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    Fascist gomers move into A Liberal Haven after update, failing to overwhelm a five-WA native crew

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 22

    Nazi Europa's fascination with regions named "Liberal Haven" failed to reach fruition Friday night when nine fascist soldiers could not move into the region and endorse their point man with sixty seconds' notice.

    The Red Fleet Intelligence Directorate picked up on suspicious movement between Nazi Europa and "Sea of Tranquility," which the fascist soldiers used to stage their attempted raid. The first nation to move into A Liberal Haven was Hectia, who entered a minute before the region updated. The fash still had soldiers entering the region a full minute and a half after update had already come and gone.

    While the fash had seven nations move into the region prior to update, only four managed to endorse their would-be delegate before it was too late. The last nation to endorse the fash choice of delegate was Brasulia, who endorsed Emaer two full minutes after update.

    After the fash failure, The Red Fleet sent a telegram listing the fascist nations to A Liberal Haven's Delegate and regional officers, who promptly removed those who had not already left the region.

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