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    Decade-old Nazi region "The URAP" raided by antifascists

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 2
    • Iss. 8

    The URAP, standing for "United Reich Axis Powers," has been occupied by the MT Army and allies, including soldiers and sailors from The Red Fleet, Korean Peoples Army, USSF, Libcom, North Pacific Army, and other committed antifascists.

    The URAP is a Nazi region with a history stretching back to 2003, only months after NationStates itself was created. It has been invaded by antifascist forces several times throughout its history, including previous efforts by the MT Army that ended with the return of the region's founder, Ubedarn.

    After Ubedarn ceased to exist on September 10, the MT Army reactivated its troops and trickled into the region. Using the persona "Nazi Jason," MT Army leader Vippertooth33 fooled Nazi Europa's "Intelligence" director Captain Woodhouse into ignoring the influx of MT Army agents until the facade was too untenable to maintain. The full force of Antifa was unleashed on the region, quickly bringing endorsements on the raid leader nation Metal Manson above seventy, while Nazis squatted in URAP partner region "The NSIA" with only forty endorsements of their own.

    With no Nazi effort to reclaim the region in sight, the only hope Nazis have of reclaiming one of their oldest outposts in NationStates is the return of its founder. We point to NAZI EUROPE and the Greater German Reich as past examples of this tactic not working in their favor.

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