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    Nazi region The URAP locked down

    The Red and Black
    • Vol. 2
    • Iss. 9

    The URAP, standing for "United Reich Axis Powers," has been locked down by the MT Army after a month-long operation was joined two weeks ago by The Red Fleet, Korean Peoples Army, Libcom, North Pacific Army, and other committed antifascists. The URAP is a Nazi region with a history stretching back to 2003, only months after NationStates itself was created.

    The MT Army's operation began a month ago as a false-flag fascist defense operation, but rising Nazi suspicions forced antifascists to cast the mask aside and pour in support to prevent a Nazi liberation operation. The pile of antifascists buoyed the endorsements of the raid delegate, Metal Manson, above 70.

    Early Monday morning, after major update had passed, The Red Fleet advised MT Army leader Vippertooth33 on the most efficient way to clear the region. A swath of ejections of friendly nations followed, capped by the establishment of a hidden password on the region.

    It is possible Ubedarn could return to NationStates to save his region from yet another antifascist operation that has sacked it. "But," in the words of Captain Woodhouse, "there's no guarantee."

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