. "You know we can't take that kid where we are going, right? He will have to stay at he brigade, and im not taking responsibility for anything further from that." she huffed her words and looked back ahead. @Countriopia@The Decapole counsils The officer and the guards listened to the story that the Twai pulled up, looking at each other and seeming to both believe it but at the same time find him suspicious. Once the case was handed to the officer, Vlad promptly started squeezing it around and tapping on it to check for any hidden pockets that could hide things like drugs or even documents, but his inspection seemed to attest there was nothing much suspicious there, and since the man had already been checked for weapons, the guards unhanded him once it was requested. "If this man truly is just what he says, he can be welcomed to our ranks." the old officer said twitching his mustache afterwards, givinh out a low, long 'hhmmmm'. "Comrade Uljanov, you should show this lad the path for the recruitment section, we will need to get him documented before we can take him to the medical exam." he gestured with an open hand to the comrade then to the Twai, putting a hand on the other Heibai's shoulder. The mentioned medical exam being more of a quick inspection to see if the subject was healthy enough to take on the battlefield. "After he is checked, he should be sent to the shooting practice." he tapped the other's shoulder, then spoke the next sentence on a different dialect, leaning to Sergej, clearly having the intention that the Fogliame wouldn't understand him. "And keep an eye out for him. Warn me of anything odd." @Burninati0n@Normansveldet @Vegan Reich@Isla Bucanero [Please proceed with your dialogue, after Isla Bucanero's next reply i will write your part] Huilin: Roll to shoot. Roll difficulty = High [weak I, low endurance I] Minimum score for success: 18 Result of the roll: 19 (Woah that was one lucky ass roll lmao) As the little lady pulled the trigger, the heavy rifle, which was nearly her size in length, kicked back to her shoulder with enough force to actually push her backwards on a quite violent manner, nearly causing the woman to fall on her back. Yet, impressively, the shot had hit the target, not on the bull's eye, but close enough to call it accurate. The officer who was nearby, the same one who had assigned the Roina hunter to teach the lady to shoot, angrily huffed and put a hand to his face rubbing his temples, shaking his head at the pathetic manner the girl had been tossed back by the gun. "I've seen small children hold the kick of the rifle better than you!! How do you even plan to stay alive on the battlefield!?" he spat out his words with anger and paced quickly towards her, snatching the riffle from her hands. "Can't your jelly arms hold this shit properly!? Damned bourgeoisie, do you expect that others will have to work to keep your skin smooth and your belly round for the rest of your life!?!" and despite he was not yelling, the anger on his tone over her incompetence was very clear, so much that his anger didn't even let him realize that the poor scientist had actually gotten a nearly perfect shot. @Ayanka @Asturies-Llion
  2. The war was raging, and every day the movements for it were rushed as things heated up. Yet another day in which the army was hurrying to take its newly trained troops to critical places. Well, some troops being not even trained, for if the officers could get proof a conscript is adept enough to simply hold a gun and shoot straight, they would send them right away like that, for time was far too precious to spend it teaching folks better combat techniques. So all most received was a day or two of shooting practice and instructions of what they should do in the battlefield and how to respond to commands. In all of this, a few groups of quite uncommon fellas were being directed to the fronts at the borders between Jin and Yiin'tar, although each of those groups were heading from different directions. One of those was a small truck full of criminal convicts who were enlisted, heading from the north of the Republic of Yaroi towards Yiin'tar. The truck was stuffed with the newly conscripted soldiers crammed on the little space there was on the truck wagon, along with the craters of weapons they would be given later, and of course two ill-tempered guards that were sitting by the sides of the semi-open wagon to watch that none of those newly-absolved criminals would attempt to simply run away. It was hot in there, as the burning Yaroi sun was shining over the dark canvas cloth that covered the ceiling. In that truck, were located two convicts that the guards insisted they shouldn't be put together, yet the lack of space and logistic capacity forced them to go like that anyway. Those two, namely, being the feared pirate captain Nordskov and her 'henchman' Thorstein, as so the guards called. Yet, despite the not complete trust over those people, it didn't mean the guards would mistreat them, for every force was vital for the revolution's protection, they just weren't very savvy with all those filches crammed in the same place. Silence was pretty much installed on that place full of weary people trying to get as much rest under the scalding temperatures as they could get. @World Anarchic Union @Zrhajan Closer to the final destination, there was some more humble ways of transportation, as there wasn't trucks for everyone so they were being directed to places that needed the most the aid of fast vehicles for transportation of heavy loads, so transporting soldiers that were already close to the fronts was being done by chariots while the ones from far came by truck or mostly trains. So, being taken by a rather precarious chariot, there was a small group of soldiers, most of them being Wari as they are locals. As they passed through the place, the havoc of war could be seen, as even if they still were about a hundred kilometers from the frontline the villages were razed and abandoned, for many people, specially peasants simply fled towards east after hearing the horrors that were happening far away. Cattle could be seen roaming without herders, and it were not few the times the soldiers could spot emaciated children, women and elderly, many walking alone, who would come running weakly towards the passing soldier chariots, begging for food or to be taken with them. It was on the middle of one of those chariots that two specific Wari were being carried, one peasant from Yiin'tar, known as Heishan, and a Yaroi fisherman named Engke. As they were passing through a nearly abandoned village, three children who were in the roadside started following the cart, looking pale and thin, none of them seeming to be over the age of 8, and along with them the oldest looking child was holding the hand of a very elderly lady, pulling the woman who was barely walking, with the child pleading on the lines of 'come with us, grandma! the army men are here! come see the army men!'