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  • Vol. 2 · Iss. 1
    The Federation of Anarchist Communes has established its own militant wing, the Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army. Named for Nestor Makhno's anarchist Ukrainian army, the RIA is the newest addition to the Left's military front.
    The new military, which is open to anarchists and libertarian socialists across NationStates, is already active, with soldiers joining the TRF/KPA occupation of League of Northern European Nations.
    The Red Fleet has pledged its support of the new military, offering guidance on establishing military channels and providing use of its toolkit to RIA commanders.
    Vol. 2 · Iss. 1
    By Democratic Socialist Assembly member @Ratateague
    "Take their coats. Throw them out into the cold."
    Said Trump at a recent Vermont rally, clarifying, in case you thought he was joking: "Don't give them their coats. No coats! Confiscate their coats," further elaborating with context: "It's about 10 degrees below zero outside. ... You can keep his coat; tell him we'll send it to him in a couple of weeks."
    "Get 'em the hell out of here." - Upon witnessing black protesters in Alabama called racial slurs and repeatedly punched and kicked, even choked. Trump later reflected: "Maybe he should have been roughed up."
    I understand Trump's prerogative to maintain his unapologetic blowhard image to appease his base, but there is no reason, no justifiable circumstance to be so uncivil and heartless to each other in our political climate, no matter how much disagreement there is. Such callous behaviour incited by Trump and carried out by his followers is beyond reproach, and belies the real character behind this political movement. That of hate, intolerance, and contempt for differing viewpoints, but it doesn't stop there.
    For all the political friction, there's a unspoken line we are not meant to cross. One that involves complete disregard for our fellow man, the wish to invoke physical harm, and the abandonment of self-restraint. They've been toeing that line, walking it, and in the examples above, teetering over it like a drunk driver.
    What's more, the RNC and Republican leadership have been too afraid to reign him in and take his keys.
    It's like one of those scenarios that could be attributed to various psychology and social phenomena like Diffusion of Responsibility, the Bystander Effect, Spiral of Silence, or the Abilene Paradox. However, I can only think to call it the "Hijacked Bus Effect", substituting with "Plane" for a more extreme, violent version.
    Now, if you've never regularly ridden a bus in a metropolitan area, there's a good chance there's going to be at least one passenger with a screw loose, and they're vocal about it. Sometimes they'll move around excitedly, maybe even repeated try to engage you. It makes for a very uncomfortable bus ride, because everyone is either jaded, or too afraid or polite to say anything. And you'd think it'd be the bus driver's responsibility for ensuring a safe atmosphere, but for the most part is largely concerned with driving safely and keeping the schedule. Dave Chappelle covers this situation in a funny skit.
    Except that it usually ends without any real consequence, save for disrupted peace of mind and violated personal space. But this is not an isolated bus ride: it's politics. Something that determines the very fate of our nation. And people have been hurt.
    I'd advise against head-to-head arguments with Trump followers. No, I trust that many of you don't stand any risk of persuasion by trying to engage in discourse, but it won't likely achieve anything other than giving them a platform. Rather than attempts to antagonize them which would lower us to their level, I would suggest a radically opposite approach: don't elicit their opinion, be the one to appear cool, rational, and on the side of facts and statistics. The goal, after all, is not to persuade the obstinate, rather, everyone else. And to save yourself from a similar fate!
    Studies show that even when faced with contradictory evidence, arguing only further fuels staunch supporters' conviction that they are right, even feeling justified when scrutiny from the mainstream triggers their confirmation bias. Anne Pluta from Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight reveals, "Uninformed citizens don’t have any information at all, while those who are misinformed have information that conflicts with the best evidence and expert opinion. As Kuklinski and his colleagues established, in the U.S., the most misinformed citizens tend to be the most confident in their views and are also the strongest partisans. These folks fill the gaps in their knowledge base by using their existing belief systems. Once these inferences are stored into memory, they become indistinguishable from hard data, Kuklinski and his colleagues found."
    Many of his followers would mistakenly laud him for "speaking the truth" but fact-checking sitePolitifact says otherwise at least 93% of the time, so it is more accurately the equivalent "keepin' it real". For, in absence of laying out policy backed by content and stats, all that is left is to rely on cult of personality and telling people what they want to hear. It's so easy to denounce any sort of scrutiny of their behavior as political correctness, to dismiss sources as biased "mainstream media" because it doesn't fit a narrative, or counter with a "you too!" fallacy. Anything to avoid accountability and defending a position with facts, relying instead on appeal to gut feelings, legitimizing people's deep-seated prejudices, and playing upon their fears. He's been socially experimenting with his audience to see which gestures, expressions, and statements resonate the best. And he is perfectly aware in testing how lax our vigilance is; our tolerance for hatemongering.
