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  1. the Dirty Limerick Soviet

    Cartography 2: Electric Boogaloo

    To Transemilia: Eurasia is very nearly ready, and all the maps will be by Wednesday (I reserve the right to postpone this if I'm not feeling productive. If you're like that and occasionally have really productive moods, you'll understand.)
  2. the Dirty Limerick Soviet

    Cartography 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Now you guys know why I need someone who knows digital imaging software. I can add typed glosses for the crappier parts, but any official map will have to look nicer than this.
  3. the Dirty Limerick Soviet

    Cartography 2: Electric Boogaloo

    OK! I've finally gotten off my lazy preoccupied with other things ass and started the map! Finals are over and I've been proceeding in a very disorganized fashion, but the maps are about 1/5 done and I've finished Britain (yes, it needed a separate map). South America and Eurasia will likely be up in the next few days. Till then, feast your eyes on this draft. (Keep in mind, IPR has additional territory in Europe and Ireland.) Here it is: http://imgur.com/XBIooIb Note: I know, the image quality is terrible. Just deal with it.
  4. the Dirty Limerick Soviet

    Cartography - A custom Internationale Map

    I'm still working on the map project. If you want to join in, telegram me.
  5. the Dirty Limerick Soviet

    I dunno, Something, Whatever

  6. the Dirty Limerick Soviet


    I'm creating a conlang made of the most annoying parts of every other major language. My conlang has the verb conjugations of English, the declensions of Latin and Greek, the several alphabets of Japanese, the orthography of a mix between French and Irish, the tones of Mandarin and Vietnamese, the hand gestures of Italian (words are meaningless without them), the throat-clearing gutturals of Dutch and German, the weird accent marks of Hungarian, and the consonant-root patterns of Hebrew and Arabic. I'll keep you posted! Suggest any other annoying features from languages you're learning and I might put them in.
  7. the Dirty Limerick Soviet

    Cartography 2: Electric Boogaloo

    I will certainly take that into account. I think I'll still use population, though.
  8. Not everyone is now dumber. Only the fash who actually believe this crap.
  9. the Dirty Limerick Soviet

    Cartography 2: Electric Boogaloo

    Well, it seems that, by popular demand, TRF nations will indeed be included in the map if they don't have WA nations in the region. Thank you to all of those who've enquired.
  10. the Dirty Limerick Soviet

    Cartography 2: Electric Boogaloo

    I've just realized that due to TRF stuff several main nations may not be WA. If I know you're a member, I'll just add you. Unless you telegram me that you don't want to be put on the map (more discreet than a forum post). If that's a bad idea (and I can think of reasons why it may be), again, telegram me or post something here.
  11. the Dirty Limerick Soviet

    Cartography 2: Electric Boogaloo

    So, I have several big announcements regarding cartography, so I thought it prudent to make a second topic because: a) the first one's getting *way* too cluttered and b) I want this to actually get read. After long and careful study that I probably could've used to just make the damn map, I have determined that I've set myself a near-impossible task. First, the population data (especially in China) is nowhere near complete enough for the kind of accuracy I want, and, as I've mentioned, I suck at art too much to draw borders accurately on the small scale that the scale of the project mandates. Also, too many people want their nations in Europe. To cite one example, Comrade Irish People's Republic, Comrade Nowydh Kernow, myself, and several other nations I don't feel like remembering now are all obviously based in one tiny corner of the British Isles. I realized while starting on the Europe map that this would make for a map so cluttered or so implausible it wouldn't be worth reading. This does not mean I've given up on the map. Rather, I will make a new population database (I'm sure quite a lot of nations I was going to represent as tiny islands are fairly large by now) including all WA nations and all puppets that sign up before Ceaucescu is Dead Day (Christmas for the uninitiated). Everyone in the database will be put on the map unless they specifically opt out in a post on this topic by Ceaucescu is Dead Day. I'll definitely have enough free time to make maps then. TL;DR edition: I'm making a new map with WA nations; only puppets who opt in and WAs who opt out will be exceptions. Post by Ceaucescu is Dead Day (Dec. 25)
  12. the Dirty Limerick Soviet


    so, perhaps Bolivia or somewhere of the like?
  13. the Dirty Limerick Soviet


    Yeah, at least that's what I'm planning. In other news, just so I have something concrete to show you guys, the Australia map will be released by Monday. Get excited.
  14. the Dirty Limerick Soviet


    Asturias-Llion: I gathered as much by your nation name. Worry not, your location request will be honored.
  15. the Dirty Limerick Soviet


    Also, if previous maps (or links thereto) are posted here, they will be accommodated insofar as the shape of the Earth allows it.