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    2016 Year In Review

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 2
    • Iss. 10

    From splits to united fronts, the Left has been active on NationStates again in 2016. For the second time, the Red + Black looks back at major events of the year in the 2016 Year in Review.

    5. The Internationale refounded after founder puppetswept (January/June)

    At the peak of the conflict between The Red Fleet and would-be REATO successor Anticom, Misley—the Editor of the Red + Black and former Custodian of The Internationale—was puppetswept (all nations deleted) by NationStates moderators. In response, Misley retired from The Red Fleet, handing its leadership to Timchiland and Proletaire.

    Since Misley was the Custodian (Founder) of The Internationale at the time, a plan organized by The Red Fleet to clear and refound the region for the second time was executed, leading to its successful refoundation on June 15, the ninth anniversary of the foundation of the original founder nation, La Pasionaria.

    4. FULLCOMMUNISM wins WA Secretary-General election (April)

    This year's April Fool's Day event was an election for the World Assembly Secretary-General. Begun with two moderator-created candidates, who were parodies of US Presidential candidates Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, and Hillary Clinton, and later joined by other nations, the election took place across several rounds.

    Caelapes placed at the top of each round and eventually won the election outright, running on a platform of "FULLCOMMUNISM for NationStates." Right-wing regions could not coalesce around a single candidate, paving the way for the success of the Caelapes ticket.

    3. Destruction of Nazi regions The URAP and The NSIA (August–November)

    Initially infiltrated in a sleeper operation by The MT Army, the destruction of The URAP took two months. After The MT Army secured a beachhead, The Red Fleet was contacted to provide reinforcements when Nazi militaries became suspicious. The operation in The URAP concluded in October, and antifascist troops turned their attention to its sister region, The NSIA.

    The NSIA was Liberated by the WA Security Council, paving the way for eighty troops from the Coalition Against the Ideology of Nazism (see below) to move into the region and secure it from the Nazis at update, making the operation one of the largest single operations in NationStates history.

    Both The NSIA and The URAP had been decade-old Nazi regions, making their capture historically important.

    2. USSD splits from NSLeft (October)

    After the USSD raided Social Liberal Union, a region with historic ties to the NationStates Left, regions across leftist tendencies united to repudiate their leadership. Among other regions, North Korea, Das Kommune, The Internationale, and the Federation of Anarchist Communes all withdrew their embassies, and a faction of USSD members split to form a breakaway region.

    1. Coalition Against the Ideology of Nazism forms (October)

    Led by Brunhilde, the Coalition Against the Ideology of Nazism (CAIN) was formed in late 2016 to serve as a united front against Nazism in NationStates. While not strictly a leftist project, its prominence as a broad anti-Nazi group has brought the tactics of direct action against Nazism to a much larger audience than the Left alone.

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