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    Leftist militaries advance against new targets

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 2

    The Leftist Union and Das Kommune continued their offensive this week with tag raid strikes on Galts Gulch, The Christian Republic, and Republic of Conservadom—all moderate-sized anticommunist regions.

    Galts Gulch, which formerly maintained embassies with regions such as "Antista," Libertatem's attempt at mimicking Antifa by forming an "anti-statist" alliance, had all its embassies destroyed as a result of the raid, as the delegates elected after the withdrawal of leftist troops failed to cancel their demolition.

    The Christian Republic describes itself as "the strongest and only active Protestant region on Nationstates," and is led by a council of "Elders." According to the World Factbook Entry, they are making preparations for a regional military force.

    Republic of Conservadom, the latest region to end up in the leftist militaries' crosshairs, maintains embassies with Right to Life and Libertatem, as well as Benevolent Capitalism, the target of a tag raid by leftist militaries in 2014.

    Libertatem's newly-appointed Attorney General and failed presidential candidate, Humpheria, failed to understand the point of tag raiding, saying in a post on Libertatem's RMB, "To the Leftist Union: you have an have an unfortunate habit of raiding regions with active founders. That really doesn't work very well." It seems obvious that, despite right-wing attempts to spin these raids positively, they are suffering a morale hit from their failure to respond to this sustained attack.

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