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  • Vol. 1 · Iss. 2
    During the major update of Monday, December 22, 2014, a coalition of militaries and players from across NationStates successfully removed the fascist and Nazi forces that had overtaken the region Anne Frank. The coalition included, in alphabetical order: Antifa; E-Army; Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army; Europeian Republican Navy; Founderless Regions Alliance; Fort Triumph Marshal Service; Freedom and Justice Alliance; Jomsvíkings; Korean Peoples Army; Lazarene Liberation Army; North Pacific Army; Rejected Realms Army; Renegade Islands Alliance Special Forces; Royal Kantrian Army; Sekhmet Legion; Sicarius; South Pacific Special Forces; Spiritus Defense Force; Taijitu Citizens’ Militia; The Association of Imperialism; The Communist Bloc; The Internationale; The Leftist Union; The Red Fleet; United Defenders League; United Imperial Armed Forces of The Land of Kings and Emperors, The New Inquisition and Albion; Wintreath Hvitt Riddaral; as well as many players who participated outside of any military affiliation.
    During the final update, 50 nations moved into the region. These were in addition to 30 WA nations that were already garrisoned there from previous updates. Following post-update reinforcements, the coalition deployed a remarkable total of more than 110 endorsements on the lead nation. Subsequently, the region was password-protected and returned to its original residents.
    All participating militaries acknowledge the operation as a powerful demonstration of interregional cooperation against the forceful spread of fascism and Nazism in NationStates. The participating militaries are elated to have put their differences aside and worked together in this operation.
    Vol. 1 · Iss. 2
    The Leftist Union and Das Kommune continued their offensive this week with tag raid strikes on Galts Gulch, The Christian Republic, and Republic of Conservadom—all moderate-sized anticommunist regions.
    Galts Gulch, which formerly maintained embassies with regions such as "Antista," Libertatem's attempt at mimicking Antifa by forming an "anti-statist" alliance, had all its embassies destroyed as a result of the raid, as the delegates elected after the withdrawal of leftist troops failed to cancel their demolition.
    The Christian Republic describes itself as "the strongest and only active Protestant region on Nationstates," and is led by a council of "Elders." According to the World Factbook Entry, they are making preparations for a regional military force.
    Republic of Conservadom, the latest region to end up in the leftist militaries' crosshairs, maintains embassies with Right to Life and Libertatem, as well as Benevolent Capitalism, the target of a tag raid by leftist militaries in 2014.
    Libertatem's newly-appointed Attorney General and failed presidential candidate, Humpheria, failed to understand the point of tag raiding, saying in a post on Libertatem's RMB, "To the Leftist Union: you have an have an unfortunate habit of raiding regions with active founders. That really doesn't work very well." It seems obvious that, despite right-wing attempts to spin these raids positively, they are suffering a morale hit from their failure to respond to this sustained attack.

    By Black Rose Anarchist Federation,

    Vol. 1 · Iss. 2
    An unprecedentedly broad, decentralized, confrontational, and leaderless movement has arisen in response to the police murders of Michael Brown, Eric Garner and too many others. With the back-to-back non-indictments of Officers Darren Wilson and Daniel Pantaleo, we have witnessed a powerful rage against the impunity of the police and their disrespect for Black life that has sparked a surge of activity not seen in recent times in NYC or across the US. What began as an isolated outburst in Ferguson has surpassed initial concerns about the longevity of the protests by quickly becoming one of the most profound American social upheavals in recent decades.
    Many have said, "People are mad today, but will they still be mad next week?" Massive mobilizations over the past few weeks—taking over streets, bridges, tunnel entrances, places of business, train and ferry stations, sometimes with planning, other times with no prior planning at all—have allowed us to answer that question with a resounding YES.
    But if we don't expand the struggle, there will come a week when the answer is 'no,' and we risk a return to normal. Or if we are seduced into believing that the police can be reformed into submission with superficial policy initiatives like body cameras or civilian review boards, we may believe that we have fixed the problem only to witness more Michael Browns, more Eric Garners. At the end of the day, the police are the physical extension of the state and capital. So how can we continue the momentum while targeting the underlying systems of oppression behind the white supremacist state violence that has outraged millions?