. One of the soldiers seemed disturbed with the scene, and reached for his backpack to pull out a can of meat, which he clearly intended to toss to the children. Although, before he could do so, a officer grabbed his wrist and gave him a stern look. "Comrade, no! You will be serving in battle, you will need that more than they do.." The officer's tone wasn't angry, nor unsympathetic, even being concerned, yet her voicing made it clear that she was giving an order. The soldier grimaced looking at the officer, and back at the children, as one of them was pleading. "Please, take me with you! Take me with you! I will fight the bad men if you give food! Please, grandma is very weak!" The child, a boy who must be around 6 years old, shouted those words with tears streaming down his face, the boy carrying up a tree branch as if trying to show he would be able to hold a gun. @Countriopia@The Decapole counsils Further south, there the Takai mountains gave passage between Heibai and and the Twai lands, Heibai being the republic that better was resisting the invasion, a group of soldiers were preparing themselves to travel north. The officers and soldiers were packing up guns and supplies on craters to be taken to the trains that would transport the soldiers on a trip of several days towards the point where the Yiimara were stagnated at the river. It was all going rather calmly despite the hurry to get everything done as soon as possible, that was, it was calm until two guards showed up, bringing in a rather curious figure. A officer was talking to comrade Uljanov, idly standing with a foot on a crater, when he was interrupted by the guards, who were bringing over a man whose appearance and clothes heavily indicated he was a Twai. Not knowing what to do to that man, they came to their superior to ask him, saying that they had suspicions that the Twai lad was a spy in service of the Yiimara, unable to either prove that their suspicion was correct nor that what the young man was saying in his defence was actually true. @Normansveldet @Burninati0n There were many groups that during these times were not only hearing about the news happening at west of the continent, but as well were allured enough by the battle motives to decide to join either side of the war. Among them, the Sedaran nomads had sent quite some people very interested on the newly founded revolution. Despite those Sedarans being of so many different backgrounds or motives to be there, after realizing that they would come in handy help, the socialists had sent across the land invites for them all to come and organize themselves in a meeting on the south of the Republic of Yaroi, as there was a place close to where there Takai mountains had passage as well, and was there the most used route by the Sedarans. The meeting was somewhat awkward, as the Yaroi had a certain suspicion of the folk of the eastern parts of the continent, having never had too much contact with them, so there was the place where they planned to weed out anything that would look too much like a menace or like someone who might end up being a Yiimara spy, since the east was much more easily bought out by Yiimaran bribes. There, most of the people were quite young, and anxiety could be seen in their faces as they waited for the Yaroi to come and ask up which of them had any ability in combat. Orderly, by groups of three they were called out to demonstrate skill with firearms, with close combat, and as well to answer questions about their reasons to be there and their past. @Vegan Reich@Isla Bucanero At the north, on Yaroi City, things were always busy there at the capital, the place where good part of the actual training was happening, as officers from the capital didn't seemed as hurried as the ones from places near the border fronts. Not that they were not hurried, just worried on using the time they still had in order to try to come up with some more well prepared soldiers. There, they were training a crew specially to go to the jungles between Jin and Yiin'tar, to be an 'elite' crew for the guerrilla on that place. Among those, many of them were Roina, as the Roina are already rather used to that type of terrain, the forests on their mainlaind not being different from the ones in Yiin'tar. Although, only having knowledge of jungles wasn't good enough, they needed someone with actual experience on that specific place, and who could navigate through the territory with some more precision, to know where exactly were the rivers, clearances and caves. So, there was happening a shooting training when a officer soon came by bringing in a new recruit, one who wasn't there quite by her will, but was recognized as being a important element for the mission. The officer scouted the girl by her arm, trying to appear as if he wasn't being rude to her while doing so. The wari girl, small and chubby, was so very different from nearly everyone there in physical shape. After all, not many years ago malnutrition was a epidemic, so a Wari who wasn't at least thin was rare to be seen, this alone indicating that most probably her household had different origins from the peasant ex-slaves on that place. The officer was insisting that the girl, Huilin, should show him some skill to pint and fire a gun, as after a small argument he made it clear to her that no matter if she was a scientist and field expert, if she didn't knew how to shoot she would be of no use to protect her own skin. There, he took the girl to the shooting line in front of the practice targets, and ordered a nearby soldier and skilled hunter, comrade Dheeraj, to borrow her his rifle and show her how to use it. @Asturies-Llion@Ayanka
  3. I accept the nomination Vote Varsala for Varsala
  4. Attention everyone, tomorrow (Saturday 20) will be the last day to submit your sheets! As lovely as it would be to have as many people possible, i need to put some limitation both on the player number to make it playable, and on the subscribing time so we don't leave other players waiting! Thank you for everyone who subscribed already!
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  6. Daaaaang i love chars who can cook and butcher well They are a very cool kind of badass
  7. On character creation: To make this easier for you all, here is a very simple chart that explains your options for characters. Default - Yaroi people The people of the Union of Socialist Republics are the absolute majority in this scenario. They are humans, non-magic users and composed mainly of 3 distinct ethnicities with different cultures: The Wari, the most prominent and populous group (which are "east asians" such as chinese and mongols) that are inserted on the context of a "cultural melting pot" for what in the real world we would recognize as east and south asian cultures; the Roina (which are Dravidian indian people) who are from a very militaristic culture that values the several deadly martial arts that were developed by those people; and the Heibai (which are a mix of Balkan/Slavic and somewhat of north-india peoples), who live in the place that is the intellectual and ideological core of the Revolution, as it was in Heibai that the Revolution was born and from there it was spread. Those are the default option, and for them you can make any sort of backstory you want, as they are the ones who are in default being drafted to war. Conscription is extended to everyone who wishes to protect the Revolution, men and women, adults, elderly and even children. You can be a peasant, a worker, a member of the party, or anything you want without needing any sort of "excuse" to end up as a conscript. Even criminal convicts can enter this, knowing that the government guaranteed that convicts who serve in the war earn their liberty from the moment they join the army. Wari: Heibai: Roina: Uncommon: Twai and Sedaran peoples - The Twai and the Sedaran are the peoples who live in several, extremely independent and heterogeneous city-states of what would later become the countries of Twootonnen, Itametocolosilis and Sedara. Twai are caucasians of mostly italian-germanic and celtic inspired culture, and are a reclusive but very free people with a very strong belief that they were brought to that continent and had their civilization build by aliens from outer space, with a culture that value nature and peaceful living, most often being vegetarians who live in communes in open fields or near the shore. The Sedaran being a nomadic people who live in the Saar Sand Sea, comparable to arabian peoples. Svaalian people - The svaalians are "scandinavian" people with the same origins as the Twai, a people called as Sgaardians or Sjersens. They have a culture strongly built around the lifestyle of piracy and sea fairing, those who embrace this lifestyle being in no way pacific nor even law abiding people. They are masters of navigation, and many of them know secrets of magic that are part of their ancient "norse" religion, thus some of them actually know how to use magic. They had been intimidated