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    Standing for the poor and oppressed during the holidays

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 23

    With the holidays here many comrades shrug it off as a religious gathering but let's not forget the struggle never ends!

    Many LGBTQ people are not welcome with their families who don't understand their lives, they have no home to go to for the holidays or at least have a very difficult time.

    The holidays are hard on the working poor, many families unable to give how they like because of their own financial constraints. Many of the working people barely get by and the holidays are an unimaginable source of stress and anxiety.

    The homeless, under this disgusting socio-economic system called capitalism many people are left homeless apart from their friends and family, maybe only on the reason for a health problem they couldn't afford or a job they were laid off from - they lost their home.

    While we struggle under this system for change, while we inform the working people there is another way - let us not forget those suffering this time of year. The holidays aren't happy for everyone and capitalism is the cause of many of their problems.

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