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    Leftist regions unite to repudiate USSD

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 2
    • Iss. 9

    USSD has found itself in hot water after a string of actions has brought a heap of criticism against the region and its founder, Vetelo.

    Vetelo was expelled from The Red Fleet and barred from The Internationale on Thursday after directing reprehensible death threats and sexist slurs against the organizer of an anti-Nazi coalition, nearly leading to the expulsion of leftist attendees from the coalition, and then maliciously attacking The Red Fleet by engaging in what amounted to a failed DDOS attack on the server housing Lenin, The Internationale and The Red Fleet's Discord chat bot.

    On Saturday morning, USSD forces joined the apolitical raiding organization called "The Invaders" to attack Social Liberal Union, a prominent left-aligned region. SLU was a regional participant in the inaugural LeftExpo festival in 2012 and joined the festival again last year. The region's leadership initially attempted to justify the raid by calling the region liberal, but when SLU's long history of ties to the NS Left was brought to light, including shared embassies with the Democratic Socialist Assembly, Labour and Socialist International, The Proletariat Coalition, Communist International League, and other leftist regions, regional leaders changed tack. Two contradictory stories were instead given: one, that the raid was conducted for fun; two, that the raid was conducted to provide training for USSD troops so they will be ready to attack fascist targets.

    Leaders of The Red Fleet were quick to point out that sailors who were involved in the invasion of the Greater German Reich, one of the largest and most notorious Nazi regions on NationStates in its prime, trained through invasions of fascist regions or other designated enemies, never by attacking left-aligned regions.

    These excuses were found to ring hollow, as a plethora of regions lodged their displeasure by withdrawing their embassies with USSD. At publication time, the following regions had begun the process of recalling their embassies with USSD:

    • North Korea
    • Eurasian Socialist Union
    • Peoples Republic of Iceland
    • NSLeft
    • Das Kommune
    • ITALIA
    • The Communist Bloc
    • Marxist Scholars Circle

    Other regions scheduled votes on whether to keep the embassy, including The Internationale and Federation of Anarchist Communes.

    Former members of USSD who have protested their regional leadership have moved to USAC, a new region established by former USSD WA Delegate The German Democratic Reich.

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    Did the Communist Bloc make a statement about ending relations with USSD? I can't seem to find anything about it on their RMB. And weren't they also listed as part of the invading coalition, or was that a mistake?

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    I didn't see any comment made about it, and they were indeed part of the invading coalition.

    The following regions have, since publication, withdrawn their embassy:

    • Social Democratic Union
    • USSR
    • Antifa
    • The MT Army

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    USSD harbored Scieca (DOS, Nazi sympathizer who leaked TRF scripts to fascists) not once, but multiple times. She was kicked and banned from their Discord server, unbanned, and allowed back in again time and time again. Regardless, this does not even begin to scrape the surface of why USSD is no longer considered to be a leftist region by the majority of comrades on NationStates.

    USSD/USSF has raided alongside fascists in the past few months. Mentioned above, USSD's founder has issued death threats to a leader of an anti-Nazi coalition via Discord. He has also hurled anti-semitic slurs at a prominent leader of the NSLeft. He has subjected rooms full of people to listening to Nazi music off-site, stating he enjoyed the music. And this is in addition to the several, varied racial remarks I've seen him make over the last two years, having the misfortune of working with him closely. We tried to correct him and gave him the benefit of the doubt, but he continued to make them over time.

    The list of things like this can honestly go on and on...

    The point is this: USSD is not considered to be a leftist region by any serious leftists, and our advice to everyone residing there is to leave, as there's no chance of them getting a new Founder.

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