by the Yiimaran to not take part on war, but being pirates, the Svaalians do not obey a concrete government and are free to do whatever they please and join whatever quest they wish. With a brutal style of combat and devious wits, they make a good rogue-type character. Those are "uncommon" characters because in this scenario, they very much exist around Yaroi, but are not officially involved with the war, which means that obviously there is a clear possibility that people of those nationalities where present at the war, although not in large numbers for the ones who were there participated by their own personal reasons and volition. In other words, you can be a character of these nationalities, but you must have a backstory that at least justifies the reason you're on the war and how you ended up in Yaroi. It doesn't need to be complex, but needs to be at least plausible and justifiable. Twai: Sedaran: Svaalian: Rare: Yiimarans The Yiimarans are an aristocratic people of a "sister empire" to the Empire of Mithrillia. They are half-elves, specifically half-silevar (fire elves), and despite not being immune to fire like a full Silevar, they have the natural ability to bend fire and use fire magic. They are stronger, more agile and more resistant than a human, although not as much as a full blooded elf. They have long lifespans that goes from 120 years to indefinite time (in the case of aristocracy). Their nobility and bourgeoisie live practically in gilded cages, so much they are alienated from the outside world and lifestyle of any other people. As well, their economy is slave driven, and they do not discriminate who can be a slave, enslaving people of absolutely any origin or species, including other Yiimarans. If you wish to make your character a Yiimaran supporting the revolution, you absolutely must have a backstory that is convincing enough as to why a noble, who is born and rise on a aristocratic, fascistic ambiance with supremacist views decided to abandon their life, prestige and their entire family and culture in order to help people whom during their whole lifetime were taught that were vile and lowly scum born only to serve the superior Yiimarans. It must have been a convicing life changing experience. If you wish to be a Yiimaran slave because you really want to be a half elf and use magic but does not want to be a noble, you also need a really good backstory to how did they manage to escape and end up in the middle of the Yaroi. Yiimarans: Character sheet: Now, to the part that matters the most. To create your character, you must submit a character sheet that must contain the following elements: Name: Age: Origin or Species: (Yaroi, Twai, Yiimara, etc) Occupation: (your job before the war) Physical description: Backstory: Characteristics: (15 points) Abilities: (15 points) Inventory: (up to 7 items) Picture (Opitional): "But Varfle, how does Characteristics and Abilities work?" Simple, Characteristics are traits that describe your character's personality and capacities, you must add up to 15 Characteristics. Those define what your character is able or not to do, and will be taken in account when i roll dice for actions that your character will do. For example, if you intend to break down a door, you must have some characteristic that will help them perform that action, like "Strong". Example of characteristics: Charismatic, Intelligent, Strong, Skilled with Guns, Skilled with Blades, Agile, Perceptive, Can Drive, Trained Farmer, Good Speaker, Natural Leader, Martial Arts Expert, Artistic Talent, (etc etc) Abilities are "actionable skills" that your character can do, they are similar to skills/spells thar are seen on a game, and you must add up to 15 Abilities. As well, to have an ability, your character must have characteristics that allow them to perform that action. For example, your character can only have the ability "Quick retreat" if they have characteristics like "Agile" or "Good with tactics" Example of abilities: Sprint, Long Distance Shot, Cryptogram Deciphering, Heavy Toss, War cry, Body slam, Hide, (etc etc) Now that you have your information, bring in your characters!
  8. The hour is tense for the young republics of the United Socialist States of Yaroi, a confederation of several nations held together by a central democracy ruled by the Party. It had only been a couple decades that Yaroi had gone through its revolution, overthrowing the oligarchy of the United States of Yaroi and spreading this revolution across the several countries that compose the union. Still in a fragile state yet with a strong spirit, the Yaroii are now faced with a sudden menace: their old lords, the Principality of Yiimara, who once ruled across half the continent. These monarchic overlords taken by the will to conquer back their lost lands, take on a quick advance through the territories of Yaroi as the Party was stuck on a perpetual filibuster of politicians unable to agree with what course of action to take, while their territories were being quickly lost. Taken by surprise, the Yaroii see their only hope on giving all of their administrative and decision power on the hands of a most trusted revolutionary leader, Yao Meng, who is now in charge to command the massive land into a state of Total War to resist the Yiimaran menace. The war scenario is despairing and devastating, to first put simply. The Yiimarans arrived with their great White Horde, a elite army with a powerful navy, and for years had been spreading their influence across the continent through menaces and taxing, now moving to a direct attack against the Socialist Republics, a nation that have undergone a revolution only 13 years ago and is mostly defended only by local militias and guerrillas. Due to the delay of the central government the Yiimara had enough time to overwhelm Yaroi troops as their enormous navy -their largest and main force- were sent sailing up the Wai River, going upstream through the numerous Dams, Locks and Canals built by the Yaroi themselves. Simultaneously they took the coasts at south of the Yiimara Capitol Island, which was all of the Socialist Republics' northern coast, sending the nation in a state of great alarm. The Yiimarans clearly have plain knowledge that the strategic center of Yaroi is the Yaroi City, localized in the middle of the Yar Lake, and is the only truly large and industrialized urban center, not to mention it is the administrative center of the country that only a decade ago was on a semi-feudal state. They had been advancing towards the capitol both through the Wai River, that leads directly to the Yar Lake, through land by west taking lands on the Republic of Jin, and at north advancing from the coast. As well, they have taken a good portion of land across the Republic of Wai'Jin, and the one that had resisted the most so far being the Republic of Heibai. Where the Yiimarans pass they leave a trail of terrible trail of destruction, pillaging crops and cities, slaughtering elderly and children, enslaving war prisoners and ravishing the women. They use of both biological and chemical weapons, causing thousands of civilian casualties, and wherever they go they install camps of forced labor for the war prisoners under the tutelage of their special forces composed by mage overseers, although only a small minority of their forces are mages. In this chaos, Yaroi put its decision power on the hands of one of their most illustrious veteran commanders from the Revolution war, the First Marshall Yao Meng, who had given general orders for the more organized troops to send missions specially to the Wai River, to the fronts of the Jin Republic, and overlands going past the Yiimaran fronts to the lands of Yiin'tar, which borders the Union of Socialist Republics at west, and also has great focuses of revolution even although they haven't joined the Union so far. The Yaroii have a vast use of very rudimentary airplanes and to a lesser extent tanks, although those techs in their power are very