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    Antifa reorganizes, looks to expand

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 2
    • Iss. 4

    After Nazis and fascist sympathizers took control of Alliance Against Nazis, a former Antifa military jump point, Antifa commanders are looking to revitalize the alliance with new and more active members.

    Alliance Against Nazis was invaded by Nazi forces on March 15. It was previously the jump point for Antifa soldiers. Jump points are late-updating regions that allow military troops to move in to earlier-updating regions in defensive operations or invasions.

    Regions who are interested in taking up the anti-fascist fight are encouraged to contact Vippertooth33, administrator of the Antifa region, and to select a regional representative. Antifa does not take a political stance beyond its staunch opposition to fascism - leftist regions, right-wing opponents of fascism, and non-political antifascists alike are welcomed.

    Those interested in supporting antifascist military efforts may join existing organizations such as The Red Fleet, Korean Peoples Army, or Revolutionary Insurrectionary Army, or they may organize their own military forces.

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