    So much of it has to do with psychology. For those with strong opinions, an attack on their ideas is an attack on their psyche. We tend to hold our belief systems as intrinsic to our identity, our perceptions, the summation of our experiences. To tell someone that their politics or beliefs are wrong, and therefore inferred that the whole of their life experience and outlook have been a lie, can be devastating. As such, individuals will go to extreme lengths to avoid cognitive dissonance, and use any defense mechanism at their disposal, regardless of whether the beliefs themselvesare reconcilable with reality. Combined with the aforementioned overly defensive tactics of antiprocess, avoidance, deflection, and demonization, can lead to a very dangerous reductionist philosophy which socially isolates individuals to a uniform groupthink, a process of which is readily observable among conspiracy theorists.
    Although it doesn't make conventional sense to the rest of us, the very purpose of his latest rallies are not to entice undecided voters, but are tailored to those who already feel strongly. (Says Trump, "We have more than 20,000 people that showed up for 1,400 spots. I'm taking care of my people, not people who don't want to vote for me or are undecided.") So much so that attendees must explicitly profess that they are voting for Trump, or not be let in. In the same fashion of proposals to filter out muslims from immigrating, he witnessed first-hand the logistical error of his ways by multiple interruptions from protestors who simply lied to get in.
    The rally's purpose itself seems to be to maintain a cognitive bubble free of criticism and to provide deceptively perfect campaign footage for media portrayal. To be able to say: 'everyone that went to hear me talk had a unanimously positive reception,' has an unmistakable allure, even if the method is exclusionary and stifling. Although Trump's goal is to appear strong, cultivating a zero tolerance for criticism can only show weakness and close-mindedness. All of this has the potential of turning these events into hate rallies, if they aren't already.
    This is nothing new for us lefties, no. We had sensed the rhetoric of nationalism from the get-go. This is a wake up call for everyone who has sat on the sidelines, pretending to ignore this gross behavior or being too timid to address it. Show him where the "silent majority" really is and call out his campaign and his followers. Stand up and say, "they're right ... put your goddamn schlong away." Silence is complicity.
    Vol. 1 · Iss. 23
    2015 has seen a resurgence of leftist action on NationStates, from domestic development to interregional cooperation and military successes. The Red + Black looked back at major events of 2015 in this Year in Review.
    10. Leftist militaries renew onslaught (December 2014/January 2015)
    The Leftist Union, North Korea, Das Kommune, and the Democratic Socialist Union struck back at REATO this time last year, launching tag raids against member regions Anti Authoritarian Alliance and The Hyatt Islands. The raids led A3 to withdraw from REATO and drew harsh criticisms of the right-wing alliance from Hyatt Islands founder Belmaria. These strikes and further attacks on regions like Galts Gulch, The Christian Republic, and Republic of Conservadom, were covered by the first editions of the Red + Black and inspired a revival of The Red Fleet and Korean Peoples Army (more below).
    9. LeftExpo 2015 (June)
    After a year hiatus, 2015 saw a return of LeftExpo 2015, a festival for leftist players and regions. Hosted by The Internationale and organized to fall across TI's first refound anniversary, LeftExpo was attended by sixteen regions, the largest group in LeftExpo history. Together, the regions served a population of more than 1,300 nations.
    8. TLU/USSR founders deleted (January)
    After their military success around New Years, the founder accounts of The Leftist Union and United Sovereign Socialist Republics were deleted, with TLU's founder being labeled Delete On Sight by moderators. The twin deletions steeled the left's resolve to continue fighting against REATO.
    7. The Red Fleet's "Five Month Plan" (July–December)
    Beginning in July, The Red Fleet began a plan to radically modernize its military endeavors, seeking to technologically outpace all other militaries in its field. This began with tools to assist TRF officers with triggering operations and find vulnerable target regions, but has since expended to include a watchlist, IRC bridge and general-purpose bot, and other top-secret quality-of-life improvements for Fleet personnel.
