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  1. Brabantse Adel

    Hello conrads

    Hello conrads, My name is Timo vdn Broek, I'm still really young in comparison to others on here. I'm 17 years old as of now, and I love to learn about politcal ideas and concepts. I decided to join NS because I heard about it on PnW and I love this community a lot more then PnW's because it is serious. My political views are as of yet unknown, I know that I'm leftist but what kind I still have to figure out. I've started reading some Engels and Marx. I hope to learn a lot about myself on here.
  2. Brabantse Adel

    The Internationale Regional Global Census

    That would be cool.
  3. Brabantse Adel

    The Internationale Regional Global Census

    Add one to the Netherlands if you could.