experimental and unsafe, while the Yiimaran have much more advanced equipment, as well larger domain over biological and chemical weapons, not to mention a more centrally organized army, despite their truly great force being concentrated on the navy. That paired with the fact Yiimarans are naturally magic-able, as well stronger and more agile than humans, the Yaroi know that they are on every side in disadvantage except for their much greater numbers and their unbreakable spirit of defending the revolution. On such way, they are fully aware that a frontal confrontation with the White Horde would be a mission bound to fail, so the greater focus of the Yaroi forces are to disrupt supply lines of food and weapons that goes for the White Horde, either stealing supply trucks and redirecting them to Yaroi forces or downright destroying the supplies, as well largely using of guerrilla tactics to bait them into going to dense woods where they have territorial advantage, most of those missions having place in Yiin'tar. As well, delaying the advance of Yiimaran fronts at Jin through a scorched earth technique, burning down crops, destroying villages and poisoning wells only to stop those resources to have any use when captured by the enemy, this way depleting their frontlines of food and water resources when paired with the supply line disruption. Yet another plan that is going in secret is the sabotage of a dam at the Wai River, in order to flood the area and incapacitate the Yiimara naval fleet, both missions that require both for the Yaroi forces to evacuate the civilians and do the dangerous job. -------------------------- Map: Bright pink - Territories directly under Yiimaran rule Faded pink - Territories recently put under Yiimara influence and rule Dark pink (n° 6) - Territory of Yiin'tar Yellow - Union Of Socialist Republics: 1 - Republic of Yaroi 2 - Republic of Jin 3 - Republic of Wai'jin 4 - Capital District (Yar Lake and Yaroi City) 5 - Republic of Heibai White line - Advancement of Yiimara troops Faded brown - Yaroi territories occupied by Yiimara forces Dark Brown - Territories beyond the Takai Mountains, land of the Twai and Arni peoples (not relevant to the current scenario)
  9. Im a bit biased to say, because the 5th is also my personal favourite since i had played this scenario with Yaroi in our world building.. I like exactly the prospect that it is one of the scenarios were you can be of any of the available species, use both high tech, low tech and magic, and also has several sides to join and each of them have their own unique perspective of the war(Yaroi socialists, Varsalin socialists, Mithrillian nazbols, Jötunn "hivemind society" integralists, and Krieger nazi-orks). Although i have a feeling that if one would play on the Krieger side, they would probably be most tempted to be a partisan 😛
  10. Heyy comrades, i have seen a lot of people saying in discord they liked several stories and felt unsure on what to choose. I come to say, if you like more than one story, vote in what you prefer but comment here in the topic! Your opinion is important so i can know what else i can bring in the future in this sort of material.
  11. Honlo conrads, here i come again! So, you folks probably remember my promises of a roleplay to be done, right? Well, in this topic i come to discuss of this. Since i will be the Game Master, i have already prepared a few scenarios that can be used, and had decided the lore that will be used will be one of my own creation, for i can easily bring the players to explore it as i have full knowledge of how it works. I will disponibilize all the needed information, maps and factbooks for the players who wish to join the adventures on the world of Jin-Gwó, a planet full of marvels, inhabited by 7 different sapient species with several nations and kingdoms in alliance or strife, where technology and magic both can be great sources of powers, depending only on the century you are in! The only thing we need to decide, although, is the time setting that the game will be set in, and this, i leave for you comrades to decide from the options i have. Excuse me if they are a little bit limited, but i have to make plots, and you see, this is something that requires material to work on. The roleplay might last for a month, or extend for indefinite time as long as there are people willing to play it to the end, as even if my mandate expires it really does not stop me from continuing the roleplay. All those works will have images and maps to help go along with the story, but before we know specifically which adventure will be played, i offer you guys to take a read at the factbooks that will help clarify what goes on this world. These factbooks are displaying Jin Gwó in its current modern time, where OFAS (Organization for Advancement of Socialism) oversees the world, but the maps and stuff will be adapted to the given time setting according to what will be chosen. Ah, and as promised, after a while that the RP will be running, there will be a popularity contest for the most creative character! So warm up your character creating hands! Maps: https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=1042458 Playable races: https://www.nationstates.net/page=dispatch/id=1030050 Other useful information might be found here: Yaroi's factbook: https://www.nationstates.net/nation=yaroi/detail=factbook OFAS: https://www.nationstates.net/region=ofas Please read the descriptions before you choose an option! Or at least take a eye look into them, i know they are long. 1 - Ancient Times: The Raven and the Cherry Tree This tale goes back in times so ancient, before the first great empires ever existed. A war between mankind against elvenkind, and mankind against itself. For ages, the several petty kingdoms of the islands of Sgaardia -"The Land in Which Humans Dwell"- have been in war with each other over the hold of the title of Aesir, the King Upon all Men with a divine mandate. But the king of Alerjona has a big dream! Men have been known as the only species on the continent of the North which does not naturally master the arts os sorcery and magecraft, being obligated to toil, study and train in harsh ways for decades in order to learn to use the secrets of sorcery. Meanwhile, in the neighboring Free Lands of Hanui, a land with no kings where the peasant Wood Elves (Hani-Gwyn) rule their own lands in horizontal society, the elves who dwell there are known for being naturally gifted with powers to control plants, animals and all sorts of spells that require large amounts of mana, being naturally able to deal with such since their birth. The king's idea? To kidnap the High Priest of the Temple of Hanui, the most powerful among the Hani-Gwyn mages, and bring him to be his court mage! Turns out this idea was not very well received by the Hani-Gwyn, having their only figure of authority snatched from their lands, and it has now been nearly 300 years that they are retaliating, being stuck on a frozen front war with Sgaardia who have been withholding with all their might. The war is exhausting both nations to their limit. But a hope is about to arrive! The half human half elf prince, Kurosawa no Skadenborg, son of the High Priest with the Princess of Alerjona, is now uprising from a shady and unknown figure to a major voice with his promises to gather a large army, negotiating with Sgaardians and Hani-Gwyn alike to join forces against the current kings of Alerjona and Vattensund, and end the dispute among the tribes of Hanui, promising to unite the lands of Men and Elves into a single empire, extending the monarchic ways of Sgaardia into the lands of Hanui, who swears to never allow its free people to suffer the rule of a king. What side of this war will you be on? Will you protect the free lands of Hanui against the man-made mandate of kings? Will you side with the Sgaardians and dream of a world where men no longer compete with elves? Or will you side with Skadenborg on his dream to unite both people in harmony under a single banner? 