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    Fash occupation of Persian Empire ended by Antifa

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 10

    Exposed by the World Assembly ejection of their lead in National Socialist Republics, the fascist occupation of Persian Empire was ended at minor update on March 3 by an Antifa coalition led by The Red Fleet. The operation was named "Tudeh Frudeh," a reference to the pre-US coup d'état Iranian communist party Tudeh, which is Persian for "the masses."

    Triggering for the operation was again provided by The Red Fleet, giving the participating members pinpoint accuracy. North Korea's Korean Peoples Army and the Red Army of the Union of Socialist Soviet Republics joined the operation, and have now moved to strengthen the Antifa foothold established at update. As of publication, the number of endorsements has doubled from the number had at update.

    Antifa's attention was drawn to Persian Empire after its former WA Delegate, Sargon ahmadi, was ejected from the World Assembly for rule violations along with the former fascist delegate of National Socialist Republics, Maseot. At update, there were only three endorsements on the new fascist delegate, Vortixon, who had flown the Nazi Europa flag on the delegate and region.

    This successful operation, which has ended what appears to be an attempted long-term sleeper mission to bring the region Persian Empire under fascist control, is a clear demonstration that The Red Fleet and its allies indeed possess both the intelligence and the tools to knock the fash out of the saddle.

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