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    "Bash the Fash!" Anti-Fascist Action in NationStates

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 4

    Ask most people inside the world of NationStates military gameplay what the fundamental dichotomy is, and they'll tell you Raiding versus Defending—giving rise to the term "R/D" as shorthand for Gameplay. Many will quickly follow up with a mention of imperialism and independents. While imperialists, independents, raiders, and defenders make up the majority of the military scene, some of us exist outside the traditional framework. For some players, the fundamental dichotomy by which we play is not rooted in natives against invaders. Instead, our battle is connected to real-world ideologies: Antifa versus Fascism.

    Antifa is short for the German word "Antifaschismus," and typically refers to militant left-wing opposition. In NationStates, "Antifa" is a broad alliance of predominantly leftist regions and militaries that have united to combat fascists. Behind Antifa's actions is the theory of "No Platform." No Platform is the belief that fascists should be denied a platform from which to express their ideology of hatred and violence. By this we do not suggest that governments should prohibit fascist speech, but rather that communities should organize to kick fascists out of their neighborhoods through direct action—marching, demonstrating, and protesting against fascists directly.

    In NationStates, this direct action takes the form of defending regions that come under fascist occupation and tagging, raiding, and hawking fascist home regions whenever we can. Since the major fascist regions do not have executive delegates, this war typically plays out in satellite regions, such as Antifa-aligned Leninist Russia, which was successfully defended against a Greater German Reich infiltration by The Red Fleet and its allies, or inFascist and Imperialist Union, a bronze-level member of the former Right Wing Uprising that was originally tag raided by The MT Army, but the inactivity and eventual CTE of the founder led to it being refounded.

    There is a frequent argument raised in Gameplay by players who are unfamiliar with this anti-fascist struggle that the "fascists" and "Nazis" that inhabit fascist and Nazi-themed regions are just roleplaying and are not fascists outside of NationStates. There is no mistaking that these regions are in fact inhabited by true Nazis, some of whom deny the Holocaust and spend their time arguing the finer points of National Socialist race theory. Any non-fascist players who inhabit these regions that accept this discussion without rebuttal are just as guilty as the players posting it. Much of this discussion takes place in off-site forums, to avoid coming under the scrutiny of this website's moderation staff, which can be seen in admonitions to move racist and bigoted conversations off of the RMB in several high-profile regions.

    Despite this attempt to avoid moderator action, some high-profile Nazi players have been removed from NationStates or labeled Delete On Sight. Perhaps the most notable such player is Aryan Shield Command, who was DOSed in August 2014 for posting a modified version of the Nazi anthem "Horst-Wessel-Lied" on hundreds of regions' world factbook entries, according to a post by him on the Greater German Reich RMB. The puppet sweep of ASC dismantled his "Nationalsozialistische Volksstaaten" empire of almost 900 regions, from which 750 were placed under the guardianship of The Red Fleet and North Korea. Over the past three months, 350 of these have been allowed to cease to exist, while others have been returned to verifiable non-fascist communities.

    We see direct action, both "violent" (raiding) and "non-violent" (region hawking, defending), as a crucial component in the process of defeating fascism that also includes denying fascists platforms (i.e., regions) from which to spread their ideology and educating the wider NationStates community about the realities and dangers of modern fascism. Thankfully, the wider NationStates community is already opposed to fascism. For proof, you only need to look to the broad coalitions that united to drive the fash from Liberal Haven and Anne Frank and demolish Nazi Europe.

    Adolf Hitler believed that the only way the rise of the Nazi party could have been prevented was if its opponents had recognized it for what it was and had from the first day fought brutally against it. As the Scottish punk band Oi Polloi put it, "For once, we agree with him. The only way to stop Nazi scum is by confronting them and literally kicking them off our streets." Antifa's soldiers and sailors work in the background, united with the common purpose of kicking fascists off the streets of NationStates to prevent the rise of fascism in this game.

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