    6. The Red + Black returns to print (December 2014/January 2015)
    The Red + Black returned to print in December 2014 after a months-long hiatus. Originally organized as the news service of The Internationale, R+B expanded in scope during 2015 to serve as the news service of the entire NS Left, with offices in leftist regions across NationStates. With twenty-three regular issues (including this issue) and several special editions over the course of the year, it boasts an average of two issues per month and is the first pan-leftist publication to last for a full year.
    5. TRF/KPA form spooky scary skeleton monster (Year-round)
    Inspired by the successes led by TLU's military, The Red Fleet and Korean Peoples Army came together during 2015 to lead a golden age of leftist and antifascist action that stomped across NationStates this year. Antifa recognized the two groups as the current "Generational Leaders" in anti-fascist action, as the two organizations ruthlessly assaulted fascist regions. Over fifty operations of varying types were launched by the closely-intertwined groups, whose General and Admirals enjoy a close camaraderie.
    4. Lazarus couped by the New Pacific Order (April)
    The People's Republic of Lazarus fell to a coup by the New Pacific Order in April 2015 at the hands of Chairman Stujenske. While Stujenske was ousted by a liberation movement, the People's Republic was not revived, giving way to a historical emerald theme and ending the period of a leftist GCR.
    3. Commend The Red Fleet (October)
    The Red Fleet was commended by the World Assembly Security Council on October 30 with seventy percent (10,444) of WA nations voting in favor of the resolution. The adoption of the resolution makes The Red Fleet only the second raider military with an active commendation, and has withstood both a condemn resolution and repeal, both of which failed after making it to a floor vote.
    2. The Internationale surges, adopts forum and Charter (Year-round)
    The Internationale began 2015 with just shy of 200 nations. After adopting new recruitment policies, the region grew to host over 300 nations by March before surging in the summer months to over 400 nations, aided by the fact that it was the Featured Region on July 13. An offsite forum that uses the NationStates API to verify nations' residence was revealed in August, followed by the adoption of a Charter drafted by Proletaire in October.
    1. Destruction of The Greater German Reich (November)
    Undoubtedly the biggest event in the leftist sphere of gameplay this summer was the destruction of The Greater German Reich, a Nazi region whose founder mysteriously disappeared in September. The Red Fleet led an international coalition that organized in only six hours and stormed into the GGR to seize the delegate seat on the first attempt. The Fleet proceeded to remove all nations and refound the region with no complications after Z-Day. Leftist commanders had been waiting for an opportunity to take out GGR for years, and could not have imagined the resounding success that the eventual invasion turned out to be.
    Vol. 1 · Iss. 23
    The so-called "September Revolution," in which the Republic of The Communist Bloc was replaced by a "People's Republic," was announced on September 26. Led by long-time TCB political leader Zenny, the revolution led to the forcible dissolution of all former political parties and the establishment of the Workers' Party of TCB and a Revolutionary Command.
    The move was vocally protested by members of the opposition party, the Socialist Labour Party, who left the region en masse. After the flames subsided, a flurry of activity followed, with drafts of new constitutions proposed and debated by members of the Revolutionary Command and members of the Workers' Party.
    But now TCB lies dormant. No activity has been seen from the region's much smaller government (the Revolutionary Command) in a month, with diplomat and citizenship applications piling up, unanswered. Progress on the constitution has ground to a halt, and no proposal has been adopted, leaving the Bloc in a legislative purgatory. The region is hemorrhaging members, losing over one hundred nations (roughly ten percent of the population) in just the past week to house roughly 930 nations—down from a high of 1,379 nations this summer.
    So what is to blame?
    There are certainly many factors at play. Such a heavy reliance on a single member to keep a region operating smoothly is dangerous for both the player and region alike, as burnout can cause the player to lose interest, leaving the region rudderless. Reliance on a bloated bureaucracy to keep a region's community active and organized utterly fails when that bureacracy evaporates.
    Leading a revolution without buy-in of the rank and file of the region, and indeed by keeping the voices of most citizens out of the process of determining the future of the region, leads to a general sense of apathy regarding the regions' politics.
    Is this current trend a death knell for The Communist Bloc, or will they see a resurgence under new (or returning) leadership? Only time will tell.
    Vol. 1 · Iss. 23
    By North Korea Founder V Ming
    Revolution isn't a catchy word to exploit, nor is it a decorative piece for show - 'revolution' in the political sense is a massive upheaval of society. It is not a coup nor a switch from right to left - it is instead an unstoppable force, a result of historical class tensions at their apex.