2 - Ancient Times: The Balrog King For centuries, the lands of the North had been in relative peace. Being divided into the Republic of Aldebaran, where humans and Hani-Gwyn live together under democratic rule; the Empire of Bal' Renan, the kingdom where the land in which the earth dwarves had supressed the Republic of Silevaria and enslaved the Fire Elves (Silevarin); The Kingdom of Ajunjun, in which the Magi rule upon the deserts and oasis being the champions of merchantilism along with the dwarves and a bastion of knowledge as they are the magocracy that rules upon the White City of Irgarash, the greatest magic center of scholars in the entire continent; and the hundreds of tribes of the territories of Kryrga, Slaboda and Hyregonia, the frozen glaciers, seashores and cold swamps dominates by the ferocious, widely feared Ice Orks (Kririn) and their cousin race, the Merfolk (Zunarin), who lives in tribes which are most often in war against each other. These lands were, although, not prepared for the horror that was about to come towards them. Millenia ago, a war between the Ajunjun, Humans, the Bal' ruts, Hani-Gwyn and the Silevarin was waged against the Sun Worshippers of the Southern Continent, ending with the defeat of the Sun Goddess Ash'r'et. But a silevarin mage, Magnus the Red, extremely devout of Ash'r'ret, had now awaken from a slumber of eras only to return to his home and find out the lands and temple of his goddess had been desecrated, destroyed and put to ground. In fury and hatred, the mage who had been put in slumber by his goddess in order to absorb and grow the dark and fiery inferno that she had gifted to him, is now a terrible creature, a fusion of an elf with a dragon, a Balrog. And this mage now returns to the continent of the North seeking revenge, summoning an army of Balrogs to set in flames the entire land, coming to rebuild a new empire of fire and steel in which the Silevarin will now rule in name of the Sun. Destroying and burning everything in his path, Magnus is a promise for certain destruction of all civilizations in the north. If he reaches the Sacred Forests of Hanui it will be the end of the human and hani-gwyn races, and certainly he seeks to destroy the White City of Irgarash, to melt the glaciers of the orks, and had already taken to his power the capital that the dwarves took from the fire elves, Mardonia. Magnus' advances had been taking years, as the land is vast and resistance is brave, but few can withstand the infernal flames he brings with his Balrog army, steadly advancing from West to East, from South to North. To stop his advances that comes with rains of fire and chaos, the peoples of the North must gather together. Mages across all Ajunjun and Aldebra are feeling the tides of war coming, and a ruthless shaman warrior on Slaboda, names Aruk Kam, had a disturbing dream of fire and sulfur and is now on a decades old quest in search to unite the Ork tribes, by force or agreements, in order to gather a huge army to protect not only their land but the entire continent from certain destruction. In these chaotic times, where will you stand? Will you flee from the continent as the Ajunjun plans to do? Will you stand and fight mortal danger as a human warrior? Or be one of the viking orks on Aruk's shield wall to protect the weaker humans and elves with your fleshy, furious might? Will you be one of the last wood elves to attempt to resist, even weakened, the flames that destroy your sacred home? Or are you here to bring the glory of a new world of flames by the side of Magnus the Great? 3 - Medieval: Children of the Storm and The Drowned Queen Centuries have passed since the fiery cataclysm of the Balrog King. Magnus had been imprisoned on a underground tomb through the shared efforts of the Ajunjun and Aldebaranian mages who sided Aruk Kam, a ork shaman turned into a demi-god by the power of the legendary Ganga Gronch (Staff of the Storm God) that this magic alliance crafted through great sacrifices of souls in order to use its power to contain the fiery destruction from the Balrog King. Yet, despite the cataclysm was stopped, its effects left deep scars on the North, changing its entire geopolitical makeup. The Kingdom of Ajunjun was wrecked, the peasants hiding in the deserts and the middle class and nobles had fleed the continent in search for distant lands. The Empire of Bal' Renan ceased to exist and the dwarves were extinc, the new Empire of Mithrillia taking its place ruled by the Silevarin. Mithrillia had dismantled the Republic of Aldebaran after buning down the sacred forests that were the source of power of the Hani-Gwyn, enslaving the surviving Wood Elves and forcing the humans to flee. The Orks had united their tribes under a ruthless, quite chaotic rule of a new council, the chieftains were turned into Könige (kings) who rule several petty kingdoms under the final command of Aruk Kam, who was nominated by the humans as new Al-Kaiser, ruler upon the North, after using of his shield wall fronts to allow the humans to escape certain doom, making a eternal pact of cooperation between Humans and Orks, the former having fleed back into the islands of Alerjona and Vattensund, now named as Kraujinga and Wehschenreisen, these lands now being part of the ork territory that is now names as Kriegslavia, Land of the Warriors. Although, gluing together a massive land occupied by hundreds of tribes and calling it an Empire, isn't exactly what puts order on the house. Humans and Orks now living together ended up as a unavoidable scenario for the humans to look back into their Sgaardian past, in which the greatest way to bring oneself fame, riches and glory, was to become a Sea Raider, a Vikingr, it being a lifestyle that is widely embraced by Orks far before their contacts with humans. Now, together, men and Kririns sail through the merciless tides of the northern sea, which seems to be getting just far too small and too crowded for the ambition of those sailors. Being naturally larger, stronger and gifted of ancient spiritual and ice magic, although many of the Kririns coexist in a somewhat peaceful respect along with humans, many soon ended up using those advantages to subdue the Sgaardians into servants or lesser citizens, something that surely isn't taken lightly by them. In those amok times, oppressed orks and humans alike dream of sailing away from the northern sea, in search for a land where they can raid without competition, and run away from their vicious masters, jarls and captains who use them as slaves. They fear going through southern seas, in fright of the legendary serpent Jörmungandr, who divides the world into two through the sea and destroys any ships that tries to cross the borders. At the same time, a hope grows in the hearts of those who believe in the ancient sgaardian tales of a land down south, a mystic land in which sailors may hide without ever being found, as its protected by the spirits of storm itself, and lands near a new continent of plenty and hotlands where the Vikingr ought to never sow, but only reap, as the riches of gold and foods are so plenty that men need not to toil the grounds to find them, this mythical land being known as Svaal. Many dangers wait those sailors, the devout of the Storm King, who are about to find the truths about the Sea Serpent Jörmungandr, and the secret mermaid city that hides on the heart of Svaal. Will you be able to reach the southern seas and find this promised land? Will you fight on the name of the Storm King, or will your heart befall the charms of the Drowned Mermaid Queen? 