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    Alliance Against Nazis reclaimed from fascists

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 2
    • Iss. 7


    After only two months in fascist hands, Alliance Against Nazis was returned to the protection of The Red Fleet after the fash founder "Kjez" was deleted by moderators for unknown rules violations. Several other nations were deleted around the same time, including "Sarkamil" in Nazi Europa.

    Alliance Against Nazis is a historic antifascist region with a history stretching back to 2011 in the region "The Alliance Against Nazis." It was later retired and protected by the Syndicated Red-Black Tendencies, another historical leftist region, before it was turned over to The Red Fleet. In 2014, The Red Fleet refounded Alliance Against Nazis to use as a "jump point"—a region that is late in the update list and can be used to stage offensive and defensive operations against fascist regions. In January, the founder was deleted, making the region vulnerable to fascist attack.

    Alliance Against Nazis was invaded by Nazi Europa under the leadership of Captain Woodhouse and now-permanently banned player Verborgenen Herrn. After the Security Council passed a resolution to Liberate AAN, preventing fash troops from applying a hidden password, Woodhouse abandoned the operation. Herrn defected from Nazi Europa, taking with him the Nazi soldier roster and several troops, who continued to squat in the Liberated region.

    A refound attempt failed when Nazi troops allowed the region to cease to exist at update, not realizing that moderators had implemented a ban on regions with "Nazi" in the name. When moderators lifted the ban, Kjez was the first into the region, establishing himself as the region's founder.

    Nazi observers seem to have been unaware of the deletion of Kjez. Leftist troops were alerted through the successful implementation of RainbowStalin, an early alert system designed to notify players of important nation deletions.

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