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    Anticom second-in-command permanently banned for "harassment and vile accusations"

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 2
    • Iss. 4

    Castlemaine, Anticom's co-founder, has been labeled delete-on-sight (DOS) by NationStates moderators after posting what moderators described as "ongoing harassment of Misley and vile accusations of grossly illegal behavior" regarding Caelapes, formerly known as Misley. Delete-on-sight is the harshest level of punishment on NationStates, and is equivalent to a permanent ban: any future nations created by Castlemaine will be deleted without warning.

    Castlemaine had previously been known as Aragon and Occitania before that nation was deleted after threatening to hack The Internationale's forum to access Red Fleet data. Several other nations belonging to Castlemaine were deleted for harassment and impersonation, such as the nations "Fascist Proletaire" and "Mizlee." Moderators publicly warned Castlemaine after the last round of deleted nations that the next offense would result in a puppetsweep. Due to the nature of the latest offense, moderators launched a DOS discussion that lasted two days and was concluded March 20 with a decision to permanently disinvite Castlemaine from NationStates.

    Anticom's leaders have named an award for Castlemaine, describing him as "a true hero who fought for what he believed in and never said die."

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