4 - Medieval: Go West After their escape, the Ajunjun had found a new homeland on the Western continent of Kalira, a land that is occupied by several nations of Magi just like them. Although, as the Matriarch and Sovereign Magister of Irgarash and the Patriarch and Solar Sultan of Krirgurathia -the two Ajunjun capitols- brings their peaceful scholarly peoples to raise settlement into this new refuge, the Ajunjun shall have a terrible surprise. Much different from the northern Magi, the Ajunjun, who were a unified people living under ideals of light, prosperity and peace, Kalira is a land divided between 2 major groups that had been in a very fragile balance between alliances and war: the Merchants of Kyo, ruled by a greedy warlock of shadows who builds his throne upon a web of commerce and withhold of scholar knowledge, and the Rogue Warriors of the Reaper Lord Jashin, a ruthless folk of necromancer warriors with no masters or rulers, who obey only the will of a bloody cult they swear fealty to. The Ajunjun, with their arrival, bring now a element of unbalance to this delicate relation, and are about to discover the terrible secrets of necromancy and shadowmancy of their new magi neighbors while they try to rebuild their fallen civilization. 5 - 1950's Socialism x Cyberpunk Fascism: The War of the Northern Lights It is a most insane times we live in. The Union of Socialist Republics of Yaroi, a people who for millennia suffered a terrible rule from the imperialistic people of Yiimara -a schism from the Mithrillian empire- and had been for so long manipulated and denied their most basic rights, that only now they are discovering the rest of the world, as until now they never had any sort of contact with any nation outside their own continent. It has been 80 years that Yaroi freed itself both from the empire of Yiimara and from the oligarchy of the United States of Yaroi, turning from a feudal-like land into a young industrialized country through a Great Leap Forward (which actually worked). Although, the southern continent of Yiinar Maran, the land they occupy, is curiously isolated from the rest of the world due to the Yiimara rule, so much that the entire continent is populated only by humans, who know not that other species exist. Although, Yaroi, who believes to be the only bastion of socialism in the world, is soon to discover a whole new world. After finding out a fleet of fishing boats from an unknown origin, the Yaroii made a surprising discover that there is a continent at the North, and that from this continent comes a strange elf people from a land called Varsala. Finding out that Varsala shares the same egalitarian and socialistic views that move the ideology of Yaroi, the later was delighted to finally find out new allies, even if being somewhat wary of them, and terrible marveled and terrified upon finding out the existence of several non-human species occupying other lands. The good part of the surprise, although, was soon gone upon finding out that the Free Land of Varsala was a country in terrible struggle, populated entirely by slaves who ran away from Mithrillia and not being recognized as a land on its own by any single country except for the timid, isolationist and somewhat helpless land of Kraujinga who was slowly trying to escape the claws of a empire that threatened the very existence of Varsala, Kraujinga and even of Yaroi, the fascistic-capitalistic Kaiserreich of Kriegslavia. The Kaiserreich of Kriegslavia, a massive land turned into a Ice Ork ethnostate ruled by a iron fisted and iron hearted cruel monarch, the Al-Kaiser Ludolf Kam, is found by Yaroi to not only be the largest economic and military potency in the world, ruling upon its colonies in the West and keeping at bay the continents of North and South under its economical control, but to also be a nightmarish dystopian land. Through withhold of technology that they harness and ensuring to sell only outdated tech and knowledge to others, Kriegslavia was pretty much a good couple centuries ahead the rest of the world in maters of science and technology, and turned itself into a massive urban cluster where its own citizens, the Kriegers, are treated only as living machines for the economy's gears, put under a terrible inhuman oppression of a government that uses its tech to put a massive orwellian surveillance over its populace, using of cloning and heavy genetic engineering to control the population to their own interests, keeping them on a cycle of compulsory consumerism in which citizens have to literally pay to have citizen rights, and those who cannot afford such are treated as less than disposable slaves through a system of castes and terrible ideological brainwashing. All of this toppled with a merciless ruler who turned himself into a omnipresent digital entity - the "Kaiserbot"- that has direct connection to the internet and to any sort of digital equipment, including the very bodies of his cyborg population forced to wear biomechanical augmentations. This ruler, who preaches of racial supremacy of the Ice Orks upon the other kins and of the supremacy of Kriegslavia upon the world through means of technology, plans to soon invade the land of Varsala and "wipe out those filthy slaves" in name of their Lebensraum, but Yaroi vows to their new ally to stop such menace, making a very excusable treaty with Jothunia, a part of Kriegslavia that has been under the rule of a dissident emperor under a shoddy pretense of a welfare stare that looks much more like yet another exclusionary caste system. Yet, Yaroi knows that even with its massive numbers and its analogical tech -far much inferior to the Krieger tech, but with the advantage of not being able to be controlled by the Kaiserbot- this is a battle that cannot be fought from the outside only, as it would be doomed to fail. Instead, the human nation has an audacious plan: Simultaneous with the outsive invasion, it shall infiltrate Kriegslavia on its poorest layers to spread massive propaganda and incite the horribly broken and oppressed peoples to fight against their dictator, offering them the hope of a newfound liberty and so convincing them to side with them to cause a Socialist Revolution. In this tale, would you be a Yaroi soldier, or a Krieger partisan? Maybe a Varsalin helper, or would you side with the Kaiser and be a collaborator of the Fourth Kaiserreich? All we know, is that this war is about to change the world as we know it. 6 - Medieval/Steampunk: The Marshes of Shakatuu It had been nearly 2000 years that Mithrillia and Kriegslavia had settled themselves as the only empires on the northern continent known as Aldebra, and since the first Al-Kaiser stopped the advances of Magnus the Great, those two empires of Ice and Fire had been in an unending dispute over the final hegemony of the continent. And in the middle of all this dispute, one piece of land is the most fought for: The Marshes of Shakatuu, a fertile land surrounded with hot swamps and geysers that keeps it fruitful the whole year even through the harsh winter of the north. This land, although, is occupied by the Shaka, tribes of Kririns who had long been captured as slaves by the Mithrillians, and not live in a quite isolated lifestyle, preserving their tribal ways while their brothers in Kriegslavia each time more use of their gifted intelligence to explore the domain of technology and inventions, a market that grows larger each day as the adventurous merchants and inventors of the Second Kaiserreich, and resisting the rule of their oppressive Mithrillian masters, who each day more grow their mastery on the arts of magic for all purposes. As Kriegers and Mithrillians enter a dispute of magic and machine for the swamplands, defended by the Shaka from the ancient fortress of Kievgard that withholds their ancestral secrets, which side will you be with? 7 - Steampunk: The Purge of the Slaves The Mithrillian Empire had never seen such great decadence before. The III Mage War against Yiimara had left them on debris as a great spell had depleted their magic and turned to junk all of their magic-powered tech so widely used across the land. With their resources scarce, suffering from a great drought, their army shattered and their rule in chaos, the Mithrillians are between a rock and a hard place. That all topped with the fact their economy is basically slave-driven, with nearly