    Hypothetically, let's take The Communist Bloc as an example. In our example, the founder account of TCB is handed over to a Marxist. Upon acquisition of political power, our hypothetical Marxist comrade begins, and a revolution is first forged with the hammer, the banhammer specifically.
    Removal of all reactionary, fascist and capitalist sympathizing nations. Not only are these nations our enemies as socialist revolutionaries, but they will work to destabilize our new revolutionary TCB. This movement is in the name of the progressive masses and the regressive few cannot be allowed the ability to compromise the revolution. Smashing all backward embassies, perhaps all embassies and tags altogether. This is a mass democratic movement underway now, our hypothetical comrade is educating the masses and bringing about true progressive change, comrades in the region are stepping up, excited to take part in the changes. Our hypothetical comrade is reaching out to the inter-regional left for support, perhaps important comrades from the NS left help guide them along with the indigenous revolutionaries native to TCB. The WFE, perhaps the flag and even the WAD seat should be abolished, smashed. We do not build great houses on rotten foundations. Once everything has been smashed, only then can we proceed. RMB meetings are held, the most active revolutionary nations conducting discussions openly and democratically within the region, garnering support from the inspired masses, using democratic centralism and Marxism to guide the next phases, the revolutionaries launch a rebuilding campaign. A new constitution is written, a new flag is voted on, tags are brought up and all is answered in the democratic way, by voice of the masses and most active revolutionaries. The new revolutionary region post revolution establishes a leadership, based around those who worked hardest to help overthrow the previous status quo, and those who contributed most to the revolution with a clearly leftist agenda. Democratic centralism and revolutionary philosophy guide the movement forward, the revolutionaries remove class traitors and those voices of reaction that until this point had gone undetected, working quietly to undermine the revolution. Some will be liberals, others social democrats - regardless only those with the revolution's interests at heart should be brought into the region's leadership. A quick look around after the dust has settled and we see a remarkably different region. A region upholding progressive, revolutionary elements, using revolutionary doctrine to solve the movement's problems and checking each other - against each other, as we are all always learning.
    This new region before us, is perhaps half the size of the former TCB - and half the 'leaders' of the revolution too have been removed for opportunism, weeded out by their fellow comrades who are determined to rout out corruption and nepotism - perhaps even our original Marxist comrade with the founder account, there is no longer room for bureaucratic corruption.
    What our hypothetical newly developed region holds now is something so rare in the NS left, that is an "actual regional revolution" carried through by revolutionary class consciousness and democracy in the interests of the masses who now reside there.
    Our revolution
    North Korea's revolution, some may claim never existed, as the revolutionaries have more or less always held political control of the region however our revolution is a constant and is reflected in dozens ways such as the removal of reactionaries as they arrive, rejecting reactionary/capitalist/fascist embassies & inter-regional relations of that sort.
    Our revolution is in pursuit of knowledge about the DPRK and other real life revolutionary nations/movements, learning about socialist political economy, revolutionary social stances such as LGBTQ rights and the peace movement, exposing the imperialists war games in Syria, Ukraine and around the world. We discuss our own experience in the revolutionary movements of our own real life nations.
    Our region is not unique in this sense, that it is a revolutionary region began by revolutionaries - our fraternal region The Internationale (T.I.) is much the same that way. However North Korea's revolution is unique in some ways, for example our high degree of militancy against the political right is birthed in the past occupation of our region, and the fighting spirit of the revolutionaries who won it back. While T.I. plays a very large and important role within The Red Fleet, T.I. itself is not a region of aggressive militant socialism.
    Another way in which our (NK's) revolution is unique is our ambitious efforts to utilize new methods and ideas, continuously. Even if all are not meant to shine through and become permanent, the constant effort to revitalize the region with new ideas is an example of revolutionary leadership, from "NKTV" to our regional motto, from flag competitions to constitutional reform - there is a constant hum of activity, a region driving to renew itself and not keep up with the times but instead define them, always moving forward.
    Vol. 1 · Iss. 23
    With the holidays here many comrades shrug it off as a religious gathering but let's not forget the struggle never ends!
    Many LGBTQ people are not welcome with their families who don't understand their lives, they have no home to go to for the holidays or at least have a very difficult time.
    The holidays are hard on the working poor, many families unable to give how they like because of their own financial constraints. Many of the working people barely get by and the holidays are an unimaginable source of stress and anxiety.
    The homeless, under this disgusting socio-economic system called capitalism many people are left homeless apart from their friends and family, maybe only on the reason for a health problem they couldn't afford or a job they were laid off from - they lost their home.
    While we struggle under this system for change, while we inform the working people there is another way - let us not forget those suffering this time of year. The holidays aren't happy for everyone and capitalism is the cause of many of their problems.
    Vol. 1 · Iss. GGR Special
    The Greater German Reich has been permanently seized, following a flawless refound at major update on November 2, 2015.
    At major update on September 24, 2015, the Greater German Reich fell to a united coalition of soldiers united against fascism following founder Leather-Clad Germany's deletion by inactivity. The operation concluded the evening of October 30, when The Red Fleet utilized Z-Day Border Control measures and regional officers to clear the region of fascist puppets, establish a password, and ultimately clear the region of all inhabitants.
    Two days later, The Red Fleet pulled off the refound, bringing a final conclusion to the operation only thirty-nine days after seizing the delegate seat.
    The red and black flags of Antifascist Action now proudly fly in the Hauptstadt der DDR alongside the ensign of The Red Fleet.
    Vol. 1 · Iss. 22
    After thirty-six days, The Red Fleet has locked down and cleared the Greater German Reich, a Nazi region that was formerly so notorious that it earned a condemnation from the Security Council for its recruitment tactics and raids.
    A beachhead in The Greater German Reich was established in late September by a coalition of soldiers and sailors from across NationStates, over forty of whom came together with less than six hours of preparation to pierce the Nazi defenses. After Verborgenen Herrn was deposed as delegate, comrades flooded in to reinforce the hold on the region. Over one hundred nations joined the invasion party over the course of the month-long operation.
    The Red Fleet initially projected an end to the operation in mid-November that would rotate through four delegates to clear and lock the region. When Regional Officers were announced, plans shifted to utilize the Border Control capability of these officers to clear Nazi puppets and establish a password. Confirmation from administrators that Z-Day would return in 2015, with its influence-free border control, moved the end date into October.
    Forty confirmed fash puppets were removed by regional officers, enabling the establishment of a hidden permanent password. After the password was established, all remaining fascist nations were removed, followed by all remaining allied troops.
    Comrades who joined the invasion at any point are awarded the "Leather-Clad Medal for the Destruction of the Greater German Reich," designed by Herrebrugh. The ribbon is made from seized leather riding gloves and marching boots found in the rubble of the GGR, and the medal's obverse features the name of the medal and a smashed swastika overlain by a red star.
    Vol. 1 · Iss. 22
    After three weeks of public comments and two voting sessions, The Internationale adopted a regional charter Thursday. The charter followed two previous attempts to establish a guiding document for the region, first championed in 2011 by Marxingrad and more recently pushed for by Auhl and Proletaire.
    Immediate Past Comrade WA Delegate Proletaire's election platform included the adoption of a charter as one of his goals, and most of the text of the charter is his work, with inspiration from the earlier drafts presented by Marxingrad and Auhl.
    The Charter, which is now in effect, codifies many of The Internationale's existing legislation and practice, such as voting procedures and embassy acceptance requirements. New to the Charter is the General Council, a group of three comrades elected as Councillors to help administer various activities within the region as regional officers.
    The election process for these new Councillors and for the Comrade WA Delegate will begin in two days with a ten-day nomination period.
    Vol. 1 · Iss. 22
    In a landslide vote from delegates and WA nations alike, The Red Fleet earned a commendation from the World Assembly Security Council Saturday with the passage of a resolution by New Tuva SSR.
    Early support for the resolution came from Mousebumples, the WA Delegate and Vice Chancellor of Europeia. Further support came from The Communist Bloc, The North Pacific, The Pacific, The East Pacific, Balder, Lazarus, and many other leftist and non-aligned regions.
    The resolution cited The Red Fleet's role in supporting the defense of The Internationale and organizing Antifa soldiers to participate in the Anne Frank liberation, as well as the Fleet's presence in the NAZI EUROPE invasion and successful destruction of the Greater German Reich.
    Opponents of the Fleet attempted to distort the historical record by conflating actions by other leftist militaries with those of The Red Fleet, but their objections fell on deaf ears as three out of four voters cast their vote to support the resolution.
    The resolution passed by a vote of 10,444 in favor to 4,166 against. The Red Fleet is only the second military that conducts raids to receive a commendation from the Security Council after The Skeleton Army was commended in 2010.