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    CAPS refounded by craven REATO members

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 14

    During the four-day voting period on the resolution to Liberate Congress of Armed Proletarian States, the region was refounded by craven Reagan Treaty Organization (REATO) members who recognized they would not have stood a chance against an international coalition poised to retake the region.

    After only one day of voting, international support was strongly on the side of the NationStates Left, with delegates fromLazarus, Osiris, Balder, The East Pacific, Europeia, and The Communist Bloc voting early in favor of the resolution. Apparently seeking to avoid an embarrassing loss by their pathetically inferior military forces, REATO opted for regional destruction, moving their placeholder nations out of the region and refounding it at the minor update around noon US Eastern time on June 21.

    When REATO representatives attempted to gloat about their "victory" in the Security Council, they were met with scorn and derision by international delegations.

    Jean Pierre Trudeau, Premier of The North American Union, replied with sarcasm. "Because it was such a monumental victory to pull out two nations and let the region cease to exist so you could refound it. Such a cunning plan you contrived. When all else fails, you resort to smear campaigns. Bravo."

    The Communist Bloc President Zenya posted a statement to the TCB regional message board, saying, "I continue to be disappointed in myself for aiding [Libertatem] in its [CAPS] original capture in October 2014. We stand strongly against their action in complete defiance of the international community that is an escalation on their part in their 'War on Communism'. This comes not even a week after their military leader Pevvania requested re-establishment of diplomatic relations between our regions and I am glad that I told them no."

    Funkadelia, delegate of Lazarus, said "It's really upsetting to see REATO grief and destroy a region and a community in the face of the entire world at large. Lazarus will still be voting in favor [of the Liberation], despite the lack of actual effects. I really can't express enough how disappointing it is to see REATO act so belligerently."

    North Korea founder and Central Committee member The Defender Alliance wrote, "Congress of Armed Proletarian States has been refounded by REATO and nothing will solidify the unified left of NS against them more than this action. Few regions will even take part in REATO anymore after having been raided by the KPA and comrades on the left. REATO is now nothing more than Libertatem puppetry and a smokescreen for a weak military."

    This last point holds true. REATO's only active member regions are Libertatem and the International Republican Union, a region controlled by previous Libertatem President Conservative Idealism that lost its long-standing embassy with The Communist Bloc over the refoundation of CAPS. Former members of REATO included Benevolent Capitalism, Zentari,Anti Authoritarian Alliance, and The Hyatt Islands, which were all targeted by leftist militaries in recent months. Benevolent Capitalism and The Hyatt Islands in particular have refounded, but neither region has fully recovered.

    Indeed, the military incompetence of REATO is not challenged by its leaders. Conservative Idealism wrote in a post to Libertatem's regional message board, "We've prevented the fash"—adopting the Antifa nickname for fascists used widely in the NS Left to refer to fascist and Nazi gameplayers—"from reclaiming vast numbers of their old territories... but only through refounding. Our attempts to kick them out of existing strongholds have been less successful—and less numerous. The Nazi community barely knows we exist, and when they do make note of it, it is to ridicule us."

    Unfortunately for REATO, little of value was lost in their refoundation of CAPS.

    "The regional message board archive, with its complete record of discussions and votes by delegates to the congress, was saved prior to the region's destruction," explains Misley. "A lot of work has been done with The Internationale's own RMB archive, containing over twelve thousand posts between 2010 and 2014, to prepare that archive for public access. Once work is completed on TI's archive, the same process will be used to make the CAPS archive available for the NS Left."

    New plans are being discussed for a successor to CAPS, which itself was the spiritual successor to the Left Interregionals that rallied leftist regions in 2011.

    "Liberate Congress of Armed Proletarian States" passed the Security Council by a vote of 10,837 to 1,284.

    A resolution to repeal that liberation was submitted by Proletaire, the original founder of CAPS, which achieved quorum quickly and went to a floor vote on Saturday at midnight US Eastern time. At publication time, that resolution is passing with 5,163 votes to 714.

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