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    Libcom recalls embassy with The Internationale

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 10

    After days of accusations of malfeasance leveled at members of The Internationale and North Korea by several members of the region Libcom, which spilled into arguments across the regional message boards of all three regions, Libcom has voted to withdraw its embassy in The Internationale.

    The conflict originates in a failed vote in The Internationale to close its embassy with North Korea in January. That vote was called by Casita, a former member of The Internationale who moved to Libcom in August, who alleged that the members of North Korea had deliberately ignored alleged sexist and racist language published by the Korean Central News Agency, the DPRK's news service, in May 2014. The measure was simultaneously moved by TI comrade member Aprillesa.

    "It is absurd to think that people that post KNCA articles almost every day have not noticed this," Casita said of NK's purported silence on the matter. An investigation of KCNA articles posted to North Korea's RMB in a two-week span surrounding the questionable article's publication found that the only articles posted were celebrations of anniversaries or holidays—April 25, anniversary of the KPA; May 1, Labor Day; and May 9, V-E Day. These represented five articles out of a total of 336 KCNA articles during that two-week window.

    Votes by comrade members of The Internationale who are also citizens of North Korea were viewed as manipulating TI's regional policy. A vote by Godless monkey, a member of the North Korean Central Committee, was singled out as evidence of the NK government influencing The Internationale's affairs. If the two votes made by dual-TI and NK members were excluded from the tally, the result would not have been different, as six additional comrade members exercised their veto by voting against the measure.

    A Libcom resident, Class warfare, was banned from posting to the regional message board of The Internationale after posting to inflammatory comments to the RMBs of both TI and Libcom, including accusing North Korea of being fascist and calling their leadership "Little f#$%ing Hitlers" while also referring to TI members as "naughty Stalinist sausages" in posts to TI's board. Later posts by Libcom members accused members of The Internationale of being puppet nations of V ming, founder of North Korea.

    Anarchist members of The Internationale responded to the attacks by defending their comrade members. BURNINATI0N said, "I'd rather situate in a region where I am welcomed by Stalinists and Leninists and Trotskyists than a region where the main requirement for posting seems to be a minimum level of venom per post."

    While discussion was ongoing, Vippertooth33, leader of The MT Army, pleaded for an end to the conflict. "Let us continue, united as one, and focus our efforts on those hate-filled souls who commit heinous crimes against humanity." If the success in Operation Valkyrie is any indication, Antifa Unity will not be harmed by the breaking of diplomatic ties between the two regions.

    A simultaneous vote to close embassies with Libcom was raised in The Internationale by Godless Monkey. As of publication, that vote appears destined to fail to find consensus to close embassies.

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