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    Communist China liberated from REATO occupation

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 6

    After taking the delegate seat of Communist China at minor update on Saturday following a successful defensive block of their "sneak raid" attempt for the Friday-Saturday major update, Libertatem General Republic of Minerva was almost certainly surprised to find himself booted from the spot and banned from the region by a multiregional defense force just twelve hours later.

    The liberation was organized by The Red Fleet and included the Korean Peoples Army of North Korea, The Internationale Brigades, Spiritus Defense Force, and Renegade Islands Alliance Special Forces. The update force consisted of nations embarking on their first-ever update operation, for whom The Red Fleet provided double rum rations following the liberation's success. No participating nations were ejected by the REATO delegate before the region updated.

    When asked for a statement for the Red & Black, Minerva, apparently still reeling from the shock of losing the region, said only "What are you talking about?" An examination of the region's history, showing multiple endorsements moving through the known REATO puppet dump Fort Coolidge, combined with the linked activity between Minerva and former delegate One true korea, betray the lie.

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