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    Eastern Europe falls victim to raid, TCB among attackers

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 4

    Eastern Europe, a region on the periphery of the NationStates Left, was raided on Friday by the United Imperial Armed Forces, an interregional military alliance of The New Inquisition, The Land of Kings and Emperors, and Albion—three influential imperialist monarchist regions in the Gameplay side of NationStates. Joining the raid were Balder, another monarchist region; Europeia, an "independent" region; The Black Riders and The Black Hawks, two raider organizations; and The Communist Bloc.

    Eastern Europe had maintained embassies with United Sovereign Socialist Republics and The International Communist Union in the leftist sphere, as well as sharing one with the roleplay-leftist region Lazarus.

    This comes as just the latest attack on a leftist region by The "Communist" Bloc. Three months ago saw TCB cooperate with Libertatem and REATO to invade the Congress of Armed Proletarian States on the pretense of it being an "authoritarian" alliance. Before that, TCB had supported a Libertatem raid on Das Kommune.

    When asked about The Communist Bloc's participation in yet another raid on a leftist region, Zenya (Zenny), who is TCB's President, "Dear Leader," and Minister for Defense, said "We do not subscribe to Leftist Unity. [Eastern Europe has] never reached out to us, I don't know them. Why should I care? They had some tags and maybe some leftists in the region? Just because you believe in the same things I do does not make you my friend or ally." She added, "Eastern Europe has ties to FRA regions which are clear threats and enemies to many of our good friends in the UIAF. This is our 3rd time going into battle with them, the first being NAZI EUROPE and the second being Anne Frank, working alongside regions like North Korea who also have worked closely with the UIAF."

    The Founderless Region Alliance, or the FRA, is a defensive organization whose members include Lazarus. Regardless of threats made by the FRA against UIAF, it is highly unlikely that Eastern Europe, who is not a member of the FRA, ever made any such threats. While UIAF has indeed been involved in high-profile attacks against Nazi regions and occupations, it is silly to suggest that the participation by North Korea or The Red Fleet in these anti-fascist operations is remotely similar to an anti-leftist raid, which the Korean Peoples Army and The Red Fleet would never engage in.

    Comrade Anders Blakewood, TCB's Minister for Foreign Affairs, said when asked what the raid meant for his region's foreign policy direction, "The Communist Bloc has been spat upon by the NationStates Left in general, our arms remain open and we remain hopeful for peace, and will send ambassadors out to negotiate peace with regions other than Das Kommune and North Korea, giving each region a chance to negotiate peace with us, but we will no longer waste our time with regions who are intent upon insulting, defaming, and antagonizing us and our government, or issue demands to us for peaceful relations. There's a reason we're where we are, and we will continue on our upward rise."

    While TCB's government claims to "remain hopeful for peace," it is clear from their actions that they are anything but. They have worked with our enemy on multiple occasions, and now they want to play the victim when we respond critically to their overtures of reconciliation. It should be obvious to even the most casual observer that The Communist Bloc has not seriously been interested in courting the favor of the NationStates Left community. Zenny and much of her inner circle were, before coming to power in TCB, active in various other large communities outside of the leftist sphere of NationStates. Zenny and ModernSin (aka MSluvsZenya) were both involved in the government of Europeia. Comrade Anders Blakewood was involved in the leadership of monarchist regions Ainur and The Eternal Knights, before taking control of TEK's founder nation and giving it over to The Black Riders, an act that briefly earned him moderator sanctions before the ruling was overturned.

    These people do not care about leftist unity because they are not leftists. Their goal—the goal of Zenya, MS, and Anders, and by extension the goal of their Communist Bloc—is not to build a strong communist region. Instead, they wish to build a large region that will allow them to rule over hundreds of nations and buddy-up to their old friends in the other large game-created regions like Balder and Osiris as well as their friends in the large user-created monarchist and independent regions, including UIAF. The Communist Bloc is not a place for leftists, it's a place for monarchists to band together with red window-dressings to play out their delusions of grandeur and entertain their hapless sycophants.

    The NationStates Left community would do well to stop wasting our time considering The Communist Bloc. We should seek to foster stronger relationships and a spirit of unity, solidarity, and camaraderie with true leftists, who do not antagonize or raid other leftist regions for political points with imperialists and monarchists. Let the roleplayers in TCB play communist dollhouse. The Left will be just fine without them.

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