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    Amid invective, TI blocks talks with The Communist Bloc

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 6

    In a historic vote held amid reprehensible insults directed at comrade members of The Internationale by government ministers of The Communist Bloc, TI found undivided consensus Saturday in favor of a proposal to prohibit the construction of embassies or resumption of relationships with TCB.

    The proposal, made by comrade member The Rainbow Collective, who is better known in the wider Gameplay community by the name "Cormac Stark," was prompted by a statement by TCB Minister for Foreign Affairs Anders Blakewood that was originally printed in the Red & Black on January 18. "[The Communist Bloc] will send ambassadors out to negotiate peace with regions other than Das Kommune and North Korea, giving each region a chance to negotiate peace with us," the comment read in part. The new legislation would turn away any such ambassador without further vote by the region.

    Consensus was found in favor of the proposal after comments made by MSLuvsZenya, also known as ModernSin, was found to have called The Internationale's comrade members "slack-jawed dimwits" in a post made on the off-site forum of the region Europeia—comments that would have warranted moderator action if made on-site. A further post by Zenya included the remark "#CutForRainbow," referring to Cormac's nation in The Internationale and tastelessly alluding to a Twitter troll campaign "#CutForBieber" that was designed to trick young adolescents into committing self-harm. Attempts to reach out to The Communist Bloc's leadership for a repudiation of personal attacks, similar to the statement issued by TI regional custodian Misley on Monday calling for criticism to be directed at actions and not individuals, were met with adamant refusal.

    The ban is the first of its kind in The Internationale—previous legislation prohibits the construction of embassies with regions that have the "Fascist" or "Anti-Communist" tags or that themselves hold embassies with fascist regions, but never before has a single region been expressly blocked from establishing diplomacy with The Internationale.

    Comrade Members of The Internationale also voted unanimously on Saturday to issue the first-ever regional condemnation of another region against The Communist Bloc. The condemnation, proposed by Comrade Zulanka, was spurred by TCB's "history and current rhetoric." The "current rhetoric" refers to the vicious and sustained personal attacks directed at The Internationale and its comrade members and a pattern of arrogant, elitist behavior among TCB's elite that has gone unchecked by its government or members. With both proposals finding consensus, other leftist regions will now be contacted to join The Internationale in this condemnation.

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