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    Death of the September Revolution? TCB two months later

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 23

    The so-called "September Revolution," in which the Republic of The Communist Bloc was replaced by a "People's Republic," was announced on September 26. Led by long-time TCB political leader Zenny, the revolution led to the forcible dissolution of all former political parties and the establishment of the Workers' Party of TCB and a Revolutionary Command.

    The move was vocally protested by members of the opposition party, the Socialist Labour Party, who left the region en masse. After the flames subsided, a flurry of activity followed, with drafts of new constitutions proposed and debated by members of the Revolutionary Command and members of the Workers' Party.

    But now TCB lies dormant. No activity has been seen from the region's much smaller government (the Revolutionary Command) in a month, with diplomat and citizenship applications piling up, unanswered. Progress on the constitution has ground to a halt, and no proposal has been adopted, leaving the Bloc in a legislative purgatory. The region is hemorrhaging members, losing over one hundred nations (roughly ten percent of the population) in just the past week to house roughly 930 nations—down from a high of 1,379 nations this summer.

    So what is to blame?

    There are certainly many factors at play. Such a heavy reliance on a single member to keep a region operating smoothly is dangerous for both the player and region alike, as burnout can cause the player to lose interest, leaving the region rudderless. Reliance on a bloated bureaucracy to keep a region's community active and organized utterly fails when that bureacracy evaporates.

    Leading a revolution without buy-in of the rank and file of the region, and indeed by keeping the voices of most citizens out of the process of determining the future of the region, leads to a general sense of apathy regarding the regions' politics.

    Is this current trend a death knell for The Communist Bloc, or will they see a resurgence under new (or returning) leadership? Only time will tell.

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