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    The Internationale enjoys renaissance and growth

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 3

    The Internationale has enjoyed a period of growth through the new year that has brought it to the top of world listings. The Internationale has grown eighteen percent from this time last month and has doubled in size since January 2014. This growth is attributed to renewed recruitment strategies targeting socialist nations and a strong commitment to leftist ideals.

    TI population.pngWe have grown incredibly in recent weeks, and have not flourished like this as a region in a while. Our weekly news service has been revived to nothing but acclaim from our comrade members and allies, our comrades are engaging in intelligent discussion on our regional message board, and it is all paying off very well in increased interest and residency in our region. At this rate, we will reach Comrade Cuba's platform goal of seeking 230 comrade members by February 1 much earlier—perhaps even this week.

    The Internationale reached its historical largest point at nearly 300 nations in June 2013, under the leadership of founder La Pasionaria and Comrade WA Delegate Socialist Space Republic. Both La Pasionaria and Socialist Space Republic were highly influential members of the NationStates Left—both were Admirals in The Red Fleet and ambassadors of The Internationale through several interregionals. Socialist Space Republic is probably best known to current NationStates leftists for his essay on antifascist action, Anti-Fascism, or, Why We Fight, in which he drew upon his own real-life expertise as a Holocaust historian and anti-fascist speaker to argue the case for antifa direct action in NationStates.

    The Internationale was locked a year ago this month following La Pasionaria's deletion by the moderation team in November 2013, and the community moved to a temporary home before the region was refounded on June 30, 2014. That date was chosen to celebrate the 143rd anniversary of Eugène Pottier penning the words to the leftist anthem "L'Internationale." The newly-refounded community quickly grew to over 200 nations, but stabilized in November at around 180 nations before beginning the current upward trend at the end of the year.

    At press time, The Internationale is the second-largest region in the world with the "Anti-Capitalist" tag (behind The Communist Bloc), the third-largest region with the "Communist" tag (behind TCB and theDemocratic Socialist Assembly), the fourth-largest with the "Socialist" tag (behind Lazarus, TCB, and DSA), and the fifth-largest with the "Anti-Fascist" tag (behind The West Pacific, Balder, TCB, and DSA—making The Internationale the largest participatory member of Antifa).

    The Internationale has achieved this prominence without either placing a condescending focus on comparing our size to others in our sphere or by abandoning revolutionary socialism. We have reached this size while instead focusing on building positive relationships with our leftist allies, from the revolutionary vanguard in North Korea to our more reform-minded comrades in the Democratic Socialist Assembly, and by establishing a community in which comrades can intelligently debate and discuss matters important to radicals from around the world.

    To new members of The Internationale: Welcome comrades! You are among comrades, for we embrace you as comrades, and thank you for choosing us as your home! To old members of The Internationale: Thank you, comrades, for continuing to share your camaraderie with us! Cheers!

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