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  1. The gods have seen your puny attempts at flags and cast their judgement about the winner! aka the judges made the grading already Now we're waiting public judgement for the final score, and the final winner! who will be exempted from the next purge
  2. i know, me and the other judges actually had a very serious talk as to whether or not allow this one to pass. we allowed but with a grading penalty. And yes, i plan to be very transparent here about the judges' grades and comments.
  3. First of all, i start this with an apology. The voting was supposed to start at day 16, but due to being extenuatingly busy these days i ended up not accomplishing the deadlines, i hope yall can spare a forgive coin for your CoA. To fix this, although, the dates will be relocated, with the poll starting today, 20th of September and ending at 27th of September. The voting starts now! MAY THE BEST FLAG WIN! Notes: Check the original topic for comments on symbolism meaning NotesĀ²: The Decapole Councils unfortunately was disqualified for plagiarism (no hard feelings, its just that a plain red flag with nothing on it is already a real life flag) CONCURRENTS: SOVIET POTHEADS - _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ZENGANOPOLI - _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ STALINIST ARSTOTZKA - _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ BURNINATI0N - _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ AYANKA - _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ASTURIES-LLION - _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ REDAWNIA -
  4. Varsala

    What is your favourite communist food?

    It goes well with potat shaped rokk tho
  5. We usually have serious polls, but since it seems most trending topics were already done, i decided to do something fun for once, just for a good laugh. So, from the communist cuisine across all world, tell me, comrades, what is your favourite among those leftist delicacies? Discuss.
  6. Ye, ye, i think they are too broadly used by flags everywhere to be deemed as a exclusive socialist symbol, but i think that not using them would be more of a creativity bonus on the judgement
  7. Honlo comrades! I come here to announce a exciting new activity for comrades of all ages! Its the OFFICIAL FLAG CONTEST! But Vorfolo, how do i flag contest? Simple, my friend! The objective of the contest is to create a flag, using any digital or manual media that you have available (Photshop, MS Paint, Paper and pencil, the blood of fascists, etc.) The flags will then be put over for 2 different trials: the jury's inspection, and the public vote. The public vote is a matter of popularity, as it indicates, and will be done by means of a poll where anyone can vote, including the participants. The jury will be me -the Varfle- and a select of flag-knowing people outside of The Internationale, to ensure there will be no personal bias. The inscriptions start today, 30 of August, and will end 8 of September. To subscribe yourself, all you need to do is come to this topic and say, preferentially in a big and very visible manner, that you wish to join the contest, and i will make sure to keep account of everyone. After the subscription, participants will have up to 15 of September to post their flags in this same topic. You can also send your flag straight away with your subscription, im only leaving an extra time to ensure people have enough time to plan up and mount their splendid banner. The voting poll will start at 16 of September and will end at 22 of September. The theme is THE MOST SOCIALIST FLAG WITHOUT SOCIALIST SYMBOLS! What does that means? That means im asking you to make a flag within the following rules: No use of: Hammers, sickles, gears, roses, or any "traditional" western socialist symbols. Must still be at least somewhat visibly recognizable as a "socialist flag" even without the use of those mentioned symbols. I know you can do it, don't just slap red ink on a paper an call it a day, creativity and inventiveness will be accounted on the judgement. No use of offensive symbols, but this is pretty obvious. No using already existent flags. Sure, you can take inspiration on something that already exists, but if i toss your flag on google images and find out you just mildly edited something that is a real world flag or a work of someone else, you will be disqualified. Given the rules, the time is set. May the best flag win!
  8. I come here to make a sum up of my proposals. My chief campaign is my proposal for Roleplays and Flag contests, which can be seen more about on these flyers i made. As well i uphold to keep weekly polls coming, and radio and vc events on the Discord channel
  9. I accept Freien's nomination on me on Activities.
