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    Caelapes elected World Assembly Secretary-General

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 2
    • Iss. 4

    After leading all three preliminary rounds, Caelapes has won the general election for the first-ever Secretary-General of the World Assembly.

    Early votes went to Edward Rump and Hillary Anders, parodies of US Presidential candidates Ted Cruz, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and Bernie Sanders. Caelapes became the first independent candidate shortly after the polls opened, running on the campaign slogan "FULLCOMMUNISM for NationStates!" With widespread support from leftist regions, Caelapes stormed to first place in the polls and remained there throughout the first rounds of the election.

    Early opposition to Caelapes included Edward Rump, who placed second in the first round but fell out of the top ten in later rounds. Mikeswill, a candidate running on a promise to abolish the Security Council, secured Nazi and fascist endorsements to secure third place in the first round and fifth place in the second, but fell out of favor in the final preliminary round. Raiders' choice candidate We Are Not TBH had strong support through the preliminaries, but rallied fewer than 300 votes in the general election.

    Kaalmi, running as Ugandan dictator Idi Amin, seemed poised to be the anti-communist candidate of choice in the general election, placing second in the final round and gaining the endorsement of Nazi and fascist regions. Instead, joke candidate The Salaxalans stormed into second place, holding steady around 380 votes behind Caelapes for most of the race while Kaalmi fell to fourth, only gaining 349 votes. A late rally for Salaxalans brought them within 250 votes of Caelapes, but it was too little to stop the speeding train.

    Anti-communists tried every trick in the book to derail Caelapes's candidacy, from accusing Caelapes of using illegal puppet-voting scripts to take the lead to false flags accusing the campaign of racism. All of these were discredited, most notably the allegations of puppets being the only support behind Caelapes, as the general election began with votes restricted to World Assembly nations. With each individual player only being able to vote with one nation in accordance with NationStates rules, Caelapes still had the most supporters, securing roughly forty-one percent of the vote.

    The success of Caelapes's candidacy also came as a benefit to his home region, The Red and Black. More than one hundred nations moved into the region after the start of the election, with many drawn by the successful campaign.

    Winning the election as Secretary-General came with only a green "WA Secretary-General" badge designed similarly to the one given to WA Delegates.

    Caelapes plans to begin implementing his first Five-Month Plan for the World Assembly soon.

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