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    LeftExpo 2015 details emerge

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 12

    LeftExpo is returning for its third conference this year after expositions were organized in 2012 and 2013 but skipped last year. LeftExpo 2015 will be the largest in the festival's history, with regional showcases and presentations by leftist players scheduled as part of the festivities.

    LeftExpo2.pngThe Internationale will play host to the event, which is set to kick off June 29 and end July 3. The date of the exposition pays homage to Eugène Pottier, who wrote "L'Internationale" on June 30, 1871 following the brutal suppression of the Paris Commune, and coincides with the celebration of TI's first refound anniversary.

    Around fifteen regions from the NationStates Left will be invited to showcase their region, up from six participating regions in 2013. The list of invitees includes North Korea and the Democratic Socialist Assembly, which alongside TI have been the only regions to participate in all exhibitions to date.

    A symposium of essays and presentations from members of these regions will be a highlight of the festival, with topics to be discussed ranging from anti-fascist action in NationStates to music in the Soviet Union. This will mark the first time that lectures have been added to the LeftExpo agenda.

    More details will be published as LeftExpo approaches.

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