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    Marxist Aequalitatem outed as DOS player Lipno

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 2
    • Iss. 1

    Marxist Aequalitatem, a former Squadron Admiral of The Red Fleet, has been outed as Delete-On-Sight player Lipno.

    Lipno was formerly the First Secretary and Minister of Defence of The Communist Region and led The Leftist Union's Red Army in their aggressive campaign against REATO this time last year. He was labeled Delete-On-Sight, the harshest punishment available in NationStates, a year ago Sunday for unknown reasons.

    Marxist Aequalitatem joined The Internationale and The Red Fleet in June 2015, but gave no indications that he was Lipno returned. His Red Fleet rate application and account details showed that he lived in California, which did not match the last known location of Lipno.

    His position on the Admiralty Board was suspended following The Red Fleet's tag raid of Conservative League, when other admirals questioned his failure to move a nation into the region. The answer to their question was found when Christian Democratic Republic, the former President of Conservative League, was swept with MA's other puppets, revealing that MA had been infiltrating the REATO region without the Fleet's sanction or knowledge.

    After Marxist Aequalitatem was deleted, The Red Fleet expelled him from the Fleet with extreme prejudice. "We do not, have not, and will never cooperate with Delete-On-Sight players. We are victims of Lipno's deceit just as much as Conservative League was," explained Fleet Admiral Misley.

    In the wake of the revelation, procedures have been established to heighten security of the Fleet's officer corps to ensure that a similar mistake is not repeated.

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