half of the population of the empire being slaves of all species. In this scene, as the Mithrillians are at the verge of a civil war, the slaves fear for their lives, specially the Hani-Gwyn, who the Mithrillians call as "Morani" (Forest Dwellers), as a rumor goes around the country that the fire elves plan to make a massive sacrifice of their wood-elf slaves to use their blood to give fertility back to the land barren by the drought. It is on this chaotic times that a spark of a new dream starts to sprout in the hearts of the slaves, as a man named Vasily Varsalien, who is a mage slave and halfblood bastard of a noble, returns from a trip to a distant side of the empire and starts spreading the tale of a promised land he had found. A land called Varsala, "The Far East", where the sacred woods of the Hani-Gwyn have returned to grow, and where escaped slaves run to cities hidden in the woods, free from their shackles of oppression and living in a humble but communitarian lifestyle of equality. As these rumors spread, slaves across the entire Empire start to dream in their hearts to run away in search for this promised Free Land, but once such tale reaches the ears of the Mithrillian lords, it might mean certain death for the rebellious slaves. Would you join the wagon of liberty as a slave following a quasi-messianic promise of a free land? Or would you be yet another lord in fury over their decadence and demanding for blood to soak the land? 8 - WWI Tech: The Great Patriotic War The hour is tense for the young republics of the United Socialist States of Yaroi, a confederation of several nations held together by a central democracy ruled by the Party. It had only been a couple decades that Yaroi had gone through its revolution, overthrowing the oligarchy of the United States of Yaroi and spreading this revolution across the several countries that compose the union. Still in a fragile state yet with a strong spirit, the Yaroii are now faced with a sudden menace: their old lords, the Principality of Yiimara, who once ruled across half the continent. These monarchic overlords taken by the will to conquer back their lost lands, take on a quick advance through the territories of Yaroi as the Party was stuck on a perpetual filibuster of politicians unable to agree with what course of action to take, while their territories were being quickly lost. Taken by surprise, the Yaroii see their only hope on giving all of their administrative and decision power on the hands of a most trusted revlutionary leader, Yao Meng, who is now in charge to command the massive land into a state of Total War to resist the Yiimaran menace. Do you think you could take your part to protect the Yaroi Revolution? 9 - Madmax: Race for Necropolis In the Rogue Land of Jashinira, life is harsh, life is pain, and first of all, life only starts after you die. On a desert land overtaken by a clan of undeads, the Warriors of the Reaper Lord Jashin, the industries that Kriegslavia installed on this colony are what rules the cities, but outside the city walls, it is a no-man's land where the only rule is might of force. Put to survive on inhuman conditions, these nomad warriors run through the deserts in their machines and undead horse chariots, in perpetual fight for resources for even being undead, they still need to sustain their bodies -and their machines- on a insane battle for survival where only the fittest and most ruthless can keep their place. In this everyone-on-their-own, you need to have the guts to either manage to join a clan, or fight alone for supremacy, as each little outpost and resource income is worth a thousand deaths. 10 - Space Age (Socialist Future): The Arrival of Satsukaia and the Children of the Advent It has been over a century that the entire planet of Jin Gwó has been living its golden age of Pax Aurea under the tutelage of OFAS, the Organization For Advancement of Socialism, a worldwide organ that unites every single nation in the planet on a web of internationalist cooperation free of any sort of oppression or exploitation, on a somewhat slow but very steady transition from several socialist states into a single, self-governing anarchistic worldwide brotherhood, blind to species boundaries and free of class struggle. It has also been over a century, although, that the rulers of what were the last capitalist nations had fled from the planet on a alien spaceship discovered by the defunct Fourth Kaiserreich. Those leaders along with their courts had fled in fear of being destroyed by the ever-growing socialist superpowers, but in their lack of understanding of how to operate literal alien tech, they ended up locked in hyperspace for a time period that, while in Jin Gwó it was only decades, for them several millions of years had passed. This now entirely new race and civilization of space faring psionic creatures had sought back for their long forgotten homeland, which they now lo longer remember where it was, or even how it was, but surely remember that they were expelled from there with weapons and rage. This people, called the Children of Advent, although soon had their journey intercepted by a lurking power far much ancient than them, far much ancient than the place they came from. This power being the Organic Union of Satsukaia, a massive hivemind that travels through the universe on a ship that is a living, world-eating worm, and are terrible creatures that adapt themselves to anything by absorbing the DNA of whatever they come in contact with, later contaminating any life form with their own DNA, and this way turning into the supreme organic life form, able to turn themselves into virtually anything they need, adapting to survive anything. This terrible lifeform is, although, the sworn enemy of a race of machine men, the Hyperboreans, the original builders of the ship in which the Children of the Advent spent millions of years trapped on hyperspace. These machine men believe the ultimate objective of organic life is to build artificial life, only to be overpowered by it later, and go through planet to planet seeking to accelerate such process, having the Satsukaia as the only obstacle they never managed to fully surpass. But these Children of Advent, who are recognized by the Satsukin as being nothing but another branch of the Hyperboreans, are not seeking their way back to Jin Gwó, and binging the Satsukaia menace with them. The question is, will OFAS be able to withhold such invasion? Will the Children of the Advent side with Jin Gwó to defeat the Space Wyrm? Or will the world burn in flames of their new overlords, whichever may they be? 11 - Space Age (Dystopian Future): The Vaults of Andromeda It has been 700 years that the Al-Kaiser Ludolf Kam has been in charge of the Fourth Kaiserreich of Kriegslavia, which massacred the Yaroi and Varsalin revolutions, eventually taking up the world along with their allies, Wehschenreisen and Neue Svaal. The world is now taken by a single massive capitalistic-fascistic block that is now exploring space and building colonies on several planets. In those colonies, although, came the hopes of places where the underdogs of the Empire could finally hide from their digital overlords. On the outskirts of the space Empire, all sorts of scum gather to make a living however they find fit, be it working as mercenaries for bandits or even for the empire itself, or maybe even joining the several resistance movements that exist out there. In this brave new world to explore, a group of space pirates known as "The Orion Navigators" goes out on a bold mission, recruiting any soul that wishes to join them on the quest to find the quasi-mytical place known as "Vaults of Andromeda", a place in which supposedly the Kaiser hides his newest projects, along with massive untold riches both in money, materials and products. Would you be brave enough to join this bunch of smelly space pirates in search to meddle with the vaults of a most feared orwellian empire in seek for richness and glory?
