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    Year in Review—Leftist Activity in 2015

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 23

    2015 has seen a resurgence of leftist action on NationStates, from domestic development to interregional cooperation and military successes. The Red + Black looked back at major events of 2015 in this Year in Review.

    10. Leftist militaries renew onslaught (December 2014/January 2015)

    The Leftist Union, North Korea, Das Kommune, and the Democratic Socialist Union struck back at REATO this time last year, launching tag raids against member regions Anti Authoritarian Alliance and The Hyatt Islands. The raids led A3 to withdraw from REATO and drew harsh criticisms of the right-wing alliance from Hyatt Islands founder Belmaria. These strikes and further attacks on regions like Galts Gulch, The Christian Republic, and Republic of Conservadom, were covered by the first editions of the Red + Black and inspired a revival of The Red Fleet and Korean Peoples Army (more below).

    9. LeftExpo 2015 (June)

    After a year hiatus, 2015 saw a return of LeftExpo 2015, a festival for leftist players and regions. Hosted by The Internationale and organized to fall across TI's first refound anniversary, LeftExpo was attended by sixteen regions, the largest group in LeftExpo history. Together, the regions served a population of more than 1,300 nations.

    8. TLU/USSR founders deleted (January)

    After their military success around New Years, the founder accounts of The Leftist Union and United Sovereign Socialist Republics were deleted, with TLU's founder being labeled Delete On Sight by moderators. The twin deletions steeled the left's resolve to continue fighting against REATO.

    7. The Red Fleet's "Five Month Plan" (July–December)

    Beginning in July, The Red Fleet began a plan to radically modernize its military endeavors, seeking to technologically outpace all other militaries in its field. This began with tools to assist TRF officers with triggering operations and find vulnerable target regions, but has since expended to include a watchlist, IRC bridge and general-purpose bot, and other top-secret quality-of-life improvements for Fleet personnel.

    6. The Red + Black returns to print (December 2014/January 2015)

    The Red + Black returned to print in December 2014 after a months-long hiatus. Originally organized as the news service of The Internationale, R+B expanded in scope during 2015 to serve as the news service of the entire NS Left, with offices in leftist regions across NationStates. With twenty-three regular issues (including this issue) and several special editions over the course of the year, it boasts an average of two issues per month and is the first pan-leftist publication to last for a full year.

    5. TRF/KPA form spooky scary skeleton monster (Year-round)

    Inspired by the successes led by TLU's military, The Red Fleet and Korean Peoples Army came together during 2015 to lead a golden age of leftist and antifascist action that stomped across NationStates this year. Antifa recognized the two groups as the current "Generational Leaders" in anti-fascist action, as the two organizations ruthlessly assaulted fascist regions. Over fifty operations of varying types were launched by the closely-intertwined groups, whose General and Admirals enjoy a close camaraderie.

    4. Lazarus couped by the New Pacific Order (April)

    The People's Republic of Lazarus fell to a coup by the New Pacific Order in April 2015 at the hands of Chairman Stujenske. While Stujenske was ousted by a liberation movement, the People's Republic was not revived, giving way to a historical emerald theme and ending the period of a leftist GCR.

    3. Commend The Red Fleet (October)

    The Red Fleet was commended by the World Assembly Security Council on October 30 with seventy percent (10,444) of WA nations voting in favor of the resolution. The adoption of the resolution makes The Red Fleet only the second raider military with an active commendation, and has withstood both a condemn resolution and repeal, both of which failed after making it to a floor vote.

    2. The Internationale surges, adopts forum and Charter (Year-round)

    The Internationale began 2015 with just shy of 200 nations. After adopting new recruitment policies, the region grew to host over 300 nations by March before surging in the summer months to over 400 nations, aided by the fact that it was the Featured Region on July 13. An offsite forum that uses the NationStates API to verify nations' residence was revealed in August, followed by the adoption of a Charter drafted by Proletaire in October.

    1. Destruction of The Greater German Reich (November)

    Undoubtedly the biggest event in the leftist sphere of gameplay this summer was the destruction of The Greater German Reich, a Nazi region whose founder mysteriously disappeared in September. The Red Fleet led an international coalition that organized in only six hours and stormed into the GGR to seize the delegate seat on the first attempt. The Fleet proceeded to remove all nations and refound the region with no complications after Z-Day. Leftist commanders had been waiting for an opportunity to take out GGR for years, and could not have imagined the resounding success that the eventual invasion turned out to be.

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    I am the only leader left from The Leftist Union (I control the region now).

    We tagged raided the Anti Authoritarian Alliance and held it for at least 2 weeks. In that time Libertatem/REATO didn't even attempt to liberate their supposed ally. Going so far as to bad mouth them on the RMB.

    They did the same for The Hyatt Islands too when we raided them twice on the same week.

    Our raid of Republic of Conservadom shut them down for good.

    Now that I remember it, we raided all these regions 2-3 times in the course of a month. lol REATO used to have "members" that wasn't just Lib & IRU.

    After the holidays we need to step up our attacks again.

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