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    On NationStates revolutions and The Communist Bloc

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 23

    By North Korea Founder V Ming

    Revolution isn't a catchy word to exploit, nor is it a decorative piece for show - 'revolution' in the political sense is a massive upheaval of society. It is not a coup nor a switch from right to left - it is instead an unstoppable force, a result of historical class tensions at their apex.

    Hypothetically, let's take The Communist Bloc as an example. In our example, the founder account of TCB is handed over to a Marxist. Upon acquisition of political power, our hypothetical Marxist comrade begins, and a revolution is first forged with the hammer, the banhammer specifically.

    • Removal of all reactionary, fascist and capitalist sympathizing nations. Not only are these nations our enemies as socialist revolutionaries, but they will work to destabilize our new revolutionary TCB. This movement is in the name of the progressive masses and the regressive few cannot be allowed the ability to compromise the revolution.
    • Smashing all backward embassies, perhaps all embassies and tags altogether. This is a mass democratic movement underway now, our hypothetical comrade is educating the masses and bringing about true progressive change, comrades in the region are stepping up, excited to take part in the changes. Our hypothetical comrade is reaching out to the inter-regional left for support, perhaps important comrades from the NS left help guide them along with the indigenous revolutionaries native to TCB.
    • The WFE, perhaps the flag and even the WAD seat should be abolished, smashed. We do not build great houses on rotten foundations. Once everything has been smashed, only then can we proceed.
    • RMB meetings are held, the most active revolutionary nations conducting discussions openly and democratically within the region, garnering support from the inspired masses, using democratic centralism and Marxism to guide the next phases, the revolutionaries launch a rebuilding campaign.
    • A new constitution is written, a new flag is voted on, tags are brought up and all is answered in the democratic way, by voice of the masses and most active revolutionaries. The new revolutionary region post revolution establishes a leadership, based around those who worked hardest to help overthrow the previous status quo, and those who contributed most to the revolution with a clearly leftist agenda.
    • Democratic centralism and revolutionary philosophy guide the movement forward, the revolutionaries remove class traitors and those voices of reaction that until this point had gone undetected, working quietly to undermine the revolution. Some will be liberals, others social democrats - regardless only those with the revolution's interests at heart should be brought into the region's leadership.

    A quick look around after the dust has settled and we see a remarkably different region. A region upholding progressive, revolutionary elements, using revolutionary doctrine to solve the movement's problems and checking each other - against each other, as we are all always learning.

    This new region before us, is perhaps half the size of the former TCB - and half the 'leaders' of the revolution too have been removed for opportunism, weeded out by their fellow comrades who are determined to rout out corruption and nepotism - perhaps even our original Marxist comrade with the founder account, there is no longer room for bureaucratic corruption.

    What our hypothetical newly developed region holds now is something so rare in the NS left, that is an "actual regional revolution" carried through by revolutionary class consciousness and democracy in the interests of the masses who now reside there.

    Our revolution

    North Korea's revolution, some may claim never existed, as the revolutionaries have more or less always held political control of the region however our revolution is a constant and is reflected in dozens ways such as the removal of reactionaries as they arrive, rejecting reactionary/capitalist/fascist embassies & inter-regional relations of that sort.

    Our revolution is in pursuit of knowledge about the DPRK and other real life revolutionary nations/movements, learning about socialist political economy, revolutionary social stances such as LGBTQ rights and the peace movement, exposing the imperialists war games in Syria, Ukraine and around the world. We discuss our own experience in the revolutionary movements of our own real life nations.

    Our region is not unique in this sense, that it is a revolutionary region began by revolutionaries - our fraternal region The Internationale (T.I.) is much the same that way. However North Korea's revolution is unique in some ways, for example our high degree of militancy against the political right is birthed in the past occupation of our region, and the fighting spirit of the revolutionaries who won it back. While T.I. plays a very large and important role within The Red Fleet, T.I. itself is not a region of aggressive militant socialism.

    Another way in which our (NK's) revolution is unique is our ambitious efforts to utilize new methods and ideas, continuously. Even if all are not meant to shine through and become permanent, the constant effort to revitalize the region with new ideas is an example of revolutionary leadership, from "NKTV" to our regional motto, from flag competitions to constitutional reform - there is a constant hum of activity, a region driving to renew itself and not keep up with the times but instead define them, always moving forward.

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