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    Anticom establishes ties with Nazis

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 2
    • Iss. 3

    Shortly after agreeing to construct embassies with KAISERREICH, a notorious Nazi region whose founder pled for help in Nazi Europa and the Greater German Reich that "Jewish Bolsheviks" had overrun his region in the wake of a Red Fleet tag raid, Anticom has fallen even lower as one of its top three commanders has moved to assist the Nazi occupation of Persian Empire.

    "Truthfully, I'm not a fan of working with Nazis, but I'm not in charge of Anticom," said Anticom's second-in-charge, Castlemaine. "I'm sure I could get him to work with Nazis more discreetly, if you'd prefer."

    Castlemaine showed cracks in Anticom's armor, lashing out in his comments against Anticom's head honcho, Patvarus. "Out of Patvarus and I, I'm actually the more sensible one. But I'm just the scapegoat for everything he and Dark Commander does because The Red Fleet already hates me so much."

    Between the internal strife and readiness to work with Nazis, a plan previously demonstrated to be rife with failure by REATO, Anticom's future seems certain: total destruction at the hands of leftist militaries.

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