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    Coalition statement regarding 'Anne Frank'

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 2

    During the major update of Monday, December 22, 2014, a coalition of militaries and players from across NationStates successfully removed the fascist and Nazi forces that had overtaken the region Anne Frank. The coalition included, in alphabetical order: Antifa; E-Army; Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army; Europeian Republican Navy; Founderless Regions Alliance; Fort Triumph Marshal Service; Freedom and Justice Alliance; Jomsvíkings; Korean Peoples Army; Lazarene Liberation Army; North Pacific Army; Rejected Realms Army; Renegade Islands Alliance Special Forces; Royal Kantrian Army; Sekhmet Legion; Sicarius; South Pacific Special Forces; Spiritus Defense Force; Taijitu Citizens’ Militia; The Association of Imperialism; The Communist Bloc; The Internationale; The Leftist Union; The Red Fleet; United Defenders League; United Imperial Armed Forces of The Land of Kings and Emperors, The New Inquisition and Albion; Wintreath Hvitt Riddaral; as well as many players who participated outside of any military affiliation.

    During the final update, 50 nations moved into the region. These were in addition to 30 WA nations that were already garrisoned there from previous updates. Following post-update reinforcements, the coalition deployed a remarkable total of more than 110 endorsements on the lead nation. Subsequently, the region was password-protected and returned to its original residents.

    All participating militaries acknowledge the operation as a powerful demonstration of interregional cooperation against the forceful spread of fascism and Nazism in NationStates. The participating militaries are elated to have put their differences aside and worked together in this operation.

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