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    Auhl elected Comrade WA Delegate

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 6

    In elections following Comrade WA Delegate Proletaire ceasing to exist in early January, former delegate Auhl was elected after The Rainbow Collective dropped out of the running and no other candidates came forward to challenge.

    Comrade Auhl, who previously served as WA Delegate for two and a half terms beginning in summer 2014 when The Internationale was refounded. Auhl was followed in that office by Comrade Proletaire, who had previously served as The Internationale's longest-serving Comrade WA Delegate. Proletaire first served as Comrade WA Delegate for thirteen months from the region's first founding until October 2010.

    Comrade Auhl's electoral platform was built on three main planks: exploring the creation of a regional constitution; encouraging discussion of news, historical events, and politics on the regional message board; and improving protection of leftist regions by opening the information flow of defenses and raids to comrade members.

    The issue of a constitution was last seriously explored in September 2011, when comrade Marxingrad proposed a regional charter that would have established definitions and operating procedures for the WA Delegate, embassy construction, and voting. That charter proposal garnered broad support but failed to achieve consensus. Many of its proposed procedures, such as Delegate term limits and voting procedures, were later adopted into The Internationale's extant, non-codified legislation.

    We wish Comrade Auhl the best of luck as they begin their new term!

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