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    On the inevitability of socialism

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 9

    By @Auhl, Comrade WA Delegate

    It is necessary to consider how a capitalist society can develop, since either capitalism or socialism is the fate of humanity. The truth is that it is possible to discern a few important elements to analyze: resources, freedoms and class systems.

    Pure capitalism seeks a full exploitation of resources for the purpose of commerce. It is, in fact, a way of improving the economy, because of the way in which it enhances the flow of money. All manufactured products will eventually use planned obsolescence to increase the rates of financial investment, even if it leads to an overall decline in the living standards of the working class.

    Ironically, one of the most criticized aspects of socialism, the fact that the state fulfils your needs and you have no freedom to decide who shall do so (why would anyone need to do that, anyway) will necessarily become a reality in the capitalist system. There is a current situation that is quite similar to this. US businesses usually provide fulltime employees with health insurance, retirement, and other such benefits.

    There is a major difference, however. In the capitalist system, you get far fewer services than in a socialist system, since the bourgeoisie will always be looking forward to increasing their wealth at the expense of the proletariat. Businesses will become, in essence, state-like institutions by themselves, with the actual states having no way to interact to a certain degree with these companies. Does this sound familiar? Let's continue.

    The only way for a worker to earn a living and, therefore, subsist in this hostile environment is to work for one of these huge companies which will be the only entities that are able to provide him education, healthcare, general insurances, etc. Again, these "benefits" are never as much as the workers deserve. The quality of these services will deteriorate progressively, especially once the proletariat has a smaller potential for a revolution. The condition that is then reached is no different from the very same feudalism that was originally displaced by capitalism.

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