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    Libertatem government shaken by 'Flaggate' drama

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 1
    • Iss. 3

    Just thirty minutes after a special edition of the Red & Black exposed the frivolous reasons behind the resignation of a senior Libertatem government official, that resignation was retracted, leading many to believe that the spotlight shone on the issue by this news service caused embarrassment to the government from which they tried to save face.


    Tuesday evening saw an explosion of activity on Libertatem's regional message board over a proposal to establish a new flag that would downplay the region's anti-communist stance. The argument, covered in detail in Tuesday night's special edition of the Red & Black, came to a head when Funkytopia, Chief Diplomat and Manager of State, appeared to threaten Attorney General Humpheria with impeachment over Humpheria's assertion that changing the region's flag would require a constitutional amendment.

    In response, Humpheria submitted his resignation and changed his national pretitle (e.g., "The Socialist People's Provinces of...") to "Furious Former AG," accusing Funkytopia of doing "more damage to this region than the Commies."

    Less than a half hour after the special edition of the Red & Black was publicized on Libertatem's regional message board, Humpheria and Funkytopia reconciled. In a statement, Humpheria said, "[Funkytopia] has agreed to retract his request, and I have rescinded my resignation. I would like to personally apologize to the region for my temper and curtness and to Manager Funkytopia for being less than pleasant."

    Humpheria responded to the suggestion that this reconciliation was driven by the negative image cast by the Red & Black with denial and caustic words. "We've been talking one on one for quite a while. I only found your article to be opportunistic and a little premature. I resign pretty much everything, if you did your research like a real reporter, you would know that. This was nothing special."

    libertatem__909713.pngIn viewing the archives of Libertatem's RMB, this final statement holds true. Humpheria resigned from his position as Chairman of the Board of Libertatem on May 19, 2014 and again from his Board seat on June 2, 2014, and most recently from the Presidency on October 3, 2014. The Red & Black reached out to both him and Libertatem's President, Conservative Idealism in Libertatem, to ask if Libertatem's residents should be comfortable with Humpheria holding a government post given his predilection of resigning when put under pressure.

    Conservative Idealism has failed to respond to our inquiries. Humpheria, however, continuing his desperate attempt to spin the situation positively, publicly posted the Red & Black's request for comment to Libertatem's RMB, adding, "I personally feel honored and would like to thank you, the people of Libertatem, for elevating me to a position in which our enemies believe that they can disgrace the region on my past. I have never felt so important."

    We can only wonder why the residents of Libertatem consistently elevate such a model of egotism to positions of trust only to have him resign from them time and time again.

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