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    Antifascist operation in GGR continues, first ribbons awarded

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 19

    Antifascist comrades are still piling into the Greater German Reich a week after the initial invasion. While the endorsement count at one point rose over 100 nations, the Europeian Republican Navy and Royal Navy of The Kingdom of Great Britain have pulled their forces out to pursue other operations. Taking their place are comrades from The Internationale, Libcom, the Democratic Socialist Union, The Mafia, and even REATO member International Republican Union, who provided troops while their allies in Libertatem continue a concurrent operation to lock down an inconsequential leftist region. With the addition of these reservists, the numbers in GGR remain over seventy nations on the lead endorsee, Seditia, with co-endorsees The Greater Qing, Jugandaria, and Pavlichenko each holding nearly fifty endorsements.

    Despite orders from Nazi Europa's military commanders to leave their nations in the Greater German Reich, many fascist members of the Greater German Reich have moved out of the region, which could prove disastrous to the fascist defensive tactic of waiting for Leather Clad Germany to return to the game.

    As the operation continues, The Red Fleet Admiralty Board has ordered the issuance of the first decoration inspired by the historic operation after a suggestion by comrade Sailor Transemilia.

    000-SVC-Wound-Badge.pngThe Red Fleet "Wound Stripe" ribbon is based on the Soviet equivalent of the well-known "Purple Heart" US military decoration, which was awarded in two variants to wounded soldiers. Minor injuries were denoted by a red stripe of fabric worn on the soldier's chest, while more severe wounds requiring emergency battlefield treatment earned the survivor a yellow wound stripe. The Red Fleet ribbon combines these into a single ribbon over an olive drab background.

    This ribbon will be awarded to all Red Fleet sailors who are ejected by an enemy delegate between the order to move into the region and the actual region update. In GGR, six comrades were ejected by Verborgenen Herrn, making them the first recipients of what will almost assuredly be one of the rarest and most prized Red Fleet decorations:

    • Comradeland (Korean Peoples Army)
    • Godless Monkey (Korean Peoples Army)
    • Gulliver (Taijitu Citizens' Militia)
    • Sasten (North Pacific Army)
    • We Are Not The NSA (DEN)
    • Ivo (The Black Hawks)

    As the operation continues, further decorations are being planned for participants.

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