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  • Vol. 1 · Iss. 22
    The Red Fleet and Korean Peoples Army continued their long string of successful collaborative efforts Friday night as they liberated The Communist Internationale at major update, moving through the keycode border control to endorse leftist sleeper agents.
    Plans had been under way to organize a larger detachment of leftist and defender troops to liberate against the full invasion force, but these plans changed after ACA's "governor," Aathora, unexpectedly resigned the WA Delegate post before minor update.
    The entering soldiers and sailors met no resistance from border control officers stationed in the region from the invading region ACA. Many of the raiders were tossed out after the update, including Libertatem's Pevvania and Republic of Minerva, who did not seize the opportunity to hold onto TCI.
    Leftist troops quickly restored the original World Factbook Entry, flag, and tags, with a small addition to the WFE directed at the former invaders. Leftist defender protocol differs from traditional defender protocol in that changes to the WFE are permissible and comrades may post to the regional message board, which has not been objected to by leftist natives.
    The liberation of TCI capped off an incredible single update for The Red Fleet and its allies, beginning with the lockdown of GGR and followed by the passage of "Commend The Red Fleet."
    Vol. 1 · Iss. 22
    Nazi Europa's fascination with regions named "Liberal Haven" failed to reach fruition Friday night when nine fascist soldiers could not move into the region and endorse their point man with sixty seconds' notice.
    The Red Fleet Intelligence Directorate picked up on suspicious movement between Nazi Europa and "Sea of Tranquility," which the fascist soldiers used to stage their attempted raid. The first nation to move into A Liberal Haven was Hectia, who entered a minute before the region updated. The fash still had soldiers entering the region a full minute and a half after update had already come and gone.
    While the fash had seven nations move into the region prior to update, only four managed to endorse their would-be delegate before it was too late. The last nation to endorse the fash choice of delegate was Brasulia, who endorsed Emaer two full minutes after update.
    After the fash failure, The Red Fleet sent a telegram listing the fascist nations to A Liberal Haven's Delegate and regional officers, who promptly removed those who had not already left the region.
    Vol. 1 · Iss. 22
    A spectre is haunting NationStates—the spectre of zombies.
    Capital is undead labor, which, zombie-like, lives only by sucking living brains, and lives the more, the more brains it sucks.
    Halloween has returned, and with it NationStates's annual "Z-Day," when zombies overrun the world and nations may choose either to cure their people, kill zombies, or send zombies abroad. Regions compete either to save the most of their people, kill the most zombies, or export the most zombies to other nations.
    This year's zombie hordes were seemingly faster, stronger, and more cure-resistant than previous years, leaving much of the NationStates world overrun.
    North Korea is an exception, with no infections remaining in that region and only 388 million out of 654 billion people dead from zombie attacks. At press time, North Korea has the 26th-highest surviving population in the world and the 16th-highest with no remaining infections. The rest of the NS Left has not been so lucky, and their futures are unclear.
    What is clear is that when the dust settles, communism will bring humanity out of the zombies' shadow.
    Vol. 1 · Iss. 22
    Fritz Lang's Metropolis is a masterpiece. Made in 1927, the German film portrays the plight of the working class and criticizes the Capitalist system and the abuse of technology. The silent film is an adaptation of Thea von Harbou's book Metropolis. The movie was primarily famous when it came out because it pushed the boundaries of film. Its sheer scope shocked audiences worldwide while its occult symbolism and sexual influences came under fire from the religious community.
    Metropolis is set in two cities: one above ground and the other below ground. Everyone living in the city above ground are all rich and happy, while those living in the underground city are impoverished and work the machines that power the city above them. Such dichotomy clearly resembles Capitalist society and its subsequent oppression.
    The story centers around Freder, the son of the dictator of the two cities. His search for a woman named Maria, who lives in the underground city, results in the discovery of the atrocities and exploitations his father commits in the name of profit. His conflicting feelings and his father's plotting drive the story to its dramatic climax, while the abuse of technology brings forth one of the best plot twists and renown scenes in movie history.