  12. Today, the winner gets announced! Clearly, with 11 votes, Ayanka won the popularity contest. Although, we must still take in the grades given by the judges, which i shall now display! The grades ultimately translate into a score of "Hammers and Sickles", which goes up to 5. The winning of the popularity contest is worth 1 Hammer and Sickle, as popularity is important part of the contest but not all that makes a flag. Soviet Potheads: Symbology - 5 Colors - 10 Framework - 10 Originality - 5,5 Creativity - 4 Judges' general opinion: Great framing and good choice of tones, although it is only a 'half flag' that has been mirrored, which plummeted the grades of originality and creativity. Its clearly a socialist themed flag but didn't attempt on diving into symbolism. That is worth a score of 3,5 HAMMERS AND SICKLES! Zenganopoli: Symbology - 6 Colors - 10 Framework - 10 Originality - 6 Creativity - 7 Judges' general opinion: Great framework that has been done on a quite creative way, as flags with a rectangle in the middle aren't so commonly seen and it was done on a aesthetically pleasing manner. Good vibrant colors as well. The symbology of having Che Guevara on the middle of it quite appeals to the judges, although this same symbol took away some points on the final score for it is actually a very common occidental leftist symbol specially here in Latin America, which was only excused under the argument it is not seen on flags. That is worth a score of 4 HAMMERS AND SICKLES! Stalinist Arstotzka: Symbology - 10 Colors - 5 Framework - 4 Originality - 7 Creativity - 6 Judges' general opinion: Its clearly a socialist flag of strong internationalist intent, with very beautiful symbolism denoting the union of all peoples and specially all of the oppressed minorities inside the worker class. This and the use of differentiated elements such as the fists and the globe made of stone that has an aesthetic appeal pleased the judges. Although, it sins by being unfortunately made under a poor framework that could have been easily done better to harmonize the elements, as well the excess of colors that make it polluted. That is worth a score of 3 HAMMERS AND SICKLES! Burninati0n: Symbology - 8 Colors - 3 Framework - 8 Originality - 6 Creativity - 5 Judges' general opinion: The use of the tree as a symbol appealed to the judges by the many ways it can be interpreted under the pretext of socialism, union of peoples and growth of socialist civilization, and we appreciate that. Although the framing could be a little bit better if the tree was trimmed a bit to the side, and we can recognize that the base for the flag (Black and red star) are quite common and plain. As well, although we enjoyed the tree, the green tone of it is an eyesore compared to the rest of the flag. That is worth a score of 3 HAMMERS AND SICKLES! Ayanka: Symbology - 10 Colors - 10 Framework - 10 Originality - 2 Creativity - 1 Judges' general opinion: Perfect framing, banner style and use of colors, that we do recognize and applaud. The symbolism on it is very clear and adequate. Although, we can obviously recognize that a pickaxe, a wench and a book are just a very plain and cheekly obvious bootleg of the hammer, sickle and compass. So many points for the execution, but the idea, despite bold, lacks creativity on the eyes of most of the judges. Although, as the winner of the popular vote, it awards him 1 extra Hammer and Sickle That is worth a score of 4 HAMMERS AND SICKLES! Asturies-Llion: Symbology - 10 Colors - 10 Framework - 10 Originality - 8 Creativity - 8,5 Judges' general opinion: Asturies-Llion proposed himself a theme, and he executed it with graceful perfection. From the framing, colors and symbolism, everything is very well worked and we were appealed by the fact the symbolism was actually explained and is quite nice. It does, although, lose a few points for the fact it was not openly based on an already existing flag, but makes plain use of the elements that are already in it (the leaf). That is worth a score of 4,5 HAMMERS AND SICKLES! Redawnia: Symbology - 10 Colors - 10 Framework - 10 Originality - 9 Creativity - 9,5 Judges' general opinion: The whole flag was extremely well done, from the choice of color tones, the framing, and the symbology is simply great with a beautiful execution. This flag astonished me and the other judges for it brings elements and symbols we truly have never seen before being used on any type of flag at all (the upside down pyramid), which was for us the factor that led to being given the highest score so far. The only negative critique done was that instead of a star, some non-western symbol could be used, such as a sun. Other than that, everything is just a really great job. That is worth a score of 5 HAMMERS AND SICKLES! So, after the judges' score and the popular vote, finally we can cast a podium, and the first place winner is: Roll of the dramatic drums Redawnia!! Congratulations, comrade Redawnia! You are the winner of the contest!! Podium: Second Place: Asturies-Llion Third Place: Zenganopoli and Ayanka (Tie) Fourth Place: Soviet Potheads Fifth Place: Burninati0n and Stalinist Arstotzka (Tie) Congratulations and many thanks for all the comrades that participated!! In Socialist Varsala's heart, all of you are the winners!!!
  13. The gods have seen your puny attempts at flags and cast their judgement about the winner! aka the judges made the grading already Now we're waiting public judgement for the final score, and the final winner! who will be exempted from the next purge
  14. i know, me and the other judges actually had a very serious talk as to whether or not allow this one to pass. we allowed but with a grading penalty. And yes, i plan to be very transparent here about the judges' grades and comments.
  15. First of all, i start this with an apology. The voting was supposed to start at day 16, but due to being extenuatingly busy these days i ended up not accomplishing the deadlines, i hope yall can spare a forgive coin for your CoA. To fix this, although, the dates will be relocated, with the poll starting today, 20th of September and ending at 27th of September. The voting starts now! MAY THE BEST FLAG WIN! Notes: Check the original topic for comments on symbolism meaning Notes²: The Decapole Councils unfortunately was disqualified for plagiarism (no hard feelings, its just that a plain red flag with nothing on it is already a real life flag) CONCURRENTS: SOVIET POTHEADS - _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ZENGANOPOLI - _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ STALINIST ARSTOTZKA - _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BURNINATI0N - _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ AYANKA - _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ASTURIES-LLION - _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ REDAWNIA -