  10. (OOC: Sorry in advance for not replying before, it happened due to reasons, so to make up for it there goes one long dang reply to encompass the days past till now. Probs the next rplies will be of better quality and not as hushed as this one, as this one will be more focused on introducing the country and just encompassing the general of what already happened thus far, and on the next ones i will try to elaborate more ;w; ) The day, as always, began early in the Free Land of Varsala, it being several hours ahead of most places due to time zone, but the hoi polloi being already excited for the games that would begin later. It being the first time that the country participates on Olympic games outside their own continent, there was a general anxiety of the populace and excitement over the great opportunity for a good friendly interaction with other countries, as well as with other species. The multi-species, elfic population of Varsala was mostly used to a certain isolationism from other countries, only on the last few decades having some more substantial contact with other countries. Bu the afternoon, the time in Varsala when the games would begin, all across the villages and cities the people were being in-mass dismissed from their work for the day in order to watch the opening celebration of the games. Everyone was soon back to their large communal residential complexes, gathering around televisions to watch the opening in cheerful spirit. Unfortunately not many left the country to watch the games personally, so the streamed news from the free-press media was basically the only contact as in general to the happenings on outlander soil. The people were thriving once the colorful parade of Varsalins took the scene on the openings, with a beautiful demonstration of the country's multiculturalism, the forest, fire and snow elves marching together in traditional kimonos and winter suits, the athletes entering the scene waving happily and at the same time nearly shyly at the spectators. Although the whole thing started in airs of cheerfulness, the day clearly wasn't good for them regarding the games, as Varsala only obtained a victory in basketball. For many, it was even more than expected, as the sports listed on that day were never a tradition for the Varsalin, so much that only on the recent past few years they have been introduced into the culture, and even so mostly focused only on managing to even have teams to compete internationally, which was already quite hard to bring up, for even if the elves had a more natural disposition to being fit, those sports themselves and their practice were something extremely new for them, which meant they lacked experience, technicians, coaches and such and everything had to be provided what could be said as 'by last hour'. Even so, it was not seen as a problem for the Varsalin population, who were honestly extremely glad to even manage to participate on such event, and were not that much worried about collecting a large amount of medals, just to see their representative athletes do their very best in front of the international community. The athletes, on the other hand, were obviously not amused with the losses. The only ones who got their place on the sun, the basketball team, were pretty much surprised about the whole fact they managed to win and with not as much difficulty as they expected. The team, most entirely composed by over 2 meters tall, extremely menacing and predatory looking snow elves -as the snow elves naturally are-, were clearly jolywollied with the honor of bringing Varsala the very first victory, even if it was only the very first round. They just celebrated so much it was even silly, although the joy was at some moment partially cut by some commentaries that it might have been an unfair game due to obvious reasons. But that was quickly ruled out once the official inspection crew attested that there was nothing there making whatever biological advantage into something unfairly disproportionate, that being defended by using the results of the other sports' matches as an argument to back that up. So everything was going smoothly, not as good as it could have been, but still everyone tried to keep in mind that it was their very first time on such kind of competition. And even so, the while the athletes were burning out in stress for the "shameful display", back in Varsala the folk was celebrating their one victory so dearly, with songs and of course large amounts of berrymead, as the tradition calls for. By the next day, it was clear that the chances weren't much on their side either due to the weather, but the cyclist team was still very optimistic, although on the end the results still were quite unsatisfactory. Different from the previous day, this "defeat" was a very disappointing one for the Varsalins, as they didn't have the hindrance of "not being even used with the existence of such sport", that being a toll on the morale of the competitors. Still, as a consolation, Varsala still celebrated, as although not for themselves, at least for the shiny gold medal victory of their "big brother", Yaroi, which is on many ways basically the tutor nation of the fast developing, recently-no-longer-isolationists. And so, it was no surprise at all when the Varsalin team was soon found celebrating on the same backstage along with their esteemed Yaroi comrades. Much alike, back on their native soil, it could be seen along cities where Yaroi immigrants were common, that the celebrations for the victory were being held up, for if not for the Varsalin themselves, then for their brothers. The whole tension among the competitors was only beginning, although. It was only the second day of the games, and even if they didn't came with a voracious competitive 'lets hog all the medals' mentality, the Varsalin were clearly upset by the possible prospect of failure on the next days, specially on sports such as archery, running, shooting or the most unorthodox modalities, as those were pretty much cultural specializations of the elfic populace.
  11. Varsala

    2nd Edition of the Olympic Games of NSLeft

    I, the Free Land of Varsala, affirmatively join in to this Olympics! Now, where is Brother Yaroi?