    Starring Brigitte Helm and Gustav Frohlich, the film has an interesting cast of characters. They all have their own intentions and desires. Freder, Maria, Joh, Grot, Rotwang, Josaphat, etc. all feel like real people and all want something from each other. Through their various trials and tribulations, one can't help but feel attached to all of them.
    Through its interesting cast of characters, complex plot, and symbolic importance, Metropolis is definitely worth watching. It will leave you shocked and wanting more. Score: 10/10
    Vol. 1 · Iss. 21
    At major update on Sunday, Libertatem fell to a perfectly-executed assault by the Korean Peoples Army and The Red Fleet in Operation Soviet East Japan Says Hello, so named for a former long-standing WA Delegate of Das Kommune, which Libertatem had tag-raided last year.

    Sailors from The Red Fleet's Ironclad and Durruti Squadrons, under the leadership of Squadron Admirals Vetelo and Timchiland, joined soldiers from the Korean Peoples Army, under command of KPA General Godless Monkey, in the daring raid. Godless Monkey served as the operation point, while Timchiland gave the assembled troops the order to move in.
    Participants were awarded The Red Fleet's ribbon SEJ Says Hello, which was patterned after the flag of Pevvania, Libertatem's Manager of War.
    The raid was made possible by exploiting the new division of authority in regions in the wake of the Regional Officer update. While Libertatem's WA Delegate was "non-executive" at the time of the raid, all other authority was granted, making it possible for embassies to be scheduled for closure, tags to be changed, and the flag and World Factbook Entry to be changed to a more appealing design.
    Perhaps most embarrassing to Libertatem was the revelation that Pevvania issued a region-wide telegram demanding that no one discuss the raid on the regional message board. Truly, Libertatem is a stalwart defender of liberty.
    Vol. 1 · Iss. 21
    Four months after being under the crosshairs of leftist militaries, The Hyatt Islands is still around, though observers wouldn't know it by regional activity from it and its backup region, Hayek Islands.
    The Hyatt Islands was saved by a glitch six months ago that caused the NationStates server to think that a Red Fleet operative was in a different region at update, despite having moved into The Hyatt Islands in an invasion attempt after that region lost its founder.
    The Hyatt Islands was locked down with a new password a month later, after which short-sighted REATO troops moved out of the region, leaving the WA Delegate with only two endorsements to clear the region. At publication, estimates provided by The Red Fleet Intelligence Directorate suggest that Hyatt Islands Delegate Netonia will be waiting for another month before they are able to remove the last nation from the region.
    Activity in The Hyatt Islands and its backup region is incredibly low, with only three posts to the Hayek Islands regional message board in the last two weeks—the most recent of which was suppressed by moderators.
    Even after being saved by a raid-killing glitch four months ago, it appears as though Hyatt Islands is finally dead.
    Vol. 1 · Iss. 21
    Conservative League, REATO's newest member, endured a Cabinet shakeup in the wake of its constitutional convention. The fallout spilled into other regions' regional message boards, including that of Libertatem.
    Following the adoption of their new constitution, Minister for the Interior Liberterram Magnus called for new elections for President. This proposal was quashed by President and WA Delegate Dark Commander. In response, Liberterram Magnus accused Dark Commander of being a fascist.
    In what is no doubt an well-practiced move, Libertatem's Manager of War, Pevvania, jumped to the aid of someone accused of fascism, promising REATO support to Dark Commander's presidency.
    The Left looks forward to continued instability in REATO's latest member.
    Vol. 1 · Iss. 21
    International Republican Union, a founding member of the REAGAN Treaty Organization (REATO), has begun a public vote to withdraw from the anti-communist Libertatem-dominated organization after months of humiliating defeats led to an all-time low in activity in the alliance.
    IRU officially disbanded its military one month ago, citing the successful invasion of the Greater German Reich by The Red Fleet with the help of leftist and apolitical militaries. IRU's Chancellor, Conservative Idealism, said that with the seizure of GGR, "[IRU's] part in the war is over."