    By Estevan Hernandez, for Liberation News,

    By Estevan Hernandez,

    Vol. 1 · Iss. 2
    People are outraged by a recently uncovered scandal implicating the U.S. in another ridiculous covert operation to overthrow the Cuban government. This is the third plot exposed in less than one year.
    In this most recent scandal, USAID, the United States International Agency for Development, paid for Cuban rappers to create dissent against the Cuban government. The operation lasted over two years in secret within the hip hop movement but was reportedly a profound failure.
    The operation was led by Serbian contractor Rajko Bozic. He recruited Cubans in the hip hop scene to build a network that could be used by U.S. reactionaries against the Cuban government.
    Bozic was himself recruited because of his involvement in a musical movement that was reportedly used against Serbian President Slobodan Milosevic during the U.S.-led breakup of the formerly united Yugoslavia.
    Bozic recruited hip hop groups like Los Aldeanos. The duo had a following on the hip hop scene and had at times been critical of the Cuban government. Bozic and his counterrevolutionary funders hoped they could use the group as puppets to dupe Cuban youth into a pro-capitalist platform.
    Vol. 1 · Iss. 1
    Back-to-back attacks on REAGAN Treaty Organization (REATO) members Anti Authoritarian Alliance and The Hyatt Islands by comrade militaries from The Leftist Union, North Korea, Das Kommune, and the Democratic Socialist Union have left the anti-leftist military alliance shaken and fractured over the holiday season.
    Both operations, termed "tag" raids due to their temporary nature as both regions have active Founder nations, have left prominent REATO members scrambling to spin the events positively.
    "Does anyone else here not really feel all that bad at AAA being occupied. I was not really fond of them in the first place," said Libertatem Board Member and Attorney General, Humpheria. "But as long as the Commies have their moment in the sun thinking that they've struck deep into the heart of Libertatem, more power to them."
    "You guys are useless..." muttered Republic of Minerva, Libertatem Regional Security Adviser, who publically lashed out at the other members of Libertatem for failing to respond to his call to arms. "This whole war on tyranny is becoming quite old when barely any of it's members are enthusiastic or competent enough to respond. Perhaps I'm just jaded, but we should rethink everything and focus on only a defensive stance?"
    Libertatem's future Manager of State, Funkytopia, blamed the failure to rally to their allies' defense on the holiday season. "Due to the holiday, we simply couldn't muster the troops. Apparently, Marxists would rather play with themselves on an online game than spend holidays with their friends, if they've got any."
    In the midst of the renewed infighting among these members, and in response to the failure for REATO to act to defend its allies, Anti Authoritarian Alliance founder The united slavic tsardom formally removed AAA from its status as REATO observer. In The Hyatt Islands, regional founder Belmaria said "REATO isn't helping because they don't care about libertarians or anarchists. I'm thinking about proposing a withdrawal from REATO."
    One thing is clear—the raids conducted by our allies took a minimal amount of effort and have made massive ripples through the anti-leftist community.
    Vol. 1 · Iss. 1
    After a hiatus, the Red & Black has relaunched as The Internationale's own news service with a new format. It is our goal to establish the Red & Black as a weekly aggregator of items of interest to The Internationale's residents and allies, from events and happenings in NationStates to real-world leftist struggles around the world. News items will be appropriately tagged as to their focus.
    Comrade Members interested in providing material for publish in the Red & Black should telegram Misley.

    By Jeff Bigelow, for Liberation News,

    By Jeff Bigelow,

    Vol. 1 · Iss. 1
    On December 17 Sony Pictures cancelled the release of the movie "The Interview" which used racism as "humor" and which characterized U.S. CIA agents as comic heroes on a terrorist mission to assassinate the current north Korean head of state.
    Prior to that, on December 10, Sony announced that the film would not be released in Japan, south Korea, or anywhere in the Asia Pacific Region other than Australia and New Zealand. They said that the decision had been made long before then.
    While the company is now claiming that the cancellation is due to physical threats made in emails, in fact the cancellation comes after a huge wave of protest against screening a movie that calls for the terrorist assassination of an existing leader.
    Protest movements can change the minds of the "entertainment" corporations that rule Hollywood. For example, on May 1, 2013 the Walt Disney corporation filed 33 applications to trademark the Day of the Dead. They wanted to make a movie with a Day of the Dead theme or title and then make money off of anything that used that name or phrase. Within days a massive internet-based protest declared that Mexican heritage was not for sale and forced Disney to withdraw its application by May 6.

    By Walter Smolarek, for Liberation News,

    By Walter Smolarek,

    Vol. 1 · Iss. 1
    Taking a break from his Christmas vacation in Hawaii, President Obama gave a speech at a Marine base claiming that "Next week, we will be ending our combat mission in Afghanistan." This is not true. Nominal control over military bases may have been handed over to the Afghan government, but the U.S. government is set to continue its occupation indefinitely with nearly 11,000 troops. They will be joined by thousands of soldiers from other NATO member countries.
    The term "combat mission" is used in a highly misleading way by generals and politicians to sell their strategy to a U.S. public that has largely turned against the war. U.S./NATO forces in Afghanistan have been gradually withdrawing from the country, but by the end of 2014 this process will end. It will be immediately followed by a mission with an indefinite mandate that will supposedly focus on training and "advising" the soldiers of the pro-imperialist Afghan government.
    Operating under the mandate of a Bilateral Security Agreement signed by the United States and the Afghan government, the stay-behind mission was initially supposed to involve 9,800 troops. However, after intensification in the fighting, U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel announced that an additional 1,000 soldiers would remain deployed, and emphasized the flexibility they will have to engage in combat if their commanders decide it is necessary.