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    Fash delegate multis, Antifa victory in NSR

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 10

    After several attempts to achieve victory over Fascist armies in National Socialist Republics, global antifascist militaries found success in "Operation Valkyrie" Sunday night after the Fascist delegate was forcibly ejected from the World Assembly for rule violations.

    Soldiers and sailors from The Red Fleet, Korean Peoples Army, The Internationale Brigades, Libcom, and the Proletarian Liberation Army of New Socialist Bloc were joined by troops from the Eastern Pacific Sovereign Army;Europeian Republican Navy; Renegade Islands Alliance Special Forces; Sekhmet Legion of Osiris; Spiritus Defense Force; Taijitu Citizen's Militia; The South Pacific Special Forces; the United Imperial Armed Forces of The New Inquisition, the Land of Kings and Emperors and Albion; and The West Pacific Armed Forces.

    The trigger to move into the region was established and called by The Red Fleet. The intelligence and tools developed by the Naval Intelligence Directorate of The Red Fleet to this end will be compiled and shared with select Antifa commanders to improve the mobility and precision of leftist and anti-fascist militaries.

    Even before update, fascist personalities blamed the loss of the delegacy on faulty WA-multi detection, saying that the delegate seat was shared by several commanders, none of whom were operating multiple WA nations. An investigation of WA ejections contemporaneous to the ejection of the Fash delegate "Maseot" reveal that twenty-two additional nations were expelled from the World Assembly for rule violations, representing nations in the regions India,Me Town, Portugal, River Gee County, The Brasil, and Unified Council of Nations.

    Fascists also repeated the oft-seen excuse trotted out whenever they are forced from an operation that they were preparing to leave the region when antifascist militaries began organizing the operation against them. This attempt to suggest that Fascist forces would give up if ignored has not been evidenced in any known operation—indeed, the only notable fascist operation voluntarily ended in recent memory is the occupation of Hell, which was ended during the ill-fated attempt to hold the region NAZI EUROPE.

    The success of this operation reaffirms the strength and resolve of Antifa Unity and the power of the world united against a common enemy.

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