    The poll, which began Wednesday evening, asks IRU members if the region should withdraw from REATO. "Considering we no longer have a military, our membership appears to be superfluous," the poll reads. After only a few hours, all "Trusted Citizens" of the region had voted in favor of leaving the apparently defunct alliance, including Conservative Idealism himself.
    With only a ragtag group from Libertatem interested in military gameplay, it is unclear what future REATO has. What is clear is that the Left has emerged from their "War on Communism" more active and capable than ever.
    Vol. 1 · Iss. 21
    Proletaire, formerly a Captain in Durruti Squadron, and Marxist Aequalitatem, formerly a Petty Officer in Durruti Squadron, have been promoted to Squadron Admirals by vote of the Admiralty Board.
    Proletaire will join Timchiland as a Joint Squadron Admiral for The Red Fleet's Durruti Squadron, nicknamed "The Snake Treaders." Proletaire's long service and dedication to The Red Fleet and strategic intellect made him a natural choice for promotion to the Admiralty Board.
    Marxist Aequalitatem joins the Admiralty Board as Squadron Admiral of Matrosov Squadron, which formed from the affiliation of the Democratic Socialist Union's Central Defense Agency with The Red Fleet. Matrosov Squadron is named for Alexander Matrosov, a Soviet infantryman who blocked a German machine gun with his body during the Nazi invasion of the USSR, allowing his platoon to advance.
    Double rum rations are offered to all comrades to celebrate. Pax Ignescens!
    Vol. 1 · Iss. GGR Special
    Verborgenen Herrn, the fascist delegate of the Greater German Reich who was sacked by the Red Fleet-led raid on his region two weeks ago, has thrice more fumbled the delegate controls, leading to the capture of GGR backup region "Greater German Reich" by antifascist forces.
    Using the nation "Ceifa," Herrn took the delegate seat in the backup region with the help of several endorsers on October 1, one day before its founder nation ceased to exist. At major update on October 7, the crew seemed poised to refound the region without incident—only one nation, "The Red Skull," remained in the region without giving its endorsement to Ceifa. According to calculations provided to the Red + Black by The Red Fleet Intelligence Directorate, it appeared vulnerable to ejection at update.
    At 12:29, the nations endorsing Ceifa were ejected from the region, leaving Ceifa and The Red Skull alone in the region. When update came ninety full seconds later, both nations remained in the region. Six seconds before update, an unidentified fascist agent using the nation Piossro moved into GGR from the failed fascist raid on Hong Kong, but was unable to endorse Ceifa before the region updated, leaving three nations in the region and the delegate seat empty.
    Leftist observers, who had gathered to hawk the refound, were left bemused. "This is like the buttfumble of refounds," remarked Fleet Admiral Misley. "I guess we'll have to wait until next time," Durruti Squadron Captain Teksi said.
    Ceifa returned to the delegacy at the following minor update after two additional fascist troops moved from Hong Kong.
    A second attempt to refound was made at major update on October 12. That time, all nations were removed from the region, with Ceifa banning The Red Skull and moving itself to The Rejected Realms about ninety seconds before update, followed by the endorsing nations. The region was empty with fifty seconds left to update, but raiders from DEN seized the vacant delegate seat with twelve seconds to spare, again causing the fash refound attempt to fail.
    "RAIDERS GOT IT! They took the delegate seat!" Fleet Admiral Misley announced across The Red Fleet's operational channel to leftists who had gathered to hawk the refound. Responses ranged from Captain Proletaire's stunned "Are you fucking kidding me?" to KPA General Godless Monkey's optimistic "Well, better Vandoosa fucked it all up than the fash succeeding." Durruti Squadron Admiral Timchi added, amused, "The fash delegate must be raging."
    As the saying goes, "Third time's the charm." The third and final fascist delegate, Desao, cleared the region with a minute to spare at major update on October 14. This time, no interference was seen by raiders, and the region was effortlessly captured by waiting Antifa soldiers.
    Verborgenen Herrn, who is believed to have controlled all three fascist delegate nations, had changed their national motto to "a war is not lost until you consider it lost" prior to minor update. One thing is clear: For